Escort Queens

Escort Queens

Escort Queens, is a “sex-orientated” place. It is NOT like internet porno-sites like crazy shit com, traps porn, and android 18 porn.

The women are screaming, ass fucking, sucking-dick, with hot boobs, be it a nude teen, or a mom tits black hairy pussy cock-sucker!  The sex workers at Escort Queens, are not desperate amateurs, but elite babes, who know how to FUCK.  That is what they do, for a living… Essential workers to be sure!   haha

No one can tell me I am wrong, when Escort Queens, elevates Me so much… – no pun intended!

Is it right? It certainly can’t be wrong, when my pecker feels better than it has in 15 years!

I’m so sick of the girlfriends and the wives trying to control me! They were using sex as Leverage.  Now that I’m using Escort Queens for my sexual release, I don’t have to acquiesce to whims, or try and figure out what type of conspiracy, the chick is trying to do, and using sex, as the decoy, or the incentive!

You can talk all you want to, but I know that I’m happy now, and I’m at peace…  Are you?

We seem to move in space, with minimum waste & maximum joy!

About every six weeks to 2 months, I can save enough, to afford to order another luscious sex-nymph from Escort Queens!

It takes about that long, because these Ladies are quite-expensive, and you have to “rent them” for a minimum of two hours! Once they arrive here, there isn’t any wasted time, and I truly do have Maximum Joy incessantly, while they are within Arm’s Reach or less…

They don’t bitch, they don’t complain, they don’t sigh or anguish!

If “women as a group” could act as these women do, then the world would be a much better place  – I guarantee you!


Escort Queens

Escort Queens

Using the Escort Queens, they “open up” and give you EVERYTHING…  Except for more TIME!

I’ve been using Escort Queens now since the lockdown started. So I’ve had about 20 of the different Ladies, who work there!

I’ve never ordered the same girl twice, and yet never been disgruntled with anything they’ve performed.  The first 4 or 5 that arrived, I had a list of different sexual positions, and maneuvers, that I wanted to try with professionals! I don’t do that anymore… Be careful what you ask for!

They’re just “so open sexually” that it’s such a joy! Instead of having to “couch my words carefully” when asking for some type of sexual favor from them!

They’ve never said no!  But when the time runs up, and they kiss you on the cheek and say “I have to go” there isn’t any argument.


These women are NOT “street-girls” having sex to earn some drug money!

We see those girls every single time we’re out, especially later in the evening. Maybe folks that live in the country, don’t get to view the girls, hanging at the busy street-corners all dolled up.

The problem is, you don’t know how clean they are, what drugs they’re on, and trying to earn money for, or if their pimp is going to follow you, to your house, and Rob you later!

I’m not going to deal with any of that, and I never have. I actually feel sorry for those Ladies – that they’re in that type of position! I could have made a pun out of that last sentence, but I’m just going to let it ride…


It is quite exhilarating being allowed to have Sex with Only Lustful Intentions!

There’s a list, of wonderful things, that I could tell you about, using sex professionals, to get yourself off, on a regular basis.

One of them is that you don’t have to hide your lust. With a wife or with a long-term girlfriend, you really have to almost lie about lust as some kind of love, or long-term passion for the girl.

These Escort Queens Ladies are only around you for 2 or 3 hours! They’re focused on sex, and getting you off…  None of them seem to “resent their job” they really seem to perform it eagerly. Even if it’s fake, I don’t care!

They’re always laughing and giggling, and isn’t that what we like to hang out with…  girls on a sexual basis?


With these Escort Queens beauties, you both reach orgasm together!  Are they “faking it?”

Faking it, is what happens when you watch the Farrah Abraham sex tape, or some tiny pussy, giving someone a nude massage, while your dick is in your hand!

You are the one being FAKE, pretending that they’re having sex with you, while “you strum the head of your cock“!   All thesis porn, mom and son sex, or stepdaughter porn, is totally useless junk.  Just stop being “hooked on fantasy” that you never get to realize.

The wonderful whores at Escort Queens, fulfill all of your fantasies, dreams, urges, and expectations!  You’ll find that after a while, you don’t even wish for those!   You just allow them to do what they can and want to do to you, for the two or three hours,  you’re lucky enough to be with them.

INTERACTIONS are human!  “Lockdowns and Social-Distancing” are not relevant, since it happens in Private.

Every single person I know is so frustrated about these lockdowns and the social distancing rules! It seems like the government, the scientists, and the health hazards, keep changing their minds on a weekly basis…

I don’t get involved in any of that, or watch any of that because none of it matters. Yes, I have my work.  I come home.  I save my money.

I order a beautiful woman from the Catalog at Escort Queens, and “I cum like a fountain” for 180 minutes… The world is perfect – in my book.

Using Escort Queens, I am the one who specifies what the “Sex-Parameters” is…   don’t I?

I used to think that I did. After looking back, at the many different scenarios that unfolded after they arrived, I realized that I’m never in control.

I’m not in control of the hard-on that I incessantly have. I’m not in control of the sperm that keeps spewing from the tip when they touch it, lick it, and fuck or suck it.

Hell if there was anything that I wanted to be in control of, it would be  -to slow the time down-  so I could feel more and experience more!

Nothing slows downtime, however…  These porn women are so fun to be with, you just want time to stop!


For 2 -to 3 hours, I forget the World, the News, the Fears, and concentrate on orgasms & fun!

I don’t think very many people get the opportunity to “bloom sexually” on an insistently consistent basis, with different beautiful women, like Corinna Kopf nude.  I do!  I absolutely don’t care about anything that’s happening anywhere but in my little sphere of influence!

If I have a gorgeous radiant sex being, whose only job is to satisfy my urges and my whims! Oh sure – I’m paying for it.

I pay for everything, bad service, bad food, bad government…  Don’t mind paying when things are perfect.  I haven’t found an Escort Queens sex worker who hasn’t been!


Once you learn “how to use” the Escort Queens sex-princesses, your FUN DOUBLES for you both!

When you stop “trying to control these girls” and think that you’re the Boss, and “allow them to take over” is when you really start to appreciate things sexually!  These women have more sex in a month, than I’m going to have in a year probably, and they’ve been doing it for how many years?

So I just cannot compete with their experience or their know-how.

I didn’t realize that when I first started using Escort Queens. Since I’ve had so many over the last couple of years, I’m sure they’ve got a wonderful clientele sheet on me.  The girls know exactly what I’m going to enjoy…

It seems like things get better and better, each time I order one, maybe I’m just getting better sexually, and losing my inhibitions.


I can wear as many Masks-in-Public that you want.  Escort Queens only requires I wear condoms!

People are tripping-out about wearing these silly little cotton flimsy sheathes!  I can tell they don’t work!  If I sneeze in one, in my hand is on the outside, I can feel the air blowing by!   “Yeah, I’ll wear one of those silly little things”…

That’s what I have to say to the Escort Queens that arrive on time – “yeah I’ll wear one of those things”!

A couple of the Tarts, have really unique ways of putting one on a man.  One sexy thing, pulled it off after I filled the receptacle-tip, and drank my hot-cum…  Oh, that girl was a nasty one…  but that sure was fun!


Picture an Escort Queens sex professional “rotating” and you realize you need more experience!

I know you’ve seen videos of girls that they called “spinners” – all men have!  I used to watch on the internet I think about the male tube or best sex videos…  Can’t remember exactly.  When you see one of these whores do that, as you’re laying on your back, and her leg lifts up and she spins…

The feeling as they tighten those Kegel muscles… it’s incredible!  That must be what one of those Thailand Sex Baskets feels like, that you hear about, but never have seen in real life. It’s that “twisting and tightening” and the sexiness of it all, and then they start their humping…

It’s definitely something for you to put on your bucket list, for when one of these Escort Queens arrives for you!




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