Escort NVA

Escort NVA

Escort NVA, is one of those blessings that came to me before Covid-19 hit the world!  Thank goodness I had already been using Escort NVA, for about 18 months before the world stepped on its head.   I tell you this because I don’t have that disorientated “the world is coming to an end” attitude, that all my friends and family seem to have, and the people I work with.  I just keep my head down, my mask on, and save my money… So that I can order another one of those beautiful sex goddesses, to slowly lick my dick!  These girls do it so much differently, and the feeling, makes your toes curl down!

Escort NVA

Escort NVA

Don’t use Escort NVA, if you don’t want to be associated with Great Sex!

These Ladies aren’t messing around!  They are total professionals when it comes to sexual performance!  They look like they’re enjoying themselves, but who knows!  It just might be part of their profession, to smile as Hula Dancers do in Hawaii, at a Luau!  All I know is that they make me feel absolutely comfortable in one way, and absolutely “phenomenally lustful sexual and lucky as hell” on the other hand.  That’s kind of a good combination  – you know…


“Official Sexual Relations” & Sex Techniques  –  it feels too good!

These women aren’t going to “maybe do you” – they’re absolutely going to do you, and it’s a matter of how “many times you can get off” as to how many times you get off! Now read that sentence again about two times, and you’ll realize that it’s all up to you,  –  Pun Definitely Intended!  Are you things have “gotten a little stale” with your wife or you are steady, and you want to “learn a couple different maneuvers or tricks” or things to do? Then hire these girls for 2 or 3 hours.  You’ll be happy you did, and your other sexual partner will be happy you did too!  Please just don’t tell them how you learned those new positions & tricks!


The  “practiced art”  of Sexual Entrainment….  thank you, Escort NVA!

I think they sometimes “sexually hypnotize me” if that’s such a thing!  They act like belly dancers can do that to someone, but I can watch them all night long, and don’t even get excited.  My pecker is not only “standing at attention” it’s actually bouncing a little bit, and throbbing within 5 minutes of them arriving!  I don’t know if they’re projecting that emotion, or it’s just that I know it’s my turn and my time!  I don’t know – but it sure feels good!  Sex really feels good with one of these girls!  Don’t try to be their friend.  Try to learn a few sexual techniques, as they’re draining your balls!


My  “time-based Identity Structure” is Lust,  Passion, & Sex!

You know I call it time-based, because you pay by the hour, for these nymphatic fairies, if there is such a word!  I took two Viagra Pills one time before one of the Ladies arrived. I was thinking that was a good idea, but she wasn’t even tired after the three-hour session!  My pecker was “still up” – but I didn’t have anything left to shoot…  You read about “people shoving a hamster up their ass” to get a thrill, but why would you do that, when you could just pick up the phone!  Order one of these luscious Escort NVA goddesses, and get all the thrill you can handle!   FUCK shoving a hamster up my ass!  These girls will lick my ass for me though if I want…


“The High-Bliss Timeline” is what I call Escort NVA…

The excitement starts the minute they walk in the door!  It’s still going for a couple of hours after they leave!  If you can say that after you’ve petted, pawed, and screwed your wife or your girlfriend, then you don’t need to call Escort NVA.   If you’re not understanding what I’m saying, then you need to pick up the phone!  Teach yourself what I learned a couple of years ago!  Compared to those around me, I’m a Superman emotionally and sexually.  I can take on any woman now, with no trepidation.  I might not be their’ equal, but I’m certainly not a newbie anymore…


Clarify & Crystalize your Sexual Expressions.

Using WebSites like dcum, Jojo porn, nude anime, & video game porn, are NOT going to get you “touching-luscious-pussy”! Don’t misunderstand me… I like looking at a mom’s tits, or some teenslut, having some hard sex!  Who doesn’t like that?  Maybe she is sucking dick, and the man is getting a titjob, using those hot boobs, and she’s screaming lickmypussy!  Watching that type of thing on the internet, will “clarify and crystallize” what you’d like to experience when you call, Escort NVA!  Don’t get hooked on watching sex, instead develop the lust and the urge, to feel it, and then make the call, for a Reservation.


Are there no “SECRET BLOW-JOBS”  in your future?    Call Escort NVA.

Remember when you were a teenager, or in your early twenties, and saw the girl who gave me that look, and you knew she was going to “lick your dick” when the chance came around?  Remember how excited you were?  You have to remember. The sweat that would bead up on your forehead and your palms?  Remember how you were trying to imagine how wonderful that was going to feel when you felt her lips, and her tongue, on the helmet of your shaft?  If any of these questions are getting you excited, then you need to pick up the phone and make yourself a Reservation with Escort NVA.


Your mind  “is in a worse place” when you “whack-off” daily!

How many hours EACH DAY can you look a pornography?  I’ve got a couple of buddies, who spend all their free time, whether at home or in their car, just going through Site after Site. Places like dirty talk porn, american dad porn, xxnx porn, cheating porn, and all kinds of nasty porn!  They have a lot of “funny things and quips” to say, but I know they’re not getting any sex!  Unless you count their hands!  I used to be like that.  I’m so glad that I’m done “whacking on myself” and instead I’m saving my money, for these luscious, delectable, Escort NVA working-girls.


I like Confusion, Contradiction, & violence!    Escort NVA, is my refuge…


I’m not a nice man I guess, I don’t know…  I like violent movies. Make money since I’m in sales by people being in confusion.  I guess I’m a contradiction because I think of myself as a nice guy, but those aren’t nice qualities, are they?  All I know is,  when I get one of these radiant sex workers, from Escort NVA, arriving and they always arrive about 5 minutes early, I lose all track of anything! However, my lust, my urges, and my happiness dial zoom to the red line!


Escort NVA, is physiological, and not psychological urges…

Psychological urges are  “stirred” watching Paulina Porizkova nude, Sigourney Weaver nude, a nude Sophia Loren, or that famous Farrah Abraham sextape, build-you-up, but provide you with NO RELEASE of the tension, or the lust.  These girls aren’t going to be able to help you with issues you had with your mother when you were growing up, or problems you’re having at work, with your boss…  They are going to be able to help those heavy ball sacks of yours, empty themselves out, and your dick is going to think, that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, calling those girls from Escort NVA!


Legitimate URGES, should not be suppressed.   Escort NVA,  “pressure off”!

Why would you want us to suppress things, that make you feel so good in life?  Sex is talked about, either as a wonderful thing, or something that’s nasty, and should only be whispered about…  When you have one of these Escort NVA gorgeous models, or whatever they are, they’re so beautiful, and act so poised! They also know every sexual move, and you’re happier then you have ever been.  Then “the time runs out” and they’ve got to go, and it’s back to those same old problems!  But you can deal with those problems because you know there will be another time, that you pick up the phone, and order another Escort NVA.



I’m NOT named like my Dad or Granddad.   I don’t FUCK like them either!

My Dad had Sex Magazines…  My GrandPa – I’m not sure?  I was “hooked on Porno! Sites like freesexporn, stepsister porn, horror porn, daughter porn, and even I remember amatuer porn, which was sometimes pretty funny!  Things change, the times change, and we better change along with them!  Magazines and Videos aren’t going to do it for me anymore, now that I know that I can get a real-life, gorgeous, sensual sex worker by simply calling Escort NVA.


JetPlanes,  Yachts,  private-social-parties,  and my BEDROOM…

Think about where these Ladies go to when they’re not coming into your house!  Escort NVA, provides women for the ultra-wealthy!  I’m sure they get on Jet Planes, step on  Yachts, and are always going to private social parties!  The ones that have arrived at my house, are more than educated, never take their eyes off of my eyes, are incessantly smiling, and are imbibed with sexual vibrations that fill the room!


I don’t COME-from-Money…    I pay money to CUM…     haha

Keep using Free Sex Sites, if “that gets YOU off”….  nude couples, or some elite babes! Some of the bestsex videos, are really kinky, I must admit. Mom and son sex, will get you “squirming in your chair”! That might be something you’d want to do, about an hour before your sex Princess shows up, that you’ve ordered from Escort NVA.  That’ll get you all motivated, and give you some ideas!   The minute she shows up, she’s going to take over anyway…  Maybe you should just save that “blood pumping” for when she arrives and “pump some sperm” while you’re at it.



When an Escort NVA arrives, my only enemy is my TimePiece!

I used to worry about the time, with the first few girls that I ordered from Escort NVA.  I had a clock on the wall. I’d be looking at, and then I had one on my wrist, I would glance at. That’s when my eyes weren’t squinting, from the excitement of it all…  haha    I’ve learned that it’s not “the amount of time” and I’m only going to last for about 2 hours, even though sometimes, I order them for 3 hours.  It’s not really time that’s my enemy, it’s my greed.  I guess you’d call it sexual greed, because the only thing these women are bringing into my life, is absolute joyful, perfect fun, and exciting sex!


YES –  I still have life-problems now!  But NOT SEXUAL-ONES!

Yeah – I’m not going to sit here and tell you that by ordering one of these “tumescence filled Ladies” that everything will be a Panacea for you, in the rest of your life!  You’re still going to have that car payment, the house payment, the credit card payments, your internet and cellphone payments!  None of that’s going to stop!  What is going to stop, is that morose, saggy, woe is me, why is the world so horrible, attitude that you have!  What you are going to be thinking about instead, is where can I save, and what can I do, to order another Escort NVA?


Stop following your heart!  O B E Y  your part!     Escort NVA, here I am.


Your eyes urge You to look at the Cellphone, or Computer!  Your dick & balls want you to order a Escort NVA sex-worker! Show me a  tiny pussy, of an anal Mom, on a topless beach, preforming sex with passion, flopping those boobs naked, ass fucking, and I will watch EVERY TIME. This “virus scare” has changed everything, and changed everybody’s future!  So going by what my brain and my heart told me, didn’t seem to work…  since it got changed from outside sources, be in China or whoever!  I’m back to “following my dick again” and he’s led me wrong before, but it sure feels good.  Using Professionals like Escort NVA, doesn’t lead you astray but it does leave you “a lot poorer” for each of their visits.  These Ladies of the Night are NOT Cheap!


I was taught to “Fight & Win”!  Escort NVA, does the “teaching” now!


There is absolutely no struggle of any kind with these Ladies.  They’re nothing but sensual and sexual, 100% of the time!  That’s what you’re paying for, so they’re not trying to be a wife, or a girlfriend, or try to understand what’s wrong in your life!  All they’re worried about, is your dick, the hole on the top of it, and those two balls hanging…  Don’t you wish your steady or your wife worried about things like that?   But they’ve got “real life to deal with”  –  just like you!  Would you worry about them “calling some Service” that provides temporary relief sexually for women…?  Oh wouldn’t that be funny!



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