Albany Escorts

Albany Escorts

Albany Escorts has been my “Great Reset” that you hear everyone talk about. Some are about the Money. Some are about Government.

Others are Social.  HA.!   Mine is strictly about SEX and my dick! I have become spoiled with hard sex, hot boobs, sucking-dick, elite babes!

Them murmuring lick my pussy, and it is a black hairy pussy at that. Or a smooth-shaved nude teen, giving me a nude massage, with her tiny pussy! just like on a Danish free pornsite.

Now I need sex with passion, boobs naked, ass fucking, Professional Whores like the Albany Escorts are.


With these sex-Sirens at Albany Escorts, you both reach BLISS…   t o g e t h e r !     Aahhh!

When I have a simultaneous orgasm with my partner, it’s normally rare So rare, that I remember almost all of them.  When you use one of these professional girls from Albany Escorts, whether they’re faking it or not, they always orgasm when you do!

And they’re orgasming in between the times that you do. It’s so fun! It’s like you’re on some type of carnival-ride, and never know when she’s going to get off again…   Pun definitely intended there…

Albany Escorts

Albany Escorts

Increasing the “critical mass and inertia of the sexual orgasmic tumescence moment”…

Maybe, I’m just watching too much YouTube, but scientifically when I try and write out on paper, exactly what these women at Albany Escorts do, that’s what I come up with…

The “critical mass” would be my dick. The “inertia” would be the thrusting in and out. And the “orgasmic tumescence” would be our body-fluids mixing, as we crushed in the Ecstasy together!


The “multiple-organisms” with these gorgeous spellbinder Albany Escorts, are    – electrical.

It’s not like you’re paying all that money, and you’re just getting yourself off once! Even if you were though, it would be unlike any orgasm you’ve had, with a regular woman. These call-girls who work with Albany Escorts are total sexual pros, and know-how to milk you as a Dairy Farmer does…  I normally have about 3 cums, but a couple of times I’ve actually had four orgasms! Now I’m counting everything! I’m counting blowjobs, fucking, ass-fucking, and even handjobs.  When it gets to be about that 4th pump in just a couple of hours’ time,  I’m shooting air and not plasma any more, but it still feels fantastic!


They have gained all the “old sex Magik” back, due to their experience!  The fog lifts when they leave.

I’ve been pondering, on how it is these women are so much better than just normal girls.

It’s just like anything else, if you practice something perfectly, you get perfect at it…  I’m guessing they probably work 5 days a week, and say they only have one client for that day. It’s a 2-hour minimum, so that’s 10 hours a week, that they’re having hard sex. I think I read somewhere that actual intercourse with a man and a woman lasts about nine minutes!

Although the woman wants 24 minutes…  So they’re getting their 24 minutes every day!  That’s what gives them   -the magic!



I guess “when you’re in their line of work” you’re always looking for a man…  who is True Bloodline!

If you were used to being on Airplanes or Yachts for private parties for the ultra-wealthy, you get used to living that way too.  If they can hook up with somebody who’s a True Bloodline, silver spoon in their mouth, trust-baby, oligarchy man, they’ll be set for life, whether they stay with him or not! The only problem is that bloodline people only like hooking-up long-term, with women who are also bloodline!

I guess there are always those Cinderella stories…  Or like that movie from the 1980s ” Pretty Woman” however I’m guessing, those “long-term Liaisons” are few, and far between.


Is it “timing and luck” or does the “tip of my dick” feel happier with an Albany Escorts sex worker?

Actually – when they’re walking out the door, and they’ve spent the two or three hours I’ve paid for, I couldn’t feel better emotionally, physically, or sexually!

But what I’m talking about “feeling happier” is when I’m at work, or I’m with my friends.

I don’t feel lonely. I don’t feel left out. I don’t feel like “I need to find someone to spend time with”…

I know who I want to spend time with! When it comes to sex now, I definitely want to be with one of those Catalog-women from Albany Escorts.   I’ve never picked the same girl twice, and there’s a lot more left in the Catalog to choose from!

It is better to have a Diamond with a flaw, than a pebble without flaws.  Albany Escorts’ Diamonds!

The flaw is  I would have to totally-lie to my Family if I ever brought one of these gorgeous Sex Beauties to like a family dinner. I’m sure they’re used to “telling any kind of Base Canard” that you could propose to them! I’ve been tempted to pick this one girl in the Catalog.

I’ve been looking to take her to my family’s house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter dinner.  It would be worth all that money, just to see the look on my family’s face, to see me with this gorgeous woman. And since they’re Professional Escorts, they handle themselves well…  be at my parents, or a CEO of a Corporation somewhere, of that I’m certain.


To have been “Sexually Wronged” is nothing,   –  unless you continue to remember it…!

There are Websites like American dad porn, stepdaughter porn, and daughter porn, that I still look at occasionally.  No one ever gets “hurt” watching the famous Farrah Abraham sex tape!  I’m sure there are some Old-Guys still walking around with their’ wallet “old photos”!

Women like Sandra Bullock nude, Rihanna naked, or other useless junk, maybe Suzanne Somers nude, Nipples or a topless beach, with desperate amateurs.

Don’t “focus or dwell” on fantasy or the past!  Call the sexpots at Albany Escorts, and start new & exciting hopes and memories of great sex!


Isn’t it a pleasure, to “study and practice” what you have learned, from Albany Escort’s sex Pros?!

I’ve tried using my cellphone camera, to film a couple of different girls, when they were “performing sexually for me”!   You only have so much memory on your phone though, and well what I got was interesting…

When you’re looking at them working on you, and what they’re doing to you, it’s different than when you’re actually feeling it, and experiencing it.

That’s probably how they feel also. Like even though they’re there and touching me they’re probably way off somewhere else and they do it so often they’re Pros even if they’re not concentrating! You’d never know it by looking at them though, they’re such actresses, as well as sex-fiends!



When Albany Escorts cum-over… there’s no talking it over.  I like my girls, a little bit older!

I don’t have any issues at all, once I’ve made my choice, and reservation, through Albany Escorts.  I used to get all-hung-up, as go how I was going to keep those girls busy for 120 Minutes.  I found after using them repeatedly, that anything that I was thinking of doing can get done in about 30 minutes, and they fill the rest of the time with things I wouldn’t even imagine.

I guess that’s the reason why I keep saving my money and ordering another one as soon as I can.

I like women that are a little older than me!  You can actually get one young or old, depending on what your tastes are at that moment and for that sex twist.


Always remember that these women are professionally controlling whores!

I like the fact that I don’t even have to worry about whether or not they’re in love with me or not like I would with a wife or a steady girlfriend.  We don’t even get around to subjects like that it’s small talk chatter snuggling kissing holding and then once they start touching me and kissing me I kind of forget…

But I keep reminding myself not only of the big money that I’m spending so the good time is deserved. Professional high-paid Street walking whores! They’re beautiful they smell good they taste good they screw better than any woman you know but keep remembering their high-paid whores.


Reconfigure your lifestyle!  Your dick is not your enemy!  You got your Dad and both your Grandpa’s in you.  Remember that!

If you’re not thinking about your own sexuality, that’s your fault.  Using these Professional Sex Workers at Albany Escorts eliminates a lot of pressure on your part.

You don’t have to worry about how they’re feeling, what’s happening with their family, or how they’re going to be able to accomplish certain goals in their life.  All you’re interested in is feeling the best sexually, and emotionally, that you can for those few hours.

All she’s interested in is performing her job perfectly, and making you a happy repeat customer!

In my book that’s a win-win!  The hell with those transhumanist-people, who want to put goggles on your head, and machines on your private parts, to get you off.  My Dad and Grandpa wouldn’t have gone for that, and neither am I.



If you choose to keep looking away, and you look your same way, then “keep jacking-off” alone!

You can ignore what I’m saying here. We don’t know each other, we’re never going to meet. I guess the main reason why I wrote this, was to try and help people, who didn’t know about a wonderful establishment like Albany Escorts.

They definitely changed my entire style and the way I treat women, both sexually and on a day-to-day basis.  You can just keep doing what you’re doing, and that way, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting!  That means your dick is in your hand, and you’re getting your own self off.

Me – I’d much rather have these women from Albany Escorts, fulfilling my sexual fantasies, as well as draining my balls! You do what you want.  I have tried to help you…

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