Bronx Escorts

Bronx Escorts

Bronx Escorts, I guess turned to “full gear on” when New York sex Mayor locked everything down, even Churches.

Their secret is, they don’t work out of an establishment…  they arrange a meeting place with you, and cum to you! There wasn’t any way that New York City, could enforce any type of restrictions, on this illicit sexual contraband.

I was kind of worried when the first two arrived at my house, but now I get excited, and I’m very comfortable. I only become uncomfortable when they leave!


When you can lick, screw, and coo, a Bronx Escort, you’ll find these girls absolutely enjoy and love it!

Sometimes when I’m with one of these luscious ladies, I think I’m watching a sex video on the internet, but it’s life and with me.

Big booty Latina porn, porn hub Asia, and even amateur porn, annoncelight all showed me nasty porn, and the Bronx Escorts seem to know all those moves! I used to be a flagrant masturbator, sometimes two or three times a day! I didn’t think it was hurting me!

In fact, I was kind of proud of the fact that I could slip out my cellphone, or be watching on my laptop computer, and get myself off…  How wrong I was! When you’re holding one of these soft, warm, cuddling, sexually vivacious sex workers, it is awesome!

She’s giggling and laughing, and loving every minute of it, you won’t want to play with yourself anymore either! However, if you do, you’ll be thinking of one of them for sure!



What we term “joy” is simply a state of being.  A vibrational benchmark,  just like orgasms…

You don’t get any “joy” or “fulfillment” watching sex videos on your phone in secret! Staring at photos of Nicole Scherzinger, or Katee Sackhoff, giving someone a nude massage, boobs naked, & swaying, is fun – that’s true! So is an ass fucking, of Noel Easton, or the infamous Farrah Abraham sex tape, but not to REPLACE real-sex with real women!

If you’ve never had a truly high-dollar whore, you owe it to yourself, to at least experience that thrill and joy! You wasted money on other things, that cost a lot more, that you got a lot less for.


Technology has made it so easy to strap on some VR goggles and an Accu-Jack for your car.   No thanks!

My Dad used to have those sex magazines and in the back, there were those “Square Ads”.  I remember looking at one called “the Accu Jack” that you affixed to the shaft of your steering wheel if you had a tilt wheel.

Then you’d be able to put your dick in it, and use the up-and-down motion of the tilt-wheel to get yourself off. I don’t guess those were a big hit.  You never hear about anything like that nowadays. I’m thinking now they had a hard time getting Product Liability Insurance for something like that.

They’re already doing the “VR goggles with machines strapped to you” in the Eastern Bloc of Europe. I heard that it was super expensive though. Might as well take that money and buy yourself a real woman from Bronx Escorts, don’t you think? Nuru massage is also possible.


I didn’t even know how lost I was sexually as far as performance until I started using Bronx Escorts.

If you don’t use it, you lose it! That is so true when it cums to sex! I’m talking about hard sex, with a soft and smooth nude teen.

I’m talking about hot boobs, naked mom, who is sucking dick! These are your “types of choices” from Bronx Escorts.

These Ladies are far from desperate amateurs either. They are total sex pros. Sometimes when one of these girls leaves, I really wish that I was Rich.  I could afford one at least once a week. I know I wouldn’t get sick of enjoying them, especially since each one is different.



I’m guilty of mundane sex for decades, but these Bronx Escorts, know exactly what they’re doing!

Noel Easton, or Anastasiya Kvitko, have not the experience that these Bronx Escorts have. Maybe Alena Croft, or Adria Rae, are professionals at sex

All of the women I have enjoyed at the Bronx Escorts were horny, fun, happy, and non-stop lickmypussy, elite babes!

Who knows what they’re like in real life?  They might be lesbians, or actually hate men, but they sure don’t give any inkling to those types of impressions, while in your presence.


I would describe these Bronx Escorts as  “intelligent and wise”  offering sex, with no politics!

I’ve had 12 ladies at two or three hours each, so say 35 hours of pure unadulterated hardcore loving sex!

Not one time have I been in an argument. Not one time did I have to listen to personal problems that the radiant goddess must-have we all do.

Never have I even suggested a position or something I wanted to try and I had to listen to sighs or groaning.

The only drawback is how expensive these women are but on the other hand that’s what makes him so special besides their talent…

None of my friends would spend that kind of money for pussy. If you would have asked me three years ago I would have told you you’re crazy I would never pay! The planet and the times I changing!


It doesn’t seem to me they had “horrible childhoods” or were abused, tortured, and forced to become sex workers.

About the worst thing that I saw, on one of these Ladies from Bronx Escorts, it looked like she had either been burned, or she tried to take some tattoos off using a laser…

But that didn’t make her hideous. She didn’t have them on her face or anything, and we had a wonderful time. I don’t think that the women who turn out to be really good professional escorts have any kind of psychological issues from their past.

They wouldn’t be able to Operate in Public with the ultra-wealthy if they did. I’ve never really asked any about their history, but wouldn’t it be funny, if they were just middle-class Americans, like you and I are?


Deep feelings, compassion, great joy, celebrating the human body,  – that’s what sex means!

Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be? No shame, no denial of urges, no condemnation of others’ sexual celebration! I heard some Mystic one time say, that you should never have sex with someone that you wouldn’t want to remember forever…

It’s pretty easy to remember almost everything with these Bronx escorts! They move like swans, and they fuck like snakes!

If you’re not into sex – then you just haven’t had any good sex! That’s why I’m trying to write this article, I’m trying to help people who haven’t experienced those joys!



You can’t work for Bronx Escorts unless you can express this, I suppose…

What’s the number one quality that a professional, beautiful, sex escort needs? The ability to quell a man’s anxiety, and make him feel like she’s his old lost lover! You always hear people talk about Charisma or Personality Magnetism. Maybe that’s what these women use!

Maybe it’s just how they dress all nice and smell so good. They’re always looking you in the eye, and they’re smiling, laughing, and giggling!  Oh, they are always touching you, if they’re within Arm’s Reach.


When looking through the Bronx Escorts Catalog, if they can’t pique my interest, then I have to just let them be.

I guess I watched too much porn already in my life… But sometimes you want a PomPon Girl, and other times want a true maneater. The Bronx Escorts, use a Catalog that has a photo, and sometimes comments, as to what they like to do.

You can at least kind of get a general idea of the woman that’s going to be arriving, by using the catalog. I’ve never let Bronx Escorts Reservationists pick someone out for me I’ve always chosen one and paid the money, and the deals are done!


I guess society isn’t willing to change “the manner of sex” by using ladies like Bronx Escorts.

When 25% of all Internet Searches are pornography-Sites, that is safer for Society?  Really? Can you imagine how wonderful America would be if the prudish outdated and cynically-dated, hypocritical comments and attitudes, about professional sex workers ended?

In Asia prostitution is considered illegal, although you can go into any Bar and buy a girl for a short or long time, and pay the Bartender. In Europe, they have Special Districts in almost all the Nations where you can just get yourself a sex worker!

If you do the research, you’ll find statistically, they have way fewer rapes, way fewer men beating women, and Society is better as a whole.


I’m trying to “Mimic the Maneuvers” that these Bronx Escorts teach, and normal girls seem to like it.

I think the girls at Bronx Escorts, must talk to one another, because they get more friendly, as I choose a different one. I’ve had maybe a dozen of these sensual sexpots, that’s been over a period of 2 years! Each different girl has different styles and different moves!

I try and remember one or two of these after they leave! While they’re here…  I don’t care anything about anything except my balls, and my dick, and the fun I’m having…  Girls are much easier to pick up now for some reason, and I take them home and they seem to appreciate my thick book of sex plays!


Bronx Escorts

Bronx Escorts

Due to this covid-19, many men if not most, are not having it “as hard” as I am using Bronx Escorts…

Things are strained in the economy, and with social relations, the way things are all locked down. I think these 2 years have broken people’s rhythm of having fun. Also, it’s difficult to even meet someone, with a mask on your face!

Speaking of that, one of the Bronx Escorts that showed up had it rigged up where she had a mask over her pussy!

Painted on the outside were the words — ENTER HERE! That woman was a lot of fun, but then again, all of them are, or I wouldn’t keep going back!

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