Detroit Escorts

Detroit Escorts

Detroit Escorts has been around for forty or fifty years, one of the girls told me. I guess when “the Big Three” were in their heyday, the big Auto Executives would hire these girls, on a regular basis. Well it wouldn’t be “these girls” maybe their Grandma –  haha  Anyway this certainly isn’t a new operation, and what they’re best at, is probably the oldest Profession in the world, other than the military.

They’ve really helped me become a better person, a better lover, and a better saver! I spend it after I save it, but these girls sure aren’t cheap!

Detroit Escorts

Detroit Escorts

I don’t FUCK Detroit Escorts for  “spite or might”!  Just  “tight” and they “feel right”!

Revenge FUCKs, or “showing-off to my friends” is NOT what I do.  I was “kind of a Nerd” growing up, and “went along to get along”!

That is not the ME that I am now…

I haven’t even told my “closest two friends” that I have been using the Detroit Escorts, as my  “regular sex” choice now!

They would try and “shame Me” I fear.  Just better that they not-know, not yet anyway! I was thinking of “ordering a Detroit Escort for my good friend… we’ll see.



Creating the Construct of Illusion, oh – how wonderful these Detroit Escorts, truly are!

I think you understand what I’m trying to say. I think you understand where things are going “just SO good” and you’re wondering if it can be real. That’s the feeling that these wonderful professionals at Detroit Escorts have the ability to do. It’s a sterile environment, with a beautiful gorgeous girl, who’s touching you, and doing all kinds of things…

She’s also taking your hands and making you do all kinds of things to her! It’s such a wonderful experience. It’s definitely worth the money and they cost a lot of money!


Money isn’t evil!  It’s an amplifier of your list of choices…  My choices are gorgeous Detroit Escorts.

I’ve had a couple of friends who have inherited, or one way or another gotten their hands on a lot of money at one time. I don’t know any lottery winners, but they say “they have to move away from their friends and family” if they want a nice life, with all that money.

If you’re a nice person, and you get a lot more money then you have more opportunities to be nice.  Assholes become even bigger assholes when they’ve got the money to back up their mouth.  I’m not wealthy.

I’m a poor Working Man, and it takes me a month or more, to save to be able to order a Detroit Escorts plaything for a couple of hours!  That’s my choice…   What would you do, if you could  “amplify”  your choices?


Detroit Escorts,  – I want to walk, but instead, I run back to you…  When I can save the money up!

I’m actually liking my new lifestyle, with “an interlude” every month or so, with a professional sex porn worker from Detroit Escorts!

They make me feel more than just a man, and I’ve been picking a different woman each time, so my experience sexually is actually increasing dramatically, with each girl. I don’t walk or talk the same as anyone else, and these girls don’t have sex the same way as the girl before, or the next one I’m getting!

That’s allowing me to pick up experiences that I could have never had if I had been “normal”!



Evil, sociopathic, narcissistic, psychopathic, or just insane…  Call me what you want.   I’m getting FUCKED by Pros.

I’m not here looking for approval from anybody for what I’ve been doing with these elicit women of the night at Detroit Escorts. What I’m doing, is trying to share with you the secret… That escort service has been in service for years now like I mentioned, but I hadn’t heard about them till I got desperate after the lockdown to do something.

I took that first free check the government gave everybody, and I spent it on a whore!

And since it was kind of like free money, I didn’t do the normal girl on the corner of the Street,  or the chick hanging in the Bar.

I searched around and found this wonderful establishment, and now I’m hooked. They have such wonderful sex with you, and make you laugh, and feel so needed, for those few hours or a couple of hours, however much your spending…


When I have invited Detroit Escorts to my place, my assumption is I’m getting Sucked & Fucked.

I never have to worry that these girls are going to run out of positions, or style, or things to do with me, or to me! I’m sure they already know, if I have rented them for 2 hours, what they’re going to do, versus what they’ll be doing if I’ve rented them for 3 hours! It’s like a dance for them, because this is their job, and do it every day!

And they look so beautiful, and smell so nice, and look you in the eye at all times.

I could just imagine being a super-wealthy person and hiring one of these girls to go to a fine restaurant with me. Everyone there would be looking at her. And the professional that she is, I’m sure her eyes would never waver, from looking into mine the entire time!


This virus scare has really changed my friends, and “the Dynamics” we have. So has Detroit Escorts!

A lot of my friends I’ve had since my youth, and it’s so sad to see how covid-19 and this virus scare have changed everything! They used to be the first ones on the bus, and ready to ride, as the country song says…  But I’m not the same either, now am I?

I would have never gone to Detroit Escorts if we hadn’t had that lockdown and the Bars and the Stadiums and the Malls were all closed.

Now I wouldn’t waste my money in a bar or a stadium, but save that money, so I can afford another wonderful, luscious, fun, exciting, girl from Detroit Escorts. I guess there is a silver lining in this Dark covid Cloud.


It’s extremely hard, quelling my emotions in public, how happy I am, using Detroit Escorts now…

I get worried nowadays that if I seem too happy, people think I’m crazy!

People are worried about the elections coming up. People worry about this virus whether it’s true or not. People worry about the weather changes that are occurring everywhere on the planet…  I’m just walking around “in my own little bubble” happy as can be. I’ve done so many things sexually, that I’d never even thought of, with some of the most beautiful women you can imagine!

How can I be depressed or sad about that?

But I don’t want to be skipping and hopping and acting all giddy, and people think I’m a kook or something… Well maybe I am a kook, but I don’t want the general public thinking that!  haha



These sex workers at Detroit Escorts,  FUCK Me,  just to take all of my worries, and anxiety away!

We don’t waste time with talk about bills, societal changes, problems with the kids, or family issues!  These “orgasm-controllers” are only interested in one thing…  THRILL ME for the time that we are together!  The 2 -3 hours we are together fly by! My cum flies out of my tip over and over! It really is difficult to “worry about anything” when your eyes are squinted-shut, and your toes are curled under.

I have been to a therapist and a psychiatrist before, and they didn’t help me near as much change my attitude or my outlook on life, as these Detroit Escorts have. And  -by the hour-  these Dynamic Ladies are cheaper!


I used to be alienated from my own sexual reality, and the power of healing lust.  Professional Sex cures that.

Hot boobs swaying, her murmuring lick my pussy, as she is sucking dick, during some hard sex! When was the last time that you experienced that?  These elite babes might be a naked mom or a nude teen but they certainly are not useless junk desperate amateurs! I am confident around beautiful women now, not standoffish, nor trying to get their attention either.

Everyone notices that I have changed, but doesn’t even have a clue, as to why!


I have sex with girls now, who hang with men on “the smart list” and not the “bimbo-yeah” crowd.

I am wondering if I go to a “Swanky Restaurant” if I might see one of the professional tarts I hired.  The ultra-wealthy hire them, just for looks maybe…  HA nowadays, I would never go to a restaurant like that.

I would take that money and spend it on Detroit Escorts.

With them, it is “all you can eat” for the 2 – 3 hours I have paid in advance for. The woman would notice me, but act like she didn’t probably.



Spending this kind of money on pussy?  In 2022 what is your better idea?   Mine is Detroit Escorts.

I don’t want to go back to Margot Robbie porn, Harley Quinn porn, gacha life porn, or even worse…

Xxnx porn, daughter porn, or ass fucking, momsonsex, gets pretty raunchy!  I watched porno for hours before I started using these lusciously sexual Detroit Escorts.  That was NOT a good idea for me.  I got NO SEX, just repeated: “jacking myself off”. NOT for Me in 2022!  I HAVE CHANGED!  My question is….   can YOU change, in 2022?


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