Escort Naples

Escort Naples


Escort Naples, has a thriving business!  You’re going to need to call at least “a half a week, if not a week ahead of time” to reserve your fun!  If you’ve never used them before you’re really in for a great wonderful, enjoyable shock!  You’ll be laughing and giggling and smiling and CUMING, for the 2 – 3 hours that they’re there!  You won’t think about anything else, I guarantee you!


The Escort Naples sex worker, and I, both have the same intention!     Getting me off…

I’m FUCKING serious!  PUN INTENDED…    haha    I sometimes stare at  Nicole Scherzinger, Corinna Kopf, Katee Sackhoff, Anastasiya Kvitko, Jewels Jade, Noel Easton, all others, just to “get me by” until I can afford my next Escort Naples, Sex Worker!  But there are many times that I am on the internet looking at ladies like this with no intention of getting off sexually when it’s over!  When I use one of my Escort Naples choices, and I choose a different one each time, I know for a certainty, that I’m going to be “getting off”!   Not just one time, in the two or three hours, but as many times, as my balls can pump!

Escort Naples

Escort Naples


Love for Sale!    Not ” romantic love ” but TANTRIC,  with the emphasis on “trick”!   haha

There are all different kinds of love if you look it up in a dictionary!  There’s agape love, brotherly love, but I’m not talking about any of that.  What I’m talking about is a “tantric sexual lust field love”!  As she’s walking out the door, and I’m sexually sated – there’s no love lost,  just a lot of sperm lost!    haha, That is what I want, and these Escort Naples sex-tarts perform!


Escort Naples sex-workers, have eyes like Angels, but their “heart” they leave at home.

I found that the eye contact that these escort Naples goddesses have is incredible!  It’s not like they’re staring at you or burning a hole through your head, it’s not anything like  “Stink Eye”!  It’s that curious “what are we going to do next” and “I have an idea look”!  That’s a great combination to have, when you paid to have sex, for 2 or 3 hours, don’t you think?


So many have “paid to see” – cause at Escort Naples, it certainly ain’t FREE.

FREE is watching good porn, if there is such a thing, Society-wise!  Websites like freesexporn, or really wild stuff, like nasty porn, be it pornos xxx Peliculas, dirty talk porn, stepsister porn, or black widow porn!  Those are kinky and kind of fun to look at but it certainly isn’t what I would call SEX!  It is more like what I would call “entertainment” with sex as the theme. You’re certainly not thinking about playing any type of games at all, when your escort arrives at your house on time…  What you doing is scoping her out, and being mesmerized. What she’s doing, is “turning herself on” and taking-over, over for the time that is allotted.



Create for yourself “a large toroidal field” of Bliss and Orgasm!

Maybe I watch too much YouTube nowadays but the cable TV and the regular media Outlets, all seem the same!  One of the things you hear from either the Spiritual Teachers or those trying to “improve your life” is how to build your aura. Aura is just a toroidal field.  So now what I’m trying while I’m having intercourse, and foreplay and after-play with these goddesses are I’m trying to increase my aura, while in their presence!   Maybe it’s –  my new religion!


Don’t be thinking that you can wear them out!  These Escort Naples Ladies, are Sex Professionals.

I’m very physically fit and can outwork and outplay any of the men I hang out with!  I’m hornier than a two-dicked dog, or maybe a shark. I heard sharks have two dicks!   Don’t even play with me for a couple of days before she arrives.  I want to have enough “sauce to share it with her”!  But you won’t wear them out.  They don’t even break into a hard sweat when they’re riding you cowgirl style!


These Goddesses induce a deep sexual trance.  It Feels So Right…

The reason why I say that is from the minute they walk in the door you don’t even notice your clock although it’s actually the number one factor!  Any sex position you want any style any sex act these girls are willing to perform if there’s enough time.  They’re constantly counting the time though, even though they don’t wear a watch!  I never catch them looking at any of my clocks in the house!  It is choreographed sex to them,  in my opinion.



I love to ” inhabit their beauty ”  with my cock!  After all my Probe has many Sensors on it.

Call me old-fashioned or call me super-smart …   I really enjoy the penetration part when hiring one of these gorgeous Beauties from Escort Naples.  Whether or not I’m doing them doggy-style, with them bent over the couch,  or I’m riding them like “a good missionary would”! The entire “shaft-of-my-cock” feels so good fucking these Professionals.  It never gets  “loose or sloppy” but sure gets wet!


Have you ever had a woman  ” rotate on you ” and at the same time squeeze her Kegels?

One of the girls that I ordered was actually quite tiny!  Maybe she was 5 ft 2 in..  She had huge titties, a tight little ass, and almost look like a pompom girl from high school!  She was riding me and all of a sudden lifted her leg and spun around while she clamped down on those Kegels!   I swear my hair must have been standing on end, it felt so incredible! I guess that is what a “spinner” is!


Energy and Propulsion!    That’s what these Sex-Witches at Escort Naples give you.

The energy that they are dissipating is all of a purely sexual nature…  If they’re 4 or 5 ft away with their back to you they look beautiful.  When your skin to skin and sliding and flopping, they look even better!  Maybe they’re hypnotizing me, I don’t know, but all of them seem to have that power! It might be something that women who have sex-for-business just learn…  Who cares – right?


Don’t have sex with someone you don’t want memories of forever!  Especially when you’re paying.

There are enough memories that I’m trying to forget about already in my life!  There’s actually been a few women that I’ve had sex with, that I totally have forgotten about it was so bad, or they were so bad…  With these professionals that you hire from Escort Naples, I promise you you’ll want to remember every single moment.  Try and be sober, so you can do the Total Recall when you are an old man!


I don’t  ” Digitally FUCK “!   I’m a real man, not a Trans-Humanist.  I like REAL Fucking.

All you see now is “augmentation and transhumanist agendas”!  They’re trying to sell that to us as they sold us on wearing the mask “for Just 2 Weeks” to make the curve drop.  They’ve invested 30 years of research into technology and they’re going to get their R&D money back from us by hook or crook.  I don’t want any of that!   I’ll stick to the old-fashioned way, save my money and hire another Escort Naples playgirl.


I really believe that  ” I was just lucky”!  None of my friends have ever even heard of Escort Naples.

I could be “stuck watching Porn! Thank GOD these Escort Naples Professional Girls cured me of ONLY doing that!  I still watch a  woman sucking dick, with her mom’s tits flopping around in the camera! Or nude couples, even if they are desperate amateurs, having hard sex, which turns into a spanking story, where she is screaming – lickmypussy!  Then you find out, it’s all about sis porn, or sis porn, with a nude teen, which includes some mom and son sex!  I know it’s wrong to some. But so is calling Escort Naples, to get sucked & fucked isn’t it?  I CHOOSE GETTING MY DICK SUCKED…      What will you choose Now?

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