Chicago Scorts

Chicago Scorts

Chicago Scorts, are the kind of women that you hire when you need the prettiest annoncelight girl, who’s going to have the best time, being on your arm! You hire a Chicago Scorts sex worker, so as to take the pressure off “going alone”  -and that means somewhere-publicly, and sexually…  haha  There’s no need for any of that anymore! All you need to do, is make-a-reservation, and let the Reservationist know, what type of girl, and what type of event. They’re rented by a “2-hour minimum” – and I think – you can take them “out-of-Country” – if you pay for everything ahead of time…


Chicago Scorts

Chicago Scorts are ready, they are willing, and they are able! Are YOU?


The feelings that the Chicago Scorts, produce in me, – “carry me through” until the next Goddess.

I’m not talking about the kind of small-kind of worked-up you get when you’re looking on the Internet! Looking at  Nicole Scherzinger, a Farrah Abraham sextape, Anastasiya Kvitko, Jewels Jade, Whitney Cummings nude, Rose Byrne nude, Paulina Porizkova nude, Autumn Falls nude- they are gorgeous! But that’s not going to help with your entry urges and your bonding with a woman… Calling one of these professional girls from Chicago Scorts, they’re 1000% women, and they’re there for one thing!  That’s to play with your cock and balls!


I have  “cum-into-ownership”  of allowing – for,  my new sex life.

It’s so nice, to realize that I’m a real man!  All the people around me are “crumbling”!  They just seem to think “their world is coming to the end” – but with me, everything has just “opened up perfectly”… My sex life is right! I have a much better command of my emotions!  In public, girls seem to like me  -now. Isn’t that weird, that I couldn’t get any of them to “look at me” before?  Now that I’m paying for gorgeous, professional, sex-workers, the “free-Mamas and Co-Workers” want a piece of me – now. I’ll pass – thank you!


Now – I have “freed myself”!   There was so much I did not know, – before using Chicago Scorts!

Once “you’re freed-sexually” you become responsible!  It’s not like when you’re chained up, and you can’t go anywhere or change anything. So now that I-freed-myself sexually, from my frustration, and “my self-imposed-limitations” now what? My quick idea is to keep hiring a new girl as I can afford them! That should give me a “range of different Ladies” – who provide different skills and each one would be a total learning opportunity for me – don’t you think?


I have stopped  “syncing(sinking) in sorrow”  since I’ve been using Chicago Scorts!

All these new high-tech movies have poor horny men believing they can stay at home and it’ll be okay! Looking at the internet at websites like Viking barbie, monster,  teacher porn, show you nude massage, big tits Asian,  boobs naked,  ass fucking, tiny pussy, but no sex with passion! Real-sex, real passion with a real, wonderful, smart, beautiful, horny,  professional-sex-worker, is what you get when you use Chicago Scorts!


Tell me – how can you  “honestly pursue” your sexual urges and Fantasies?

Almost all of my friends are hooked on internet pornography one way or another. One of them’s been looking at lesbian Tribbing, jucy date,  Asian milfs,  Latina milfs, and stuff like porn hub Asia, android 18 porn, or mucho hentai, and it makes me sad used to do that too! No one can really help him, except to tell him to pick-up-the-phone, and make a Reservation, with those sex-professional call-girl-goddesses at Chicago Scorts! I sure hope he does it – and changes “his style”…  I have!


Chicago Scorts

Chicago Scorts – LIKE to do, what you have been “dreaming-of-doing” – with a beautiful woman!


Your  “sexual fulfillment and unfoldment”  are only your concern…  Right?

Who else really is going to care, whether or not you fulfilled yourself sexually? Nobody’s even “thinking about you” or your sex-anything! Start getting a grip on your own emotions, pick up the telephone, and change things. Why would you keep doing the same-old, same-old, and keep getting, the same-old same-old, which is ZERO, right? Come on – let’s be real!  If you had a good sex life, you wouldn’t be reading my blog here,  – now would you? I’m trying to teach you how “to solve that problem”… So keep reading!


The “sex-life” that I had… just wasn’t working,  – especially after Covid-19!

At first, I got caught in that same trap all my friends are in now! Looking at the internet to try and fulfill my sexual urges… I was looking at everything I could just to try and get myself off. Some of those places I can still remember, like, incest stories, xxx Korea, mom’s anus sexpornblog, 8cm to inches,  nudafrica,  xfantazy, and also fuk machine, and crazyshit com! So when you couldn’t meet anywhere the Bars were closed all public places were shut down, the internet wasn’t any help! I was even hornier after watching all of that…


Education – Breeds – Confidence! Chicago Scorts, are my professional sex teachers! home-teaching & schooling!

They really don’t have proper sexual technique education that you can learn anywhere! You might be able to buy a video somewhere on it, labeled as pornography. But there really are no teachings, no techniques, showing situation education when it comes to sex! That all changes, when you’ve had four or five of these gorgeous professionals from Chicago Scorts! Each one of the girls has their own style, but they’ve had sex way more than you and I will ever have!  That’s what makes them  Professionals, I guess… You are going to learn new-Maneuvers, new-Techniques, and new Ways, to please both yourself and the Lady – SURE!


The “object” for a horny man, is “to get off”.   Chicago Scorts  –   “climb on”  !

Let’s just be honest with ourselves. We have urges that we need “relieved or fulfilled”! When you are super young, you know you have to do it by yourself. That becomes a paradigm, that most men keep doing, for the rest of their life, no matter how much sex they’re getting! And that’s okay – as an “added benefit” – but not as your primary source of sexual relief. When you make a reservation with Chicago Scorts, and that girl shows up at your house or hotel room, the action starts right then! There might be sperm coming out of that hole from a hand all right, but it’s not your hand…


Chicago Scorts

Chicago Scorts  – can be  “reserved-by-appointment”  for any occasion!


All Mens’  “nature’s” are alike, our “habits” set us each apart!  Try&Make Chicago Scorts a habit!

I don’t mean to be Philosophical or Prophetic in that statement… But when you stop to think about it, all of us men are all the same, it’s just what we’ve done, what we do, and what we “will do” – that changes all of us! People that have too-much-money, (if there is such a thing) I’m sure, use Chicago Scorts, on a weekly basis, if not even more… A working man like me, has to save his money, but I can still seem to afford one, once a month, or  -once every 6 weeks. I can last that long, by thinking of all the fun things that have happened, with “the scorts” that have cum-before….


Never lie to your Doctor, Lawyer, or Accountant! That “rule is the same” with Chicago Scorts.!

I know people, who are “ashamed” to tell their Doctor, what’s really wrong! I’ve had two friends, that lied to their Lawyer and wound up in really-big-trouble, because of it! If you lie to your Accountant, later-on something will happen, because there’s a Numbers-Trail there… So please don’t lie to the beautiful woman who shows up to fulfill you sexually! Tell her  “exactly what it is that you were wanting to do”   -and without fuss, She will immediately start. How simple is that! That’s why these girls get paid a large amount of money.


Every Chicago Scort, I’ve had over,  -seemed very over-educated. Psychiatrist or psychologist?

I’m not saying that to you so that you can have one cum-over, and you lay on the couch, and tell her all your problems! You’ll probably be “laying on the couch” and she’ll be able to see your problem throbbing!  haHA  When you look in their eyes, you can see in intelligence, and when you ask them a question, they speak “polished and professionally”! You can see why the ultra-wealthy, wouldn’t be ashamed to accompany any of these beautiful ladies, to a Posh-Restaurant, or an important Public Event.


Chicago Scorts

Chicago Scorts are able to hold a conversation if that is what you really-want-to-do…


Don’t stop for breath, or even to-laugh, and especially don’t-talk,  –  Lick, Suck & FUCK!  OK?

You could get wrapped up in an emotional, philosophical conversation with these girls, but why would you waste your “two or three precious hours” doing that? These girls have shown up because they think that you’re horny and that you want to get off… Is that true?  Or  – did you want to become their friend, for two or three hours, and then call them back in six weeks, and keep doing that,  – instead of learning sexual techniques and feeling better emotionally and sexually, when they leave? It’s up to you.  I know exactly what I’m doing, the next time, one of these Chicago Scorts, walks through my door!



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