Dayton Eacorts

Dayton Eacorts – First class hookers.

Dayton Eacorts are not some naked mom, with her mom tits, those hot boobs, swinging and flopping, screaming lick my pussy!

They also aren’t some titjob, black hairy pussy, sucking-dick, desperate amateurs, either.  These sex workers are elite babes, hard sex is their’ specialty! Or you can whack-off alone at home again. Watching creampie teens, or watching  Noel Easton, give a nude sexual, nude massage, is great for any Man!

However, just to remind yourself of real FUCKING, rent a Dayton Eacorts sex professor for 3 hours! Her ass fucking, boobs naked, girl twerks, will have you stiff&throbbing, I promise…

Dayton Eacorts

Dayton Eacorts


My “Prime Sexual Resonance Frequency” is tuned now to Dayton Eacorts!

I used to hear the old saying that “you can’t soar with eagles when you hang out with a bunch of turkeys”!

That’s kind of like how the difference is between Dayton Eacorts.

and the regular girls around town you can date.  There are the Bar Whores, there are the chicks that go to the gym, my favorite is the ones that are at the Driving Range for golf courses…  But they’re all they’re just trying to get your attention so that you’ll take them home!

I don’t know “however long that would last” but they’re thinking forever…

Nowadays  – I’m thinking 180 minutes or less, and I’m absolutely “tuned to the sexual frequency” that these professional sex Nymphs provide.


“Know Who You Are” so stop trying to convince others that “what they think that you are” is wrong!

What you’re really trying to say is, that you have got a poor self-image, and need to justify your position to others!

Or am I wrong about that?  You know my mother used to say that it isn’t any of My Business what someone else is thinking, –  and then she finished with,  “and it certainly isn’t any of their business what you’re thinking”!

Maybe that helped me along a little bit, but why are you going to let the 95% of the population, who are sexually miserable, dictate to you, how to get your sexual fantasies fulfilled and released?  I’m trying to tell you how…  Dayton Eacorts!


You can’t look for happiness, in the same place where you lost it…Dayton Eacorts

My uncle was a Preacher, and he used to talk about how the scriptures say, that a dog returns to its vomit!  I always thought about that, when I was considering going back to one of the girls, who had hurt me, betrayed me, or abandoned me…

I’m always the good-guy right?  Anyway, I’m certainly not going to be looking for “those type of girls” that are hoping that I come home every night, and then I give them my complete paycheck and my 401k if we split up…

and the boat, and the trailer to the boat…  I’m just kidding!  I don’t have a boat.  I know how much it’s going to cost me to use Dayton Eacorts.


Our sexual image of ourselves, changes using Dayton Eacorts, regularly.

The first few that showed up on time, I wasn’t cowering in the corner, naked, and hiding my genitals…  However, I certainly don’t act anything as I did then!  I’ve ordered maybe fifteen of these wonderful sexual goddesses in the last three or four years!

I can’t think of anything more than their constant imagination and sexual passion and release.  That alone I feel allowed me to get through all this covid-virus mess, for the last 2 years.

I’ve also gotten my dick sucked about 15 different ways, my ass licked, my prostate massaged, and well there are a few things, that “I just can’t discuss” even to Strangers Like You…   haha


Things that you can guess, and the things that you know, are wrong! Dayton Eacorts proves that.

If someone would have even hinted at the fact, that I would be “captivated almost exclusively in my sexual inclinations” toward professional sex workers at Dayton Eacorts…

I would have told you, they were insane.  Now – I would have to say that they’re spreading information about someone other than themselves…  Maybe you can read between the lines, and see the difference between those two!  I’ve never been happier!

I’ve never been able to be composed around beautiful women, and my sexual proclivities have increased dramatically!  I’m also no more in debt, and no poorer than any of my friends or family…     so I’m a winner!


Are you deciphering my message here?  Get your dick SUCKED

I have two or three of my sexual fantasies which are updated & fulfilled every couple of months now.  Be honest with yourself, because I don’t know even if you’re reading this…  but how many sexual fantasies have you fulfilled, in the last couple of years?

Thanks to these Dayton Eacorts, I’ve had probably 30, maybe even more, of my own sex fantasies…  not counting what they “bring to the table” pun intended!


I’m not lonely. I listen, or follow now, when with the pros like at Dayton Eacorts.

Don’t think that you’re going to get bored, or that your dicks going to go down when you’re anywhere around one of these Dayton Escorts!   Your dick will actually be throbbing for the two or three hours that they’re around…  that’s their job remember?

They’re going to make you feel differently about doing sex acts that you’ve done, since well  – we won’t talk about that…

Having sex with a professional is not like your girlfriend of five years or your wife of 20…  20 years married,  is what I meant!


I use my orgasms now as “an organ of perception”…    It all cums from my fourth eye!  haha

YouTube channels call it Kundalini or Tantric or Sex Magic, but all it is…  – is your balls are pumping as fast as they can, and you’re enjoying every single moment of it!  They seem to know when they’ve hit that moment – where they’ve made you cross the sex barrier you had before!

Then, they light up like a Christmas tree!  That must be their enjoyment, to move our sexual enjoyment bar, higher and higher…


Me, and my sperm, have the same wish…  Dayton Eacorts!

I sat back one day, and was thinking about all the different girls!  I’ve never ordered the same one twice!  I started realizing, that almost every one of them, gave me ahead of one kind or another, and every one of them was a swallower and not a spitter or a quitter!

That’s really important, but more importantly, I didn’t even think about it, until after I had many girls, and could see that was the theme of there’s…  And I guess it’s a staple…       HAHA

The “urge to connect” becomes different just like the women, since I order a different one each time!

I want you not to misunderstand, why I order a different one, each time.  I’d be happy with every one of them for the next 20 years I’m sure!  It’s just that each girl seems to have her own history of likes and styles and motion and emotion…

That’s one of the things I like most about a woman… are their tumescence and their emotion.  Sometimes you get both of them “at a Zenith” at the same time, and that’s called great-sex!  Every one of the women I have ordered through the sex catalog has shown up on time, and showed me a great time!

I actually specify what type of fun now, and then I leave it up to the girl, to show me “her style”…

You realize that they’ve got a lot to teach you!  It’s more like a Martial Arts Sex Class, than an 8th-grade Sex Education Class.

There are a couple of different positions that I really like, some of them I don’t even want to say here…  But these girls will show you things that you haven’t thought of before!

Your mom would not approve!   The ironic thing is, their professional escorts, besides being sex worker whores, are ESCORTS,  so your mom would never know!

She would swear that that’s “the perfect girl for you”…  If only you could afford her for more than a few hours, every couple of months,  – right?


Once you learn how to use a Dayton Eacorts professional,  your fun doubles!

Like I keep trying to say,  “let these women lead you” in the direction of the most amount of sperm ejaculation in the shortest amount of time, with the shortest amount of breaks in between!  That’s the ultimate, in getting  “your money’s worth”  plus your Sex Education plus your rocks-off.

One thing I don’t want you to do is even think about “falling in love” with one of these girls or making them a girlfriend.

Keep renting the same one all the time, and pretend she’s Your Wife!  She sure won’t cost as much as a wife would, and she’ll do anything you want, for the two or three or four hours you’re with her.  No real wife would do that very long!



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