Houston Escorts

Houston Escorts

Houston Escorts, would be considered “essential workers” for the last couple of years!   At least they are in my book.  They’ve kept my sanity, during the virus scare, the lockdown, and all the different changes to Society!  One of the Ladies happened to mention that they’re super-busy, and have been. So for them Business-is-good.

Men don’t have their regular Bars, disco scenes, Raves, and beach parties, to be able to find Ladies is my guess!  All I know is that I’m saving my money, for my next visit from a woman, I already have picked out in their catalog.  I pick a different one each time!

When I called Houston Escorts, I expected her to get on her knees…

I guess I was just watching too-much Porno!  Sites like desperate amateurs, sister sex, being of course a nude teen, with a titjob!  Maybe somewhere with nude couples, where some naked mom, is sucking dick! Her hot boobs, hard sex, and other useless junk!  These girls aren’t  “trailer trash”  by any means!

In fact, I’m sure they’re above the women that I’ve normally dated, or the two I married.  They’re educated, have great Poise, and you can see why the ultra-wealthy, hire them for public sight, to increase their photo viability.


Houston Escorts

Houston Escorts are well-versed in many different fun things to do!   Some of these things you might not have ever done yet!


One gorgeous sexpot, took off her coat, with those dark eyes and careless hair    – just amazing!

She certainly looked different than she had in the catalog, that Houston Escorts offers when you’re choosing!

She wasn’t ugly, not in any way… just kind of like a disheveled Beauty…  I think they could be bald, and still be able to hypnotize us, with their Charisma and Aura.

She might even use that, as a selling tool, to make her unique, from the other girls, that are all draped in gold.  It didn’t matter, because she was so fun in bed, on the couch, and on the kitchen table, if I remember correctly…  haha


These Houston Escorts sex workers aren’t cheap thrills!  There’s nothing cheap about the cost, or how they make you feel.

I feel maybe Horny, looking at bleach porn, gacha life porn, or other nasty porn!  It’s so much “lower” on any scale than hiring Houston Escorts, for a few hours & a LOT of money!

How can porn hub Asia, fantasy, or the Farrah Abraham sex tape, compete with professional sex workers, like the Houston Escorts Angels.  Not only do they perform sexual maneuvers, then the girls on those videos, but they do it so smoothly, almost Choreography-Style.

I’m sure all those videos that I watch, are spliced, cut, and diced, whereas, these Ladies are with me live,  – and yet, it all works so smoothly…


Society praises as many Gods as flowers!  I love smelling “the little bud” on all of the Goddesses that show up, from Houston Escorts.

Everyone puts something as important on a pedestal.  Once they’re on that pedestal, it’s easy to start idolizing them, or turning them into some type of worship  – I guess.

If I was going to put a Goddess on a pedestal, it would be one of these girls from Houston Escorts, that I have sub-leased for a few hours each time.

You can see why the Greeks and Romans built Temples out of stone, to their “culture of the time” fantasies.   We do that now, with our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, followings in our Society don’t we?  Maybe Houston Escorts should start themselves a Sex Tik-Tok page!


In my life, there are addictions to feed and mouths to pay for!  Houston Escorts is all for me!

I like the way that the sentence is twisted up a little bit… but when you think about it,  – it’s true enough that way also!

If I’m going to be addicted to something, I sure want to be something that helps me in the long run!  I think Houston Escorts, have done that for me already.

I think that I’m a much better lover, now that I’ve had over half a dozen of these sex professionals, working on me & with me!

I’ve had a few girls, these last few years, that weren’t professionals.  They were “doing and eyeing and giggling” and it was hard to get rid of them!  They were like hungry cats that you feed, and later on, they are at your door!


Houston Escorts

Houston Escorts, cum in all different shapes and sizes!  Describe to the Reservationist what it is you’d like to experience.


I’m not chained to the floor except by what I can afford.  3 hours seems to be my sexual limit anyway!

I really thought that I’d be able to go longer, but two or two and a half hours, seem to be my maximum!

And what I mean by that, is pure straight-on FUCKING.  I hired a Houston Escorts sex worker once for 5 hours!  She looked really beautiful in the Catalog, and I was feeling “exceptionally frisky”!  I won’t be hiring one for more than 3 hours now.

The price is so expensive, to sit around and watch TV, or walk around the yard, with one of these girls!  No matter how beautiful they are,  – it’s just too much money!  If I was ultra-wealthy, I’d hire one for as many hours as I could.   I’m just a working man!


With one of the paid in advance Houston Escorts, I can lose sexual control, with no heart involved…

You’ll have all kinds of things concocted in your brain, that you’re going to want to do.  But the reason why I pay, and have such a good time, and go back as soon as I can, to those Houston Escorts, is because we don’t have to worry about anything.

They bring the condoms, the sex toys, the attitude, and the orgasms!

Oh –  you can bring some really good chocolate, or some potato chips, or some kind of snack if you want.  They probably got those in their “little magic trick bag” too!  I don’t look in that bag.  I wait for what cums out!


I’m laughing & FUCKING a different Beauty, every other month!   For me life is good…

My parents have been married for over 40 years!  I know people who were childhood sweethearts, and are still holding hands everywhere!  Myself,  I think I’ve determined I’m going to go the opposite way… I hope five years from now, people say about me, as I say about my friend, who works for Car Dealerships. Every time I see him, he’s in a different car or truck!  He laughs about it, throws his head back, and says  “you want to buy it”?   I want people to say “you know every time we see him, he’s with some different beautiful girl”!   Let them throw their head back at that.


Houston Escorts

Houston Escorts are in GREAT SHAPE.   What “activities” would you like doing with them?


Beginners are welcome if your heart is out of the equation to win!  I’m on the “dick and balls” Team.

Don’t be looking for love, when you pick up the phone, to make your reservation, at Houston Escorts!  I’m sure they get a lot of their business from men who’ve been jilted by a woman and want to get some type of Revenge!   I’m not into Revenge!

Blowjobs,  “69”  ass-fucking, and oh yeah – SQUIRTERS… I’m into that kind of thing!   Here’s where I can take an old saying, and turn it to my advantage…  ” the customer is always right”  and since I’m definitely “paying through the ass” to get some ass,  – I’m the customer.


Once you start using Houston Escorts, there is no ending to the exhilarating thrills!  Just start saving!

You won’t be looking at a topless beach, by the slutload, since COVID changed all of that 2 years ago!  Mom’s on sex, Sandra Bullock nude, or Paulina Porizkova nude, can not compare with ordering one of these street workers from Houston Escorts.

There isn’t anything that these call-girls won’t do if they’ve got the time, and you’ve got the energy and inclination.  If I even hinted that I wanted to fuck my old girlfriends in the ass, they’d start in on their shenanigans immediately…

These girls roll over on their belly, slide upon their knees, or bend over the couch, looking back with a smile on their faces!  Do you see the difference?  It’s definitely worth the money!  Especially if you can remember it all later.


I’m a lover-boy, and I know that I’m playing  “high-stakes pussy” with no emotional Hang-Ups, strictly lust.

I used to, and I’m sure my friends still daydream about beautiful girls, to have sex with.  I don’t have to do those Daydreams anymore!  Maybe I get to just remember the half-dozen I’ve ordered already, and the fun we’ve had.

What I dream about now, is if I had a million or a billion dollars, how often I would order one of these Ladies?

I wonder if you can just lease some by the month…   I guess that’s why I’ve been buying lottery tickets lately!


The fling, as well as the strings, are cut, when the time is up!   tick tock tick tock…

Call it a honeymoon, think of her as your long-lost girlfriend, and your back together – whatever!

She’s going to do anything you want with a smile on her face!  If I could have only gotten either one of my wives, or my girlfriends that I’ve had, to do things like that…

This entire Industry, I’m assuming, has been created around that social problem, however!

I don’t know how many years Houston Escorts, has been in business, but I’m sure they’ve got customers still, from the very first year.  Why would you leave something that’s so exhilarating?


I’m lost in this dream, but know which way to go!  While she’s here I’ll follow her “around the world.”

Here’s a test for you!  The next time you’re having sex with your  “significant other”  look at your watch before you start and then once you guys get in bed say “you’d like to go around the world”.   First of all, see if she understands your’ meaning as a sex term, then see what the Look is on her face, then sees if she knows what all those different positions are.

Don’t tell her that you putting her to the test.

Then the first chance you get, pick up the phone, and call Houston Escorts!  When “your choice” arrives, tell her you’d like to “go around the world” and watch her face and her maneuvers.    Nuff said!


Houston Escorts

Houston Escorts will even make your bed before they leave, so there are no traces!


They don’t bustle you so don’t you try and hustle them!  Treat them like the Sex Goddesses they are!

They don’t have any type of ulterior motives.   They are not trying to backdoor their Company to get back to you later!

They’re not going to look at your cellphone or read your mail, or walk around your room and ask you about the sex photos on the wall.  They’re going to be what they say they are perfect escorts!  Going to talk right, look right, smell right, and FUCK right.

That’s what you’re paying all the money for remembering?   Treat them with “respect and honor” since they are taking care of you and  -Mister Johnson- down there.

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