Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort, in a town where “prostitution is legal” and even encouraged…. they’re the absolute best! They’re certainly “not the cheapest-whores” that you’re going to buy! However, they’re definitely professional, beautiful, give a great nude massage, and fuck-like-no-others!

You’re going to be extremely impressed with their beauty, and their demeanor…

You’re going to be impressed at how smart and intelligent big tits Asian, conversations are with them, too.  Las Vegas Escort is the perfect place for a man! What “more” can a man ask for  -except a tiny pussy,?


Can Las Vegas Escort girls, – who are so good,  hurt so bad?!

Once you’ve had one of these “flesh-elixirs” who are so “poised and polished” at Las Vegas Escort, all other nude sexual women who are just sucking-dick, kind of Pale…

We’ve certainly had our ups-and-downs here in Vegas,  sex with passion, boobs naked, ass fucking, that’s for sure!

One of the Downers being “that-shooter a couple of years ago, or helicopters or whatever it was”…  But one of our “ups”  – well Las Vegas Escort, will certainly keep you up. Thinking about them, sucking-cock, does that for me now…

my dick gets so hard for so long because I’m thinking of these girls so much.   It actually aches!  That’s the opposite of how it feels, when one of these Las Vegas Escort girls, walks out of my house… Then I feel good.  My dick is not a big black dick but feels good too.

The only thing that hurts is my wallet!  Corinna Kopf nude are not cheap haha


When they leave,  – only your wallet hurts-    your dick, doesn’t care!

Like I just said my dick doesn’t care – only my wallet hurts – my manhood feels super strong!

I’ve kissed, licked, and screwed until I’m exhausted! These girls are Professional Sex Workers of a caliber not imagined by the normal man.

They could go “Full-tilt-Boogie” for hours upon hours, and I don’t even think they get tired!

The sweat that rolls off of the “you want to just catch” –  putting it in a little- bottle somewhere, like holy water!

They smell good, their voice… they must take voice lessons because when they talk, all you want to do is listen… I like when they give those  “little nice whimpers”  when we’re having sex!


Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort sex workers are skilled in the “pleasure’s-of-Men”…



When it’s all over,  and she’s walking out,  – you know   -she did you right!

I’m not going to consider myself above most men, but I have been raised in this “whore town”!  I know exactly what a call-girl is! If you called up Las Vegas Escort and said you needed a girl to catch a plane to go to New York or anywhere, no one would know that she’s a Professional-Prostitute!

They “hold themselves well in public” and they take care of you, from the minute they walk in your door, until  “the time is up”  2, 3, or 4 hours later…

I’ve only hired them for two and three hours at a time! It’s quite expensive, getting both Asian milfs, and Latina milfs, but the feeling that you get while they’re with you is close to Divine!


I can still live  “well and honestly”  while using “the Services” of Las Vegas Escort sex workers!

There are lots of girls that work in the Casinos that will have sex with you!  There are women at the Grocery Store that are “checking-out-your-groceries” that’ll go down for $50! That’s not the “kind of Sex” nor the “type of woman” I’m talking about!

These are the  “cream of the crop”  Professional-Sex-Prostitution-Models!

They’re gorgeous with their clothes on, and even better when they take everything off…  I think they look the best however when I’ve got  “a thin-film-of-cum, “glazed” over them”!


Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort – we hire ONLY sex-proficient beauties, who like to be with Men!


I’m certainly not ashamed of having sex with Las Vegas Escort sex-goddess workers!

We had like a family and friends reunion, finally, after they let us “all get-back-together” with this covid-bullshit! 5 of my friends and I, were sitting-around drinking whiskey and beer,  while our Ladies were “off-cackling”…

I don’t know who talked “about prostitution” and all the wonderful little girls we have choices of…

but when it got to be my turn,  all I said was “Las Vegas Escort”!   All of my buddies stopped talking, just looked at me, and raised their glasses in a toast!   I guess that means Las Vegas Escort, has a “really good reputation” when it comes to providing great sex to men, who like women with sexy boobs, right?.


You’ll have to ask the redhead that I rented, from Las Vegas Escort, where it was, I’ve been…

I  “try and remember”  absolutely everything, while these girls are in my presence!  Try and remember how they walked in, the facial expressions they give, and the smell, I think some of them use pheromones!

I remember this one Redhead,  -once I smelled her, I really “can’t remember too much of what happened”  except the time was up, she was kissing me on my cheek…  She was such a fuk machine, sexy boobs, lovely goddess!  I wish that I could have remembered more! My dick must have – it’s hard again now, just thinking about that woman!


Licking the “Ambrosia”  from my Las Vegas Escort, had me yodeling…  I still taste her now!

All men like eating-pussy, there’s just no doubt about it. Now –  picture a girl, whose model-perfect, naked in front of you, and “oozing forth” the most delicious-tasting and wonderfully smelling Musk!

Her  “tumescence”  was absolutely mesmerizing!  I think about it often, on Dark Lonely Nights…

I don’t know if she used some kind of “flavored suppository”  or if that’s just her “natural taste” – but I truly felt like I was at “the RoundTable of King Arthur” drinking out of the Chalice when her thighs were wrapped around my ears!


Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort has “just-the-type” of women you wish to experience-sexually!


I feel like such a virgin… After only four sessions with girls from Las Vegas Escort, more lessons.

I’m talking like I’m a Stock Owner in that Corporation, and that probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I’m certainly planning on “investing more money into that group” of Ladies. I’ve only ordered four, of those sex-worker girls so far, but I can’t even think about any other escort service or massage parlor or prostitution lair!

It’s like when you find a great Restaurant that makes something that you love so much, that that’s “the only thing you ever order and that’s where you go” when you want it!  Well,  I want sex!

I want to touch beautiful girls!   I want to taste, kiss, and smell them, big blackdick, blackcock, male tube, men Stay-Away,  the Las Vegas Escort, is that place, where I want that to happen…


When a gorgeous girl’s warm breasts are against mine, and her heart beats next to mine…

You know that feeling when you’re bonded with a woman!  I don’t mean because your cock is inside!   I mean because the two of you are touching-one-another, and you’re in sync, and you’re “giggling and laughing” having such a great time…

Now-picture-that,   and then feel her heart-beat against your hairy chest, and how “soft and firm” her perfect breasts are. Are you feeling me….?


These  “Social Authorities”  taught me obstacles,  to using sex workers like Las Vegas Escort.

We don’t have near the “Moral Draconian Church-thumping Hippocrates” the most Cities, and for that matter most-States have controlling-their-population.

Prostitution has been legal in this State for over 100 years! In the Bible-Belt there is NOT a professional sex worker, like from Las Vegas Escort.

Just talking to them, about what the girls do, lesbian scissoring, lesbian Tribbing, and lesbian sex gifs, how fun they are! It gets most of those boys “squirming” in their chairs…   I’ve given a couple of them the phone- number that I use when I make a reservation!  I haven’t heard them tell me any stories yet!


These Las Vegas Escort girls don’t crash your house for some sex!  You make an appointment!

It’s not like the girl is horny, and she’s just looking for some guy that she can fulfill herself self-on! I’m sure that these-Sex Pros have their own true love that they dream about them, and kiss for no charge…

I’m certainly not one of them!   I have to save my money and make an appointment, and then choose what type of girl, and then what types-of-sex, I’m going to have

, during that allotted time.


Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort can “take-your-MIND off of anything” – except them.!


“Anesthesia for Surgery”  is what Las Vegas Escort Ladies are for   “loneliness and horniness”!

I used to go to Websites, and look at places like dirty talk porn, porn hub Asia,  xxnx porn, daughter porn, that was a real sickie!  I remember even nasty porn, frozen porn, mexicanporn, free mobile porn, animations porn, or even somewhere like stepsister porn!

None of that is the same as a perfect-Woman, full of “professional-sex-moves” who are touching&Fucking You.


Don’t  “hate Society” later,  – because they didn’t teach you, about Las Vegas Escort…

Using the internet which is   -free granted-   to fulfill your sexual urges is a big mistake!   I don’t care if you’re looking at Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna naked, a Farrah Abraham sex tape,  Jeri Ryan nude, Katee Sackhoff, or Suzanne Somers nude, on a topless beach!

What you pay for, is what you get…  in this world.   Looking at free nude pictures and sex acts isn’t the same, as getting your dick licked! Or some woman, putting “your balls” in her mouth! Start the New Year start 2023 as a real man. Hire a real woman for 2 or 3 hours at Las Vegas Escort!


Try and  -Embrace-Consciousness-  during the entire time-interlude!

Like I said  – I  “almost blacked out”  just smelling one beautiful Redhead.   I kind of lost track of all the time. These sexy girls are so special, and the time you have is so short!  You want to remember every single tick of the clock.

The “Us and the Sighs” and the little giggles!  The way they turn their head… and their beautiful hair… It’s all just as wonderful, as when they put that cock of yours inside!

Inside What is up to you!    But no matter where it’s at,  “she knows how to make it feel the best”  it possibly can!

Don’t forget these women are sexual professionals! I’ve learned so much, having great fun, with the wonderful-sex-teachers!

Maybe – we should call them “Sex Professors” at Las Vegas Escort.



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