CincinnatieEscorts are the most-sexual women in America in my opinion!

CincinnatieEscorts are the most sexual and sensual women, in The United States of America! There – I said it…  I have not tried Escorts, sprutsugen Call Girls, Working Girls, or sex escorts in other Cities yet… haha  I’m a local boy to Cincinnati, and stay “close-to-home” normally! With CincinnatieEscorts, I don’t even leave-Home! Every appointment has been 5-10 minutes early actually! Not only do these sex-Professionals show up on time, but they also make sure my balls-are-drained, before leaving too! OH, Yeh – that IS what I am paying for!


The “Rules” that I set for myself, CincinnatieEscorts have proven, have NOT LASTED through the test of time!

I grew up with this “set of rules” that kept slowly changing, and then when I became an adult, they were almost like Stone! Those were “all the bad rules and incorrect theories” that other people had told me! I guess, because of the sheltered – and I guess, protected life these people wanted for me, these people… thought they when you go see give it to me, yeah we know that’s how people break their teeth be careful were helping me to fuck these TS scort girls! That could not have been farther from the truth!  Since I have been associated with CincinnatieEscorts call girls, my entire disposition, my attitude, my outlook on life, – everything has changed for the better!


Cincinnatieescorts for the best fuck

The more the Ladies and the different positions I get from CincinnatieEscorts, – the more that I want!

I thought it would be like my favorite Restaurant, where – when you order, you’re always getting the same thing… because you know you like it! It’s not that way with CincinnatieEscorts! One time, you’ll get a brunette – the next time a red-head! One time even, I said, “surprise me” and the escort NVA girl came – and she had this neon-blue hair… but oh was she beautiful, and did we have fun together! What I like, is that they don’t treat me like a stranger, or strictly like a  customer or John, but we’re having this sexual interaction, and having fun at the same time! It makes me feel like such a man…


It is said “a person with little, and wants little is happy”! Do you really believe that?

I can remember a lot of things that they taught me that we need to believe in like cigarette smoking was okay, sugar didn’t hurt you and that fat cells were really bad when 90% of our brain is made out of fat cells! I’m not here to convince you of anything. Just trying to share my wonderful sex porn repeated experiences, and try and help break the sadness – if that’s what you’re feeling! I’m happy, and there were many months, in fact, years, where I wasn’t, and then tried to convince myself, that everything was okay! It didn’t get okay – until I started using Sexy massage CincinnatieEscorts – plain&simple!


CincinnatieEscorts are you “wondering” if She has “done that before?”

The Professional call-girls from CincinnatieEscorts always – keep their’ Honor! That earns them Respect!

“Honor-among Thieves” is the old expression – right? I get that “anxious-feeling” you get going to a good Party! Not having to leave the house, and get the “sex delivery” – eliminates all the worries & hassles. This 100& beats “hanging-out-with-the-Boys” somewhere! I would much rather get my “knob-polished” and “back-dooring a brunette” – Thank You very much! Never an unkind word, or snide look, and as eager as a beaver(Pun Intended)!  haha  What isn’t there to “honor” about a beautiful woman, who looks good, smells good, tastes good… and fucks-like a rabbit in heat?


The CincinnatieEscorts have that “I’m tempted to look” – when I ask for a specific position or sex act.

You know the look – right? Where the woman looks like it is her first-time doing anything-like-this? OH, We men eat-that-up…  The adultsearch sex professionals, at CincinnatieEscorts, must all practice “those expressions-of-lust & desire” – since every one of them, so far anyway, has made those “make-me-want-to-take-you” stares! It makes you “break out into a sweat” – and then you remember  “This is what you are Paying For.!” You then look back into her eyes… and see only permission & eagerness! These moments are when you want  – Time to stand still.


All the “hidden-sexual thoughts” and so many wonderful feelings are now surfacing, in my consciousness now!

I have learned that we are all  95+% unconscious – so pretty-much on “automatic” all-day & night. Because I am dwelling, all the time, in my waking moments and even in my sleep, about sex with these CincinnatieEscorts, it’s reinforcing-itself into my conscious mind, and I’m becoming a more sexual man! This “radiates out for me” – everywhere I go – and so now, women who would never have looked at me before, can’t keep their eyes off of me! Isn’t that so ironic!  I could care less! I want my professional girls now…


CincinnatieEscorts are EXPENSIVE.! It’s “hourly+ the Bar Bill…

I find myself, not thinking about myself, but thinking of the CincinnatieEscorts, when we have sex!

They say the definition of Love is when you care about someone else more than yourself! That’s “the feeling that I have” when I’m having sex, with my girl from CincinnatieEscorts, and I’ve had a different one each time! I’m not even going to go to where love is, because it’s not love, but it’s 100% lust… That’s all I’m paying for… but I’m definitely getting my money’s worth and then some… because they’re changing my entire life, not just my sex life! How many people can say something like that, in these crazy sex times, where everyone’s, losing everything, and sad about everything! I’m however thrilled…


Around these CincinnatieEscorts, I just let things be! This keeps me from getting confusion

It took me quite-a-while, to really understand, that I’m the customer, and these professional-sex ladies from Detroit of the night, these Escorts of high-end clientele… they are the Boss! A true boss doesn’t brooded-over-someone but makes them want to work along with them, and that’s exactly what these girls from CincinnatieEscorts do. They’re never forceful, somehow it seems like it’s “my idea” although I’ve never had that idea before! It’s nice, not to have to worry, not to have to think, and only have to “feel good”… That’s what it’s all about  -feeling good-  am I right?


DESIRE is the “longing for something I don’t have”! With CincinnatieEscorts, I can have anything!

I read in articles that Asia, and especially Southeast Asia, has the least amount of sexual Hook-Ups, and the least amount of sexual assaults! This is because of their sexual freedom of ideas! I’m not sure if that’s all true… all I know is that I’ve lost a lot of the Hang-Ups that I used to have, since dealing with CincinnatieEscorts, and these luscious girls they have cum-to-my-house!  haha, There’s nothing but happiness, love, sex, and bodily fluids!  I can’t express how they’ve changed me in words that would convey how I feel… Forgive me for that!


I am lonely and way too horny to “accept life-just-as-it-is”.!

All this sequestering, staying 6-feet-away from people, and hiding-your-face, and trying to stay home instead of going anywhere, hasn’t helped my sex life at all… I don’t think anybody in Government, or in the Health Department cares about “how horny I am” or “how lonely” I am! The only “injection” that I’m thinking about nowadays, isn’t concerning my health, as much as my attitude!  I need a lustful woman for that, not a Doctor! Everything that I need is provided at CincinnatieEscorts, with just one telephone call. It’s really a no-brainer!


Some men I guess – never “get to pick” when it cums-to-sex! With the CincinnatieEscort working girls, You choose!

I’ve heard over and over again from my good friends about how they were so happy when their women gave them the kind of sex they wanted. You’d think that if two people are together that they’d want to try different things but that’s not how girls think I guess…  The call-girls and working girls at CincinnatieEscorts know what you have “requested-this-session” and it’s part of the Program for the evening! These are not hookers, streetwalkers, or drugged-out sluts and whores like Joy Muscle Shoals! Sex is their Profession, and skill is their calling card!


CincinnatieEscorts all “look-good” sitting in GrandPa’s chair.!

There are “fools in this Sex-Game” for sure! Call them  “lame & insane”!

I did not write this article to change all men… Just the men who are now “begging for change” and need great sex! There is always the TruckStop where there are “whores-galore” and undercover whatever! CincinnatieEscorts have been around in Cincinnati for years now! The only place they are going is Up… This is exactly how I get, when I think about any of the perfect interludes I have had, with the Pro sex escorts, that are used at CincinnatieEscorts! Have fun – and remember this is the 21st Century.


I’m “Kicking-it-at-the-Top” because I got myself together with CincinnatieEscort.

I know that there are people all around, who want to maybe end their life. Definitely feel they’ve been cheated by Society! I feel exactly the opposite, and yet, I’m living in the same exact town. Experiencing the same things, except maybe for one thing.  CincinnatieEscorts! When you know that you’re going to feel some of the greatest feelings that you’ll ever experience in your life! When you can do it at your house, at your time, with a woman of your choice… how could the world be “anything but perfect”…? Change your life now – and pick up the phone!

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