Brothel or Whorehouse, or “House of ill-repute”. It doesn’t matter what you call it.  It’s a “House full of sexy ladies” that serves horny men for money. Plain and simple!  And I know  “they’ve”  given that word a bad name.

Just like they have Conspiracy Theories and Fake News. Have you noticed almost all the Conspiracy Theories that you ever heard? It has now been actually confirmed as NOT being a conspiracy theory?

I think we’re going to find the same thing about the News!  This situation we have in the world today that’s going on…  not for 10 days “like they promised” but two years now!  When “I’ve got the money in my hand” and I had to the Brothel, all other worries in my life ended, the minute I walk in the door!  I ALWAYS walk out with a smile also!  And the “tip of my dick” feels good, and my balls, feel empty…



With each Brothel experience, these Sex Goddesses’ pussy, seems to me like a sexual Oasis…

Every man I’ve ever known likes to look at and use a beautiful pussy! I’ve seen pictures of Ladies though, where it’s not a bush!  It’s more like “a jungle down there” and some men like that…  I like where they’re “smooth shaved” and my tongue glides over it!

My cheek slides on it chewing!  I must say that these women at the Brothel, know absolutely “every single thing that a man fantasizes about” and enjoys doing.  Then – they take, and do combinations of those two… while you’re there!  For me, it’s like a Camel, coming out of the Desert, to enjoy the Oasis!



” sexual sympathetic pruning ” has happened! The Brothel, “rewired me” and plugged me in, again!

I was getting so “burned out” just watching people having sex on the Internet, or going to Porno Sites!  Places like drum, Beastality, cake farts, sextop, hdporno, veporns, naked girl, porngo, and such…

Once you show up at the Brothel, and choose “what flavor and what style” of Sexual Princess you want to relish in, then the fun begins!  You don’t even have time to think about all those weird websites, that “you spent hours upon hours” looking at.

What you start doing, with the gentle nudges of these sex professors, and the feelings that you get doing those things, it gets you motivated in life  -again!


Brothel Angels are like “sex lightning” when they’re around me, and I’m never depressed!

There’s been a few times when I’ve been really “impressed sexually” with a girl in my life…  But it’s “NOT sustainable”!  After a while, we get into the “same old – same old” – knowing what I’m going to do, and then what she’s going to do!

I guess you’d call it “a sexual dance” that we learn together.  But when the door closes with one of these luscious, delectable, horny, and sexually-obsessed women, you feel Lightning in the Room!  I don’t know if it’s magnetic, kinetic, sexual, or all mental, but all the fun and excitement of it all…


A controversial topic?   A Brothel?   Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

The main reason why I’m writing this BLOG is I can’t even discuss “any of these wonderful feelings or experiences” with my close friends, or my family!   I’d get two or three minutes into the story, and they have Cognitive Dissonance for sure…  I just put some feelers out there, and most men around here, don’t even know that there IS a Brothel.  They’ve all been “trained from the News” that those things, only exist in Las Vegas escort, or on Indian Reservations!       How wrong they are!


Take advantage of their “sexual knowledge of men” and their “sexual power” over us!

When I’m really “hot and heavy with the new woman” we probably have audition sex two or three times a day. After 6 months, if she is still with me, we’re probably have sex once a day! But think about having sex, at least once a day, for 5 years or 10 years!  HELLO – because that’s their job!  And all of the Ladies that the sex workers are with, that is also their job…

So the “experiences and the camaraderie” and the Chit Chat among them, after they’re done with someone like me, raises their ideas their experience, and their abilities!   They then, take those abilities, and apply them to me!   L U C K Y  Me.



The ideology that I was brought up in frowns on Whores!  This Brothel is a secret from my family.

I’ll tell you exactly how well we are inculcated with brainwashing and about prostitution!   Turn on your “talk to type feature” on your computer, and then say a sentence with the word WHORE.  Your computer, will “blank that word out” just like it does FUCK, PORNO, or any other really-fun thing that men like!  They say that, whoever our Bosses are, consider us like cattle.  When you hear that – you don’t believe it…

But look around at what they’ve done to the World, and how the Science and the Facts don’t even meet the narrative, these last two years!   That’s the way it’s been with Whore Houses – I mean Brothel.


I don’t know how you’ll take this, but I like FUCKING professional whores!  I’m much better at sex!

You played many “types of games with people” who are playing for the first time.  It takes such patience on your part, and you really have to “fake the fact” that you’re not getting frustrated at how slow things are going until they “get the hang of it”…

That’s the way I feel, when I have sex, with “a normal girl” now, after visiting the Brothel, as many times as I can afford…

I wind up being “the teacher every time” no matter how much experience, or cute the girl is…    because, well they just don’t have the sexual “training and experience” the girls do at the Brothel.


I want them so!  Even at such a cost – and the Brothel knows…

If you do like I did, and start visiting a Brothel repeatedly, you’ll become, I guess what I am, which is a very special customer!  They still take your money and you don’t get a discount, and they don’t have “a coupon card” where the 11th one is free or anything…

But you do get “special treatment” and some “side benefits” and a “better room”   So well, you’ll find out for yourself.  For them, it’s just good long-term business!  I wouldn’t say that I’ve “wasted my money in the Brothel”  but I will say, that I have certainly invested a lot of my “discretionary income” there!  haha


I never ” planned” on great sex this way…  But I’m not stupid, and now I know! Do you?

In my teens and my early twenties, I never envisioned that I’d be “hooked on a Brothel” for my sex!

It certainly sounds more like something you’d see in an old western movie, where the man grabbed the girl and takes her upstairs…  The facts are the facts though, and I really enjoy the professionalism and the new positions and styles practiced on me.

I think the other thing which really is sexually exciting to me, is that each time, I pick a different girl.  The ones I’ve had before…  look at me with no jealousy, and in their mind,   it’s just business for them.



The visits are “fewer and fewer” to the Brothel…  But it’s ONLY because of the money!


The brothel costs a lot of money each visit…  It hasn’t gone up much in the last couple of years, but my income has gone down!  My “sexual urges” haven’t gone down.  There are times when I’m horny, and I go back to those damn websites like I was criticizing before…

I can’t help that I like watching nude couples having some hard sex!  I also look at sensual porn, with mom and son sex, stepdaughter porn, high school porn, with their’ hot boobs! But none of that replaces those absolutely magical sex workers at the Brothel, who are always “ready and willing to go” for just about anything, that I feel like.


Who will I choose next time, from the Brothel?  Whichever one I want…  HAHA

It’s kind of like when a woman goes do a Plant-Nursery and looks at all the pretty flowers and plants!  I’m sure your girlfriend is your wife, has dragged you to one of those before!  All the plants look perfect, and all the flowers are just so lovely and…

I think you kind of understand what I’m talking about now right?  There are places in Asia, where you get a SoapyBath, and I’ve been to a few of those too!  All the women are in a giant aquarium, with a number on them!  You just “call out what number” you want – after you pay!  The Brothel is all laid out very opulent, and very cozy!  There are many hidden corners, and places for the girls to sit and chat.  You’ll find one there if you show up!  I guarantee you that!


It’s not really that strange actually, since my pecker, has always had me doing “different things”!

When I think of the things that I did as a teenager to have sex…  My Dad was the Preacher when I was growing up!  I remember I’d have to go two Towns away, to where the Interstate went through.  There was a TruckStop where I could buy my condoms, out of a machine on the wall.

If I would have gone to one of the local pharmacies they would have told my Dad, was my fear!  Or a church member would have been in line behind me, and told my Dad I was buying condoms!  This is really just so much better when I have the money!  I “head to the brothel” and then that’s where I “get my head” and everything else!


What is the definition of SEX?    To me, it’s “penetration and ejaculation”!    What about you?

I don’t want to sound like that old President Bill Clinton who didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky – according to the definition!  He let her give him some knob, and I think he shoved his cigar up her pussy also!  Who cares!  That was a long time ago…

But we’re talking about the definition of sex remember?  I want to put my dick inside her mouth, her ass, and her pussy!  And I want to “blow my load” which normally, I can get at least two nuts in one visit…  One time, I came three times!  I felt “especially good” walking out after that, but I feel good walking out every time!



One of the Girls’ in the Brothel, told me  “most men”  last 9 minutes.  I took 13…

When I told you earlier, that they “compare notes with one another” I guess there must be some little scorecard factors!  ” oh you only took 3 minutes” or “oh mine took 15 minutes”!  I will know, that I’m up to par, when I can hump and pump for 30 minutes or more, before my first emission of tumescence!

There are oils that you can rub on your cock, that desensitize it… so that you can last longer!   Who wants to desensitize the tip of their’ dick – when you’re going into a whorehouse?  I sure don’t.  Maybe I’ll see you there the next time I go?  Have a good 2022…



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