Escorts to most people, are the girls that you see with the “ultra-wealthy” when they’re going to their Awards or some type of Celebrity Event.  What Escorts mean to me, are the sexual exhilaration, and the manifestation of fantasies!  I’ve been using Escorts for Sex, for about 5 years now!

It is knowing about them, which has really saved my attitude, during this “covid lockdown” and virus scare!  And what’s so wonderful, is you can choose a different one each time…   Unlike your girlfriends or your wives!



Escorts, move within the  “realm of possibilities”  like true sexual-nymphs!

The ones that I have rented, have such sexual experience it’s incredible!  The normal positions like 69 or cowgirl or even them straddling your face, they do a little differently and a lot better…

Maybe it’s all the experience that they have, and the fact they know they’re better than you are when it comes to sex!

After about my fourth one, I realized that I had hit a Gold Mine!  Using Escorts, instead of going to the Bars, and trying to pick up somebody is a winner!

When you “add it all up” it’s actually about the same amount of money, to go to 20 Bars to find a girl, or pick up the phone, and choose one of those gorgeous Escorts.


You don’t “cause” Escorts to do what they are doing!  They are Sex Professionals…  remember?

I keep using the same Escorts Service because they’ve always “done me” right – PUN INTENDED!

When I was first ordering women there, I was always nervous before they arrived.  I didn’t know what moves I was going to do, or what experiences I wanted to feel.

As I would “ponder on those experiences” I realized, that I wasn’t doing any of the ” cause and effect” these sex professional, luscious goddess Escorts were!

I don’t get anxious when they’re about to arrive anymore.  I know “they’re in charge”  all I have to do is cum, and cum, and cum some more!


What has now become of my life, and my sex life?  I’ll sum it up in one word,  Escorts!

You know how it is when you get together with your buddies… Everyone eventually gets to the subject of sex and girls!

I listen to all the blah blah blah that my buddies are saying. They don’t mean to “lie or bullshit” as they do!  I’ve been tempted two or three times, just to sit down and tell them about the 60 or so Escorts that I’ve hired.  Tell them things that these Escorts have done to me, and with me, and for me!

I realized one of two things would happen, however.  They would think that I was lying, or they would hate me.

I understand now  Alexandra,  a Trojan priestess of Apollo in Greek mythology, cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed.



Everything you let goes off, as far as  “fallacious belief systems” is all really called freedom!

A Whorehouse, a House of ill-repute, a Slut Farm, there are all different kinds of names for Escorts!  Every one of those names is a label, like “conspiracy theories” or similar social controls, and they’re designed to control your mind.

We can see what they’re doing, on a worldwide basis, to control our minds, with these injections and this virus now can’t we?  All I know – is that every time I get myself naked in the room with one of these Professional Escorts for 2 or 3 hours, I have the best sex I’ve ever had.

I say it each time, and I’ve had how many of them now…  I’m getting better at sex each time!  I’m having sex with a different new professional.



Since I use Escorts, one woman will never now, become a block to my sexuality!

I used to get “all tripped up” when I thought my girlfriend was upset or mad at me, or one of my two wives I’ve had was angry!

I really like the fact that using these Princesses and Professors of Sex, these professional Escorts, I don’t have to worry about any trite, petty, Politics!  All I’m concentrating on, for the two or three hours that I’ve paid for is illicit God-sent elation,  trying to spray and pump as much as I can until she walks out the door!   That’s not selfish is it, since I’m paying? ??


The Escorts, offer World-Class sex tactics…  they know all the positions and the how to do them.

I didn’t realize the first few times that I used Escorts, that they were actually showing me different sex techniques!  I just thought  “It was the easiest maneuver” while having sex!  After about a dozen girls, I realized that it’s actually a style these professionals use, just like all other professionals!

Here goes another pun  –  TRICKS of the Trade!  They definitely know how to “do tricks” and since I’m “only renting them” the maximum so far is 3 hours…

no telling what they’re doing during the rest of each 24-hour day!  I sure hope the other men are as lucky as I am each time!



One of my justifications for using Escorts is I’m learning, how to make “much better sex”!


You know I mentioned it earlier, but think about how you’re going to get the sex experience that I’m talking about?  You can’t get it by watching beastality, video game porn, nude anime, or even those freepornmovies.

I watch a lot of NFL Football, and also 8-Ball and 9-Ball Billiard Championships on television, and those don’t make me a better player at Football or Pool.  Neither does the internet make me better at sex!  Escorts, who have intercourse for a living, make me better at sex!


Sometimes a man longs for childlike Nativity. Fucking Escorts, gets you pretty close…  haha


You can watch as much Porn as you like… You see things watching maid porn, teenporno, and that kind of useless junk!  It’s one thing to be watching something on the Internet and another thing to watch a beautiful woman do it to you, or on you, or with you!

And then the “experience of the memory” that you get to hold, is priceless, even though they’ve left your place days ago.

You don’t feel like that, after having sex with your wife or your girlfriend…   You’re thinking about  “how can you get off using them again” – not what they did with you the last time, am I right about that?



I guess the price is so high, due to supply and demand on a “mass sex level”!   Are you horny?


I’m not talking about the kind of horny when you’re looking at photos of a naked mom, sucking-dick, with hot boobs.

A mom’s tits, are always nice to see, be it real or a photo, for sure. But licking on those tits, and cuming on them is much better, don’t you agree?  I looked in the Catalog that the Escort Service has, and there are a couple of women in there who lactate!

I’ve thought about choosing one of them one time. Just coating and glazing myself with Baby’s Milk while I’m having a great time, screwing her Every Which Way.  That’s been a little fantasy of mine, ever since that Movie called “Shoot Them Up”!

Maybe I’ll have to do that with my next order….  haha

You can’t really call me a sex fiend… These Escorts are so expensive, that’s probably why…


If I was a “friend” I’d be doing it every day or every week…  I guess there are some men who can afford to do it every hour, and with a different one…

haha, I will tell you that I’m not the type of man, that’s going to not take advantage when there’s an opportunity!  Anytime I need, and I need to know that I’m going to be totally fulfilled, with no politics, no arguments, no fuss, no embarrassment in public or private!

That’s the absolutely wonderful thing about dealing with Escorts!

Like a Singer needs a great song, I need Escorts.  Those girls can get me to yodel…

Spending hours looking at them doesn’t make me Howl or Yodel.  Spending between 120 and 180 minutes with one of these Escort hookers sure does!



Either when I’m searching for a sign or when I’m way out of line, where’s that number to the Escorts?

I need those distractions, that only a gorgeous, sensual, sex-conscious, professional woman can provide!  I’m talking about where if I feel like staying in bed for 2 hours that’s all we’re doing, or if I want to sit in the wooden chair naked, with her on my lap nude, we can do that!

We can even sit out on the enclosed porch, and just hold hands for 15 or 20 minutes.

Each girl has her own magical style and way, and takes over in her own graceful way, probably within 5 to 10 minutes of arrival.  When you stop to think about it, that takes all the pressure off of you. It allows them to shine with the skills they’ve been honed with…  Oops here goes another pun!

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