Columbus Excorts

Columbus Excorts

Columbus Excorts. are “social healers” and “sexual mistresses” wrapped up into one sexual goddess! There is a Catalog of Ladies for you to select through. Sometimes a man just needs “a BIG woman”…  I’m joking! The 2 or 3 hours that you spend huge money on are well worth it. These Ladies are NOT anything like what you are thinking! They are PERFECT, in all ways….  except the cost per visit!


After two hours, with a Columbus Excorts goddess,  I believe in all Conspiracy Theories!

I “let them do stuff” that I have never let any & all the “other women” I have had sexually!  The one gorgeous redhead, I remember walked in, with a full-length raincoat on, and when she took it off, there was the Nurses Uniform.   It didn’t have a Hospital Insignia or her name,  but it was form-fitting!  The Uniform was all the way down to the white shoes…   I didn’t take any notice, until about 45 minutes into our fun!   She had me standing up, and I was naked, and she was on the floor!  She was on her knees, looking up, and she reached for her bag.  I had no idea, but she must have  “dipped her finger into some type of solution”  and then  “it was up my ass” massaging my prostate!   While she was sucking on the tip of my dick!  Oh my God… the  EXPLOSION.


One thing that we should never forget is ” we are always paying “!

It is NOT because they are “enthralled with me” that they fuck like that!  These are professionals call girls, and I have to keep telling myself, not to be angry, with all the “other women” I’ve had.  These girls make every move count, every squeeze felt, every smile register!  They don’t miss a trick! (Pun definitely intended)!   About an hour and a half into the deal, I’m reminding myself,  “not to fall in love”  with this girl.   It’s amazing, that I think like that, every time, and it’s always a different girl.


Columbia Excorts

Columbia Escorts are sexually-active if you wish to use your time with them actively.


Who would I not want to recommend these Columbus Escorts to?   Virgins, or old men?

I want EVERY MAN, to have his last-Fuck with a Columbus Excorts goddess!  In fact, I wish, as a VIRGIN, I would have started there myself!  Instead of teaching children about sex in school.  I think that the Government should just provide you with a couple of escorts from Columbus Escorts at age 21!  Age 18 if you’re allowed to buy alcohol at that age…     haha


Cultures and Traditions have lied to my cock!  Columbus Excorts brings back some Honesty!

No history Book, or Newspaper, told me about Columbus Excorts!  Neither did any family or friends I have!  I thought I learned a thing or two, looking at internet sites like the ones I can still remember now!  Let me see there was Martha Redding, Rhian Wild, Vicky push, Lisa Queens, Onlyfans, Amouranth, Dakota Sky and Aaron Carter or  Sommer Ray nude, Harley Quinn porn, Lexi Luna, Dua Lipa nude,Lana Rhoades, Alura Jenson, Mia Melano, Gia Derza,  Ava Adams, Julie Cash, Zendaya nude, Halsey nude, Anya Taylor Joy nude, and I remember others too!  HONESTY is the 2 or 3 hours of Sexual Heaven, these women provide.


Chocolate seems to work for chicks!  I need blowjobs, and eating sweet pussy!

Remember how women are “fat” because they eat too much chocolate, to get those sex endorphins?  Her tongue-tip, on my dick-hole, does it for Me!  I don’t mean to bitch, but it’s a lot of money that I’m spending!  I only get 120 or 180 minutes, with one of these Sex Angels!   True I worked like hell, for the money!   I hope you thought that was funny…  I was trying to be cute there…!   Anyway, when you pick up the phone, and you call Columbus Excorts,  you’re not looking to make friends!


Columbia Excorts

Columbia Excorts are well skilled in the arts of sexual persuasion.


Columbus Excorts, are intermediaries for “Tantra with a Lover”!

You can’t even get close to the “sex experiences” these Columbus Excorts give!  Looking at Porno all day & nite does NOT do it…  Sites like daughter porn, sister porn, girls on girls porn, teacher porn, stepsister porn, get your dick hard, but then what?  You are still alone “wacking yourself off”?   Isn’t that what your Great Granddad did before electricity was around?


Real sex is a collection of manifested energy!   –   Get some!

The ” pulses” and “surges of urge” just keep building after the 1st CUM.  These sex sorceresses at Columbus Excorts, know what to touch, what to do, and what to say!  They have only “a limited amount of time” to be there, and I’m sure they have their records and scores!  They must compete with their other workers about Clients!  I’d love, for the next one that I’ve ordered, to be bragging that she got me to CUM six times. 4 times is my record, the last time I squirted, I was pumping air out of my balls, but my dick still enjoyed it!


Columbus Excorts sex workers, ” tune into your’ sexual frequency” then push it to – Fully On!

These Pros “can sense” somehow, where on the  “Lust Level” I am when they arrive. Maybe I have been looking at a Farrah Abraham sex tape, too much!  AGAIN.  Or I might be all “stupid & shy-like” when they arrive. Either way, it doesn’t matter, to these Working Girls. Within 10 minutes, “somebody’s hands, are on some body parts! Once in that “Aura” the time just seems to run out,  just like your sperm!


Columbia Excorts

Columbia Excorts are clean shaved, or neatly trimmed. Big or Small boobs, hair color up to you!


I hope that you get from this blog, a new “thinking approach” to sexual starts!

All the American dad porn, or momsonsex, you are consuming on the TV or cellphone, just is a start!  I look at  Japanesesex, xxxsex video, and they get me horny!  But I “don’t flog my meat” every day anymore!  It doesn’t get me to the point those Columbus Excorts can, sometimes four times in 2 or three hours!  How can a man, who “jacks off” try and compete, with what I am doing now?


Nothing says  ” satisfied lust ”  better than Columbus Excorts!

It seems like such a “small thing” to satisfy a man’s lust totally!  But we don’t realize as men,  how they “designed Society”  – it’s that “frustration of having the lust constantly” that makes men crazy!   That’s good for Police Officers,  Lawyers,  The Courts,  you know what I mean, it is all contention!  But when you have had your balls licked, and your dick sucked, and fucked, by one of the most beautiful women, and you can do it, with just a Reservation…  and a lot of your money, why not?

We only really see, what it is, that we want to see…  Sex-wise, that is true also!

I think I would be “loving my wife more” if I was married, and using Columbus Excorts!  I’ve been married twice, and the first time didn’t count, and the second one I’m trying to forget! Probably because I still, kind of love her.  But I think I would have “been a better husband” had I been married, and using Columbus Excorts.  Those girls teach you moves, maneuvers, and clever little gestures, that are all intended to increase libido!  Then I would take those lessons back to my wife hopefully…   IF  she is “a perfect wife” you just make the Appointment and make sure, she was home!    haha


Columbia Excorts

Columbia Excorts are real “pleasers” when it cums to your happiness!

“Caustic Sexual Feelings” are non-existent, with  Columbus Excorts…

Where is there anywhere in this “sex equation” for either the Columbus Excorts Ladies or for Me to be sad?  I spend the money before the girls arrive, so I don’t have any of that pressure.  They know that they’re here “for a certain amount of time” and they get to do, what they are Professional at.   Enjoy it, or not?  For the money that I’m sure they’re making, I hope they enjoy it.   I’m sure they enjoy the money!   I enjoy tasting, touching, licking, fucking, sucking, and screwing!  Win / Win right?


Before you proceed, you want to be sure, that you know!  Am I right about that?

I have  “tried to help you here”  with this Blog!   It is NOT like the time I went to  “a Whore House in Mumbai” India!  No barbed wire, or German Shepard Dogs…  I don’t think that Columbus Excorts, hires non-gorgeous women. I have  “not seen one dog” yet,  anyway!   haha There are no guarantees in life, but I guarantee you’re missing something if you don’t give these Columbus Excorts, these “sex professors” and “wizards of lust” a chance.      Either way,  you have a happy 2022.



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