Hudson Valley Escorts

Hudson Valley Escorts

Hudson Valley Escorts has been around for years, from what I have gathered.  I never had heard of them, – have you? I bet not…

it’s probably one of the best-kept secrets! in gratis porr If someone would have told me, even three or four years ago, about a “Service” like what they provide, I would have doubted them.

Now – I don’t have any doubts about their Company, or their abilities, to make my sexual-abilities blossom.

I had used Escorts-for-Sex before, however, Hudson Valley Escorts, are different!

I was in California a few years back, and a friend hooked us both up with some Escorts. They were nothing like Hudson Valley Escorts, however…

They seemed more like Ts Scort “wannabe-movie stars or actresses”  -that was just killing time with a sex porn blog.

It was super-expensive, even more, expensive than Hudson Valley Escorts are now! The California girls didn’t provide any of the wonderful “fluff and flare”  you get along with the great sex! I guess presentation is everything!


SPINNING DIZZY at the edge of the Bed, She made me feel  “so intimate”!

The way she was making “my balls and my dick feel” and how excited I was!

I had this buzzing sound in my ear! She must have been able to sense that she had me knocked off-center totally…

She started getting even wilder, and doing even more things to me!

It’s such a wonderful experience, it’s almost “like a drug” when a girl actually knows how to turn a man on like that. Maybe that’s the reason why they teach us, that sex for money is illegal… haha


Hudson Valley Escorts

Hudson Valley Escorts has a different woman every time for you… if you want that!


Strange-as-an-Angel, and sucking, licking & fucking like a DEMON…

I’d be able to take any one of the girls that I’ve had over to the house for my Family Dinner Gatherings!

No one would “suspect” what she does for an occupation. Each one of these girls, I know my Mother would fall in love with.

My Dad would probably be looking at her out of the side of his eye, all night with lust in his heart.

I remember years ago watching Charlie Sheen on Talk Shows, bragging about the prostitutes-that-were-his-girlfriends, and I thought he was crazy! I actually think-now, he was trying to tell us “what’s up”…  Wonder what happened to him – do you know?


You know that Hudson Valley Escorts, work very hard… but they make me very-Hard also!

I used to enjoy Internet WebSites, for “extra-sex” when none was available.

Sites like incest stories,  Minecraft sets,  pervcity,  hot sex, or hamster x, are the really-raunchy websites. When I got tired of those, I would switch off and just look at famous people’s pictures, just to look at a woman with no clothes.

Ladies like Rihanna naked, Jewels Jade, giving a nude massage,  boobs naked, ass fucking, and all that! I realized that it wasn’t satisfying at all.  In fact, it created more frustration for me, than helped.


The  “different ways” these Hudson Valley Escorts, have made me grow!

I would always shyly look at a pretty girl when I first met her or saw her. I guess I didn’t have the personal confidence that one gets after you had sex with three or four of the prettiest women you’ve ever seen. Now – anytime I see a girl, I can look her straight in the eye, smile, and move forward.

I don’t have to think about anything else with her…

I’ve got an entire list of girls that I still need to run through at Hudson Valley Escorts! They’ve got a complete catalog, that you can look through, and choose from!


Hudson Valley Escorts

Hudson Valley Escorts are true Sex Professionals, at your beck and call.


Such  “Total – Commitment” up until the  “final act”  and then GONE!

The “intensity and the passion” that these Ladies give, while they’re at your house – is incredible!

No girlfriend and certainly no wife, even have a chance, to be able to expend that kind of emotion.

These girls “are on the clock” and their Professional, so they’re doing absolutely everything, the way they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to, how they’re supposed to! You’re not worried about the laundry, taking the dog to the vet, or the leak in the pipe somewhere…

Well maybe “your pipe – and it’s been leaking” since Hudson Valley Escorts got there… haha


The Hudson Valley Escorts let You “touch them” and do all the things that LOVERS do…

I could never touch any of the people that I was looking at on my computer or cellphone. And I looked at pornography videos, creampie teens,  nudeafrica,  Asian milfsLatina milfs, I wasn’t picky at who I was looking at…

But that’s not the same – as touching, feeling, kissing, and smelling a beautiful woman. Top that off, with the fact that all she wants to do is make you sexually happy, for the hours you paid for! That’s a winner  -every time-   in my book.


Hudson Valley Escorts

Hudson Valley Escorts are “perfect in all areas”. Check out everything…


If I am not “ashamed” to tell You about them, I am certainly not ashamed of having sex with Hudson Valley Escorts!

I can’t even believe that I’m writing an article like this to try and teach men the secret that I have found in the last year!

It’s more than just the sex though, it’s the confidence, and “the thrill of staying thrilled” for hours on end… A similar feeling is when I used to go camping for two or three days!

Everything was different, because you were in the tents, and you were out in nature, and it was so exciting and so fun…

Only this way – I’m in my house. in my bed, and she’s “bouncing like a super-ball” doing anything I need and want.


ONLY your Wife or Girlfriend can “hurt your feelings”! Hudson Valley Escorts, make your ManHood blossom.

As long as you’re not rude – and you’re a gentleman at all times, there’s really nothing you’re going to be able to do, to hurt these girls’ feelings!

When your time is up, they’re walking out, paid in full, and you’re satisfied…

so they’ve done their job!  There isn’t really anything that you can say to them, that is going to hurt their feelings.

And they must be pretty quiet to do that job.

I’m sure the “ultra-wealthy and famous” rent them, from time to time, and they probably have to sign a non-disclosure agreement before having sex!


I was actually “ignorant about sex” until experiencing a handful of Hudson Valley Escorts!

You don’t learn how to get sexually-better, by staring on your computer screen at lesbian Tribbing, cuck chat, xxxsex video, or any other website for that matter!

We’ve probably got another five years or so before they hook up the VR / AR Goggles and the special attachment for your dick-and-balls...

Until then, we play with our own selves, with “fantasies in our mind”! Instead – call Hudson Valley Escorts, and get a terrific-smelling, looking, feeling & fucking woman! Sounds like an easy choice to me.


SEXUAL – FREEDOM  involves participation in  S E X.!

That’s what I’ve really tried to convey in my message here to you!  The difference between a real woman and internet fantasies!

The girls are absolutely beautiful, they’re naked, they like to be touched, and they “have sex with men” for a living!

What could possibly go wrong there… Staring at the pictures that you’ve saved of  Kat Dennings nude, Mila Kunis nude, Brittany Renner nude, Brittanya Razavi, or Peyton List nude, isn’t the same  – now are they? If you could  “touch-them, them and screw them”  like you can Hudson Valley Escorts, then that would be different. You have to “pay-to-play” in any game,  – even sex!    I WILL PAY.


Hudson Valley Escorts

Hudson Valley Escorts are exciting to “be around” and the action-never-stops!


Hudson Valley Escorts, “feed-the-fire” –  and my balls LUST with desire!

I haven’t added up all the money, that I’ve spent at Hudson Valley Escorts!  I actually get my house cleaned before they cum, I mean come!

So it smells good and looks good. My girlfriend thinks that I’m doing all this for her, but she gets the side benefit. She also gets new-sex positions that I’ve seen the girls do on me, and our sex life is actually-improving, but her attitude isn’t.

I don’t want to dislike-her, her or look down on her, because she’s not a Professional Sex Worker like the girls at Hudson Valley Escorts.

However –  “time will tell”  if we will make it.  All I can think about, in the back of my mind, is the next Hudson Valley Escorts I have over! I’m more than horny! I’m full of lust…


Sex NOW, if I’m not using a Hudson Valley Escort, is like a Library without any Books!

I’ve tried to do a “couple of the maneuvers” with my girlfriend that I’ve been experiencing with Hudson valley escorts.

She says I’ve been watching “too much porn video” and I let her think that…

It’s not that she’s not allowing me to do different positions and things… Where the issue is…

is her attitude isn’t the same as the Professional Girls that we pay for at Hudson Valley Escorts.  Anything I suggest to them has a smile on their face, and “a twinkle in their eye” and that’s “half the cum” right there!



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