HonoluluEscorts, are for those who enjoy women saying  “lickmypussy” and who like sucking dick!  These women are NOT desperate amateurs!  The ones I have enjoyed so far had hot boobs, and put out some hard sex too!  One woman had a blackhairypussy, but the others were as smooth as the back of a baby Dolphin!  The price is really expensive, but you get more than you pay for in memories, as well as you having multiple cum experiences, in 2 – 3 hours!



Using HonoluluEscorts feeds my “unquenchable sexual curiosity” with such “eager” women!

Being a local Island Boy, and not belonging to the military, I have had my share of surfer-girls and waitresses and hotel workers, but nothing compared to these professional sex workers at HonoluluEscorts!  They don’t have that pompous attitude, or give you looks like “they’re doing you a favor” like some of the local girls here do!  And it’s sure better than trying to find some stupid tourist, who’s “in love with Hawaii” and wants to stay here by any means possible…  Those girls, just leading to trouble sooner than later, which has been my experience, and the experience I’ve seen occurred to others! So you’ve been warned!


SexWorkers have “evolved differently” – due to so much sexual experience!  I need that knowledge.

When I thought that I knew how to do things sexually…  I watch all the wonderful free websites. Some of the ones I used to really visit were maid porn, best sex videos, sexpov, teenporno, and step daughter porn. They get you hard, and they get you horny, but they don’t get you off, and it’s not real.  When I first made a reservation with HonoluluEscorts, I was expecting the sex like I’ve been having my life.  These Girls make what I used to do, look like a boy whacking himself off behind the back of the house! They have done things for me, and shown me skills! They made me feel ways that I never thought possible!  That’s where “sexual knowledge” comes in, and you can only get that from experience, I guess!     I NOW HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE!



“Betrayal of your sexual potential” is worse than death!  A good CUM, makes you feel alive!

You must have friends like I do, who moan and groan, that they don’t have a girl.   They need a girl, and they don’t know why they can’t find a girl…  It gets to the point, where you don’t even want to hang out with him, because you know that’s their “Same Old Song”!  When one of these HonoluluEscorts professional sex workers, shows up at your house WOW! So within five minutes, I guarantee you, – you will be so disorientated because they just take over!  They’ve got two or three or four hours, whatever it is that you paid for, and they know how to use that time!  This is their job! This is what they do! They are professional escort sex workers…  You will beg for  “time to stand still”  I guarantee you!


No “true image” shows our sexual passions!  2 hours with a girl from HonoluluEscorts, does!

I’ve watched all those self-help, motivational videos, and tapes/movies, just like all of you!  They make you feel a little better while you’re watching them, and maybe 30 minutes later, but, they don’t help you sexually, and they’re not passionate!  That’s exactly what these HonoluluEscorts ARE!  They are 100% passionate, and 1000% sexual! Think of that combination, and then picture it for 2, 3, or 4 hours!  I’ll tell you right now, I did three hours, two different times!  These transsexual girls are just “sexually too much for me”!  They milked me dry!  2 hours is what I go for, nowadays!



Changing your behavior changes your attitude! Smile & get naked with a HonoluluEscorts worker.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, then obviously, you’re going to have to keep getting what you getting!  That’s just simple physics or math or science or whatever you want to call it.  I call it just plain stupid if you’re not happy with what you’re getting!  If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, then you need to change YOU, because they are your results!  If you make an appointment and hire one of these HonoluluEscorts, there’s no possible way, you can be “the same man” with the same feelings!  I already know what the result is going to be…    A happy dick,  some drained balls,  and memories you’ll have forever!   W I N N E R.


My life is so  “peaceful”  now that my LUST is dissipated.   Sex Professionals feed on that lust!

Talk about a great combination… I’m trying to dissipate my lust – and they feed on it.  So you can imagine how there isn’t any slack-time.  If you’re not sure what to do next, these girls have their “sexual skills honed” to the point that they know exactly what they can do in 2 hours, or up to 4 hours if you can handle that kind of intense sexual passion non-stop for that long!  I’m sure the ultra-wealthy, rent them by the day, or by the week, so they’re not having sex 24/7, but I bet the girls they’re hiring from HonoluluEscorts can, if that’s what they really want.


80% of the Hawaiian population lives on Oahu!  Honolulu Escorts are quite busy, making men cum!

The only real true Business that hasn’t slowed down for HonoluluEscorts is the military!  Honolulu’s been in Ghost-Town, you know that.  All the other Islands are even worse!  But those military men, go to work every day, get their paycheck every month, and spend it on these girls, as soon as they can, I’m certain!  I guess you would consider these HonoluluEscorts, essential-workers since they perform such a needed service for the military.  Don’t think that you can pick up the phone, and get one for tonight.  I think you’re going to need maybe 4 days or more notice!  That’s how busy, these Sex Goddesses seem to be.


The HonoluluEscorts and I, have the same intention…  To “get me off” as much as possible!

I’m so glad, now that I’ve learned how to use a professional sex worker, a gorgeous, smart, intelligent woman!  These gorgeous girls are a man’s dream!  They’ll lick your ass, suck your balls, ride your nose until you get a cramp underneath your chin!  HonoluluEscorts do anything, and not only will they do anything, but they do it better than any girl you’ve ever known! It’s because they do it often, I’m sure!  If I had the money, I would certainly hire them to do me, more often!



I am not looking anymore, for a woman to steer me sexually!   HonoluluEscorts changed me!

You would think, that because you’re using professional Sex Queens, these “goddesses of love” would make you feel almost self-conscious!  However, it’s the opposite of that!  Somehow because of their skill, or maybe it’s training, they make you think like everything is your idea, even though you never thought of it.  What that does for you when the sex is over, is it gives you that kind of confidence when you’re in a room full of women! Now you know you’re in command, because of the experiences that you’ve had with these gorgeous ladies!

We have been  “manipulated” to stay away from HonoluluEscorts!  FUCK THAT!

We’re used to “lock-downs and controls” it’s happened since they took over the Palace 130 years ago!  The news is definitely “slanted toward those Landowners” and those in Control I guess like everywhere…  They sure don’t want people knowing about HonoluluEscorts, and how those girls can service your any sexual need.  Even though we are Asian by culture, and American by circumstance, the Western hypocritical sexual relief problems, occur probably more here than on the mainland!  Maybe that’s why the cheapest flights from Hawaii are to Las Vegas, where prostitution is legal. Isn’t that funny, that Las Vegas is the second-largest concentration of Hawaiians, other than Hawaii?  haha

A “Haole” like me, can get “ANY TYPE” Woman, from HonoluluEscorts.    All I need is money!


You know as well as I do, that it depends on which “area of an Oahu” you’re on, as to whether or not, YOU ARE EVEN WELCOME,  by the color of your skin, or where you were born! Even a “Local” like Me!  If you were born on one of the Outer Islands okay because you can “talk pigeon”!  Example If you are a transplant from the Mainland, or some other country, well  – that’s when the problems happen. If you’re a Local you don’t need to rent a HonoluluEscorts sex goddess!  Remember the saying in Hawaii  ” you never lose your girl just your turn”! Money trumps all Nationalities, and all Race color, but I turn that to my advantage, because now, I’ve had every kind of woman, and I wouldn’t have had that possibility otherwise!



Because of the Army, Navy, and Marine Bases on Oahu, HonoluluEscorts are busy…  Reservations!

If you think, you’re the “only horny man” on Oahu, or maybe on the east or west side, you’re wrong!  You got Schofield Air Force Base, you’ve got the Marine Base over in Kaneohe!  You’ve got Red Hill, and you have  Pearl Harbor…  Hello!  There are thousands of Military Men, that are “on leave” at any given week, on Oahu!  That’s not counting the military bases on Maui, the Big Island, or the Missile Base over on Kauai!  Do you really think that those boys are going to “sit on Base” – when they’ve got “a pocket full of money” and they can be with a beautiful HonoluluEscorts, sex worker?      You need to make a reservation!


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