Denver Scorts

Denver Scorts

Denver Scorts sex professionals, take all the worry and all the pressure about sex away from you!  You don’t have to worry, if you’re “going to cum” or if you’ve said the wrong thing, and now “you’re not going to get any” pussy!  Remember, you have paid already, for the time they will be staying!

They could read to you one of the Books you have in your Library.  They can “Surf the Internet” with you.  Look at websites like mom’s anus, incest stories, black widow porn, stuck porn,  pornography videos, stepsister porn, pornos xxx Peliculas, girls on girls porn, Jaiden animations porn, or even the  Farrah Abraham sextape, for that matter!  I wouldn’t!

Denver Scorts

Denver Scorts

These Denver Scorts, were “invisible” because Society ignored them!

I’ve lived in the Denver Area, my entire life!  I’m not a teenager!  I’ve been around.  I thought I knew every road and every major business!  These are  “definitely essential workers”  I found that out, during this “virus crisis” and lockdown

.  The only thing that was strapped “onto my head” though,  is one of those wonderful condoms, they put on my cock, each time they make me cum!  They bring everything!  The sex oils,  the sex toys,  the condoms!  All you do is  “pump those balls”  of yours.  OK?


The Denver Scorts “fire was in her eyes” and her words were really clear… “lick me”!

Normally, when you hear a girl, say something like that to you, she’s 40 lb overweight, and think she’s “really lucky”!   These girls look like their runway models or ExHollywood stars. They fuck like rattlesnakes that are in “Mating Season” just to warn you!

You don’t have to be “good at sex” I certainly wasn’t, when I started using them about 2 years ago!  I have to actually  “thank covid-19 for changing my life”  in such a wonderful way!   Isn’t it that funny one man’s garbage, is another man’s gold.



No one wants to be defeated!   Denver Scorts makes you a Sexual Winner!

I have had, about seven or eight of these Professionals from Denver Scorts!  Each one of the girls looks different.  I never picked the same one to show up again!  I don’t know why I started that?

It actually has helped me, to become a much better sexual lover, with women, who know what to do!   If I find  “a girlfriend later”  who doesn’t know anything about SEX,  I’m going to have to remember to go slow…   Maybe I’ll have her watch, a couple of videos on the internet like  Harley Quinn porn, japanesesex, xxxsex video, redtub, www xnxx, or teacher porn, and learn more than I do.  MY WAY,  FEELS BETTER!


When she “straddled my nose”  and started “humping”!   I forgot, that I have to keep breathing.

She was so beautiful…  then she lifted up her one leg and spun around.  All I could look at with “that beautiful biscuit”  and then she slowly lowered it onto my nose!  She immediately started slowly rubbing it, up and down on the tip of my nose!

Then I felt my nostrils inside!  I started “licking and chewing and trying to get my fingers in there”  and all of a sudden I remembered.   HEY  MAN,   you got to breathe!  There ain’t no oxygen in here… just Ambrose!    haha


You  “learn your uniqueness”  by using Denver Scorts!

Looking back on them all,  the only thing that they have is that “they are all sexual professionals”  who take over,  and you don’t even know it.  What you remember is, just how thrilling it was!  The entire time,  like when you’re on “a great hike” or doing an exhilarating sport!  Then you look at those beautiful breasts, then that smooth supple skin and…   Well if you’re a man, I don’t need to tell you!


All of the sexual feelings are “shared and exchanged”  & then,   it’s “time’s up”!

It’s the total opposite of when I used to look at sex websites just to SEE naked women, let alone touch, and fuck them! Sites like Dove Cameron nude,  Rosa Salazar nude,  Christina Applegate nude, Sandra Bullock nude, Corinna Kopf nude, Lana Rhoades nude, you know?   Software Programs for “video and movie people” now where you put in a person’s “face and voice” and any movie or situation!

In a couple of years, you won’t be able to believe anything on a computer!  So just start now!  Get ahead of the curve, pick up the telephone, call Denver Scorts, and get your dick sucked!


I can’t think about anything,  the Denver Scort,  and me, licking her more “slowly & powerfully”!

The only thing I really am going to change, with my next girl, who should arrive in the next few weeks if the money keeps adding up, is more Oral Sex!   Not her licking on the tip of my cock,  or sucking on my balls,  which “they all seem to get around to doing”!   I’m talking about me, taking my time, and actually taking the tip of my tongue, and “flicking her little man” in the boat.   “Sliding two fingers up” onto that side wall,  and rubbing slowly, and then, trying to get her to  “squirt”!   One of them was a natural squirter!   Being  “all glazed in the mess” was so awesome…


No one’s PRIDE is raped!    It’s all  “Smiles, Orgasms, Cash, & Time”!  Denver Scort, thanks.

There is no degradation no humiliation or subjugation of another human being!  All those things you might be thinking, are Media Hype, that was put there, by the Wealthy! This is to keep us, from using these girls, so they are available, when “they want them”!

“They” can definitely afford more, than I can! Better “long term Customers“.     Plain&Simple!


She turns On “all the buttons”!  That energy  “coalesces”  to form my powerful Orgasms!

These girls are “givers” they’re not takers!   I definitely feel, even if you forget about the money…  that they “give me way more” than what I’m giving to them!  On an emotional, sexual, and spiritual basis!  Maybe that’s how they practice their tantric sex?  Some of these girls, seem like they might be White Witches on certain nights, or belong to some type of Female Secret Society!

I mean look at the Industry they’re in!   Yet these Beauties, are draped in gold, and smell like gardenias!   I don’t care.  I love every minute, that I’m with them!   You normally only pay for 120 of those.   tick   tick   tick



I guess that I am now “out of the Traditional Sex Etiquette” but I don’t hide either!

The smarter I get, about how all this “pay for sex” and “learn how to have better sex” goes, the more I DON’T KNOW!  The men these Sex Goddesses usually fuck, I probably don’t want to even know!  The “normal upstanding Citizen Woman” will call them all WHORES.

I consider each one,  “my sexual master” for 120 minutes!  Tell me how looking at Pornography, and jacking off is better!   SAY  WHAT?


I understand real Sex better, after every session with a Denver Scort, and she finishes with me.

Let’s face it, concerning a novice like me, and them being Sex Professionals! Each of them is the Cat.  I’m the Mouse, in a room with no furniture!  They probably really get to enjoy themselves, and can put their guard down, with “a normal everyday Joe” like me!

I  save money for a month or more, to “enjoy a couple of hours” with these perfect sex beings!  I think of them, no differently than I would, a super sports star, who spent a couple of great hours with me! Or maybe an Important Public Figure that I have always respected, who visits my house!      OH – did I mention… that “my balls and dick” always feel really good too…?       haha


Each  “sexual interaction”  is unique!  by Denver Scorts  Aren’t we all…

How can you even “train yourself sexually” being properly & socially raised,   as we are?  You don’t have those kinds of interactions when you’re just looking at pornography on the internet…   Places such as you can find on the internet, be it virtual, or digital, or surround sound, whatever’s…

this media does not replace “getting your dick sucked by a professional” who will get you off ” two, three, or four times, in the couple hours, that she’s visiting!  Make a reservation with Denver Scorts now!   Welcome to the Club.



T I P:  Don’t ask  “personal questions”  to a Denver Scort, except when it is about a sex act!

Remember… to be a gentleman at all times!  These “exquisite examples of personified sensual beings” are teaching & blessing you!  We probably don’t pay the much-higher-price, that “the super-wealthy” do?  I never complain about the price!

I never talked about it, with any of my friends either, because they’d be angry!  I’m “investing into my Sex Talent” is my thinking.   I used to say “I didn’t need a woman to be smart or too beautiful”!   I absolutely  “demand that”   for the few hours, that I’m around, having sex, touching, and kissing, my Denver Scort. Try it Only Once…   Yeah Right!



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