AdultSearch, is probably the number one word typed in, by either people under the age of 16 or all of us lonely men!  It’s no fun, being alone sometimes, and just to look at a beautiful woman, cheers you up… At least it does me!

There are all kinds of things you can look for.  You can look for actual videos of people having sex, and then there are all the “different combinations” of that kind of sex… I didn’t look to find out if it is the number one searched word, but I think it’s got to be up in the top five anyway, don’t you?




My AdultSearch, almost always ends with me at a Sex or a Porn Site!    Are YOU that way too?

There are some pretty outrageous websites out there!  Some of the ones that I have bookmarked are, let’s see…  crazyshit com, hentai gif, paheal, rule, trap hentai, avgle,  xxxsex video, yuri hentai,  xxxfree, need I go on?

You can’t imagine the “wild promotional ads” that “pop up” on my computer screen all the time now!  That in itself, is another drawback to surfing AdultSearch, for Porno a lot…


I need to develop for myself, a  “Sexual Narrative Management”  and stop doing an AdultSearch!

With these new restrictions that they have on social mixing and social distancing, I don’t know how I’m even going to be able to find myself a real woman!   I guess I just need to stop looking, at the things I’m looking at on the internet.

I’m looking at the wrong things, and I’m still lonely!  I’ve seen more naked women and more ass & pussy, than a TruckStop toilet, on the interstate!  Maybe there’s some way that I can teach myself, with some type of  “sexual narrative management”  how to find myself a girl, instead of just looking at them.

I’ve got nothing but time on my hands, and the future looks bleak, if I do, or don’t, do it…


I really don’t see, how what I’m doing now, with these AdultSearch binges is working for me…

Who likes looking at beautiful mom tits, or a couple having some hard sex, where he is getting a titjob, and it ends with maybe a spanking story!  I also like sensual and kinky too, like sensual porn with mom and son sex, sister sex, that kind of stuff!

Hot boobs, on a naked mom, sucking dick, mumbling lickmypussy!   I like watching that kind of thing.  But in the long run, it doesn’t allow me to have sex with anybody!  I think it actually adds to my “despondency and loneliness” especially during this lockdown, for the last 2 years!


Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time – decreases ejaculation during vaginal penetration.(IELT)

I’m starting to think, that I am watching way-too-much AdultSearch porno!  A Urologist on YouTube said that the actual time that I can have, with “my cock inside of a woman”  shortens, the more of these “types of videos” I’m watching!

It has something to do with “desensitizing a certain part of your brain”!   I can’t really describe it, but if I want to increase my pumping time inside of a woman, beat her ass, mouth, or her beautiful pussy, I should probably lay off these AdultSearch romps of mine!



Not sure where all of this AdultSearch, is hurting me…  It’s NOT getting me more sex, – you know?

I know it’s “mathematically and scientifically proven” that if I keep doing the same exact thing, I get those same results!  Unless I’m hoping for some type of sexual anomaly…

And then there you go!  I’m stuck watching those types of things on the internet, instead of actually going to a Whore House, or calling up one of those Escort Services, where they have Professional Sex Workers, that you  “rent or lease”  by the hour!


I’m not going to call my Adult Search antics Romance!  Still NOT getting what I “inwardly need”!

Isn’t it ironic, that I can sit here? I tell to the entire world, of all you men and I guess women reading this blog, things I can’t tell my best friend or my family!  They always think I’m some kind of a loner, and never see me with a girl.

I’ve even “heard little murmurs” that people thought I was gay since they never see me with a woman!  If they only knew how many women I look at, on a weekly basis, using AdultSearch, they wouldn’t think I’m gay at all…  But they would say I have “some type of psychological problem” my bet!


If an AdultSearch found someone, I’d be frightened – and wouldn’t be “able to cope” if she left me!

Isn’t that just the Crux of it All?  To find somebody on an AdultSearch maybe through one of those Matchmaking Websites, and then, hooking up with her, and fall in love, and then she leaves…

I don’t have that fear, because I’m “not giving myself” when I’m on the Internet, doing these AdultSearch romps of mine!

But then, that goes back to the old saying  ” no pain no gain” doesn’t it?

Maybe I should be doing AdultSearch for psychological reasons, as to why I shouldn’t worry if a girl leaves me!  Maybe that would give me the confidence, to go out and get somebody…



At least using the escort girl Search, I’m not confused and I don’t cry, like

Have you ever wanted a girl so much, that when you were alone, you actually cried?  I have.  And I think it’s something inherent in a person that they grow up with, it’s part of their paradigm!

I can remember in High School, looking at this one girl that I knew! When she was on her recess-time, and I was in class, she told the teachers I was staring at her, too much!  That caused a big problem, to where I was almost labeled a stalker!

All I was doing was looking at her through the window, while she was playing on the playground!   Maybe that’s one of the things that “stymied me to go out and get a real woman” instead of just lusting for one” while looking at AdultSearch websites.


When using AdultSearch, I should ask for “Sex Training Classes” to make myself a better lover!

Like I said earlier, I think I’m just using AdultSearch in the wrong way or concentrating on the wrong things… If I search for Sex Training or Kamasutra Training, or how to pick up any woman lines, maybe that would give me the confidence that I need, to go out and find myself a really sexy wonderful sex partner!

It’s really more than just the Intercourse.  I’m searching, really searching for someone, I can “bleed my heart out to” and share things with, on a non-sexual basis also!  Maybe I’m just pipe-dreaming!  I guess it’s “time to load that pipe” and take another hit…


Any type of attachment to love is more to the AdultSearch paradigm it’s become such a habit of mine!

Maybe I can find some girl, who enjoys looking at the same things that I’ve been looking at, and that’s the Catalyst, to get us to do the Wild Thing! She might enjoy dirty talk porn, Minecraft sex,  android 18 porn, 8cm to inches, and the other Sites like I seem to.

I doubt her looking at some mom’s anus, will excite her as it does me, but maybe girl-on-girl porn, will…  Stuff like that might turn her into a total fuk machine, or she might just consider it useless junk!

I guess I’m going to need to find a girl before I find any of that outright?



Every man has certain things that he wants sexually, and an AdultSearch finds those things fast!

I guess we’re doing way better off here in 2022 than say the people who crossed the Appalachians. Or those who settled in the Wild West.  They were lonely just like I am, but they didn’t have the Internet to be able to preoccupy them with an AdultSearch fantasy!

I think if every man was honest, they would all tell you that they’re using the Internet to look at school girls.  There is probably a lot of them who are using it to look at guys also…  I don’t know,  – I don’t care!  I know it’s all out there…

and it’s all on the Internet.  They say that Google is only 5% of the actual content on the Internet…  Surf’s Up!  Internet surfing I mean…   haha


Since Adult finder, has become a part of my life, it has actually “ruined my Sex Life” for real…


Isn’t that ironic, that is because I watch so much sex, and see so many beautiful girls. I’m pretty much ruined when it comes to finding “a real one”!

Hanson Robotics is building Sexual Robots, and I know SexRobots are in closets in Japanese Hotels already for years!   I knew a man I live next to one time, who had “the blow-up doll”!

He used to fill it up with hot water from the bathtub he said!  I always thought of him as “kind of pitiful and really lonely though.”

I don’t want to be one of those.  Guess I’m sending this up like an “emotional flare”. So that I can see, that’s what I’m doing, with all these AdultSearch antics.

It is wrong!  I guess it’s just another thing I need to cut out of my life, but it’s hard to do when it makes me hard!

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