Long Island Escorts

Long Island Escorts

Long Island Escorts, are not a typical New York City Girl, by any means. These girls are used to being in front of Paparazzi, at great Restaurants, on private Jets! These girls are used to “being on their knees” –  “bent over the couch”  and looking in your eyes and smiling, all the time! They surpass xxx Korea, eros escort, xfantazy, or even pervecity, as to-look-at!  These girls are professional sex workers! These girls know exactly what a man needs, wants, and what his “ejaculation-threshold-limits” are!


These feelings for Long Island Escorts, cum-from my dick&balls! Not my gut or heart.

These aren’t Twitter, or Facebook girls, that live around the corner from you! I’m not stupid enough to try and get one to fall in love with me. Maybe Charmie wall style

That’s not what I’m paying the huge money for by the hour. I want to know exactly what the limits are, for a man and a “professional sex worker” like these Long Island Escorts.  They know what a limit is for a normal man like me! That’s enough! That’s all I’m paying for, and boy, has it changed my life…

Long Island Escorts

Long Island Escorts

Accessing a “new level of sex” – is thrilling – to an average, non-professional, like ME.

I played ping-pong, table tennis, shuttlecock, – and every other kind of back-and-forth game!  When you watch the Pros play, your mouth drops open! Well, it’s not my mouth that drops open. It’s this Professional-Sex-Queen Corinna Kopf nude, from Long Island Escorts. Their moves are professional. They make moves “two or three steps ahead”  – of the move that you’re making, that’s what these Long Island Escort girls are like! You don’t even notice it  -when it’s happening-  it’s when you’re thinking about everything that happened –  and “they’re gone” that you “see the professionalism” and “how smooth” they are!



It’s always crowded in the room, when a Long Island Escorts, the girl is there! Charisma I guess…

Can you imagine going to your Company Christmas Party, or maybe a Family Christmas Dinner, with this girl, next to you? These aren’t “imagination-women” like at ebony xxx, pornography videos, lesbian sex gifs, and www xnxx!  Can you imagine how jealous all your family members would be, men and women? The ultra-rich don’t hire-these-girls, because they’re famous. They hire them because they have stayed out of the Limelight! None are ever going to know!  Except that you came to that Party or that Meal with the most gorgeous, sensual woman they have ever encountered.  W I N N E R!


It is better for to you light one small candle than to curse the darkness!

What does that statement mean to you? Here’s what it meant to me, and what I’m trying to explain, I guess poorly – “purchased sex is better than jacking off”!   Now you can “beat-off” to just a vision in your mind! You can “beat off” to a video on your cellphone! Look at  xxxsex video, japanesesex, trap hentai,  avgle, hamster x! You see, I know them too.  You can “beat-off” to a video on your home-screen computer or laptop! Why would you do any of those silly things?   You could save-your-money, and fuck a real, beautiful, and “gorgeous and professional like Alisha Fantasy

” sex-worker? It doesn’t take a genius, to figure out, what the answer is, to that question!


You are either Super-Wise or “very stupid” – if you can-not-change, during these Digital-Determined-Life-Changes!

Are You, the one that’s been causing “all the changes” in the world? I didn’t think so, but we’re all affected by them, aren’t we? So what are you doing, to ensure your sexual happiness? Or are you going to allow the television, your cable TV, and your cellphone, to do all that, for you? Let me guess, you’re in love with the Internet, and all those A.I. women? Places like rule 34. xxx, mad thumbs,  xxx sexy, and eros escort, I know about.  You better rethink things! If you’re “not in control” – then you’ve allowed someone else to take control.



If you continue to remember all the times you were wronged – hopefully, you can forget the ones where YOU – were wrong!

Do you think that you’re a perfect person? Are you the only one who was treated “incorrectly and unrequited”?  Are you feeling like “the world is against you”?   Let me ask you this, and be honest with me, – do you have a “poor self-image” yourself? Right now, is like no other time in world history! No matter what history you believe! You can do anything you want, now with a real woman, who looks beautiful, smells good, is smart, and all you need – is a little bit of money and 2 or 3 hours time! So now –  what’s your excuse, and who wronged who?


Sexual-Wealth, once you gain it…  can’t be spent, squandered, or wasted!

Wealth is wealth! It’s either buried in Hidden and never used or it’s circulated and escalates into the greater things! It’s up to you what you want to do with the knowledge that you’re going to gain from these professional sex workers at Long Island escorts! Even if you’re an idiot but you have muscle memory you’re going to be a better lover. The websites at nude massage,  tiny pussy, anal Mom,  boobs naked, ass fucking,  hot sex,  I really like.  That is if you order more than two or three girls in practice what it is they’re showing you they like I mean lick…  haha

No one ever really thinks ” how do I go to elevate my sexuality” but that’s what we need to focus on!

How do you figure that you’re going to get yourself better! We’re only as good as our sex teachers or our imagination or maybe you believe in Alien downloads! Whatever way it is it’s an experience that makes us grow and how much better experience than you learning from a professional at Long Island Escorts! You’re not their last horse and you’re not their first rodeo! Their time starts when they walk in the door and ends when they leave. How you spend their time is your business!


Who do you know, that gets rewarded for being really horny, and needing a good FUCK?

Read that sentence again and understand what I’m asking you! The answer is nobody! The only way that your reward it is either you reward yourself or you have a woman do it for you! My question is do you want any woman or would you like to see what a professional sex worker can do from Long Island escorts. This isn’t a normal girl this is a professional sex worker who will drain every ounce of sperm and every drop of lust from your heart. But you won’t fall in love… LUST is enough with Ava Garcia.



The path to my “Sexual Improvement” started with a few Long Island Escorts, girls.


The reason why I call it a path is there are not the only women that I’m having sex with. Ever since I’ve had three or four of these professional girls I’ve gotten the confidence to have sex with any woman. It doesn’t matter if she’s a banker or mops floors these sex professionals have taught me way more than any one of these girls knows what to do. So even without me trying to be a Don Juan or Cavaliers sex mongrel, I’m doing things that the pros showed me they like done to them!


The worst pain in the world  – goes beyond the physical…


I’ve had a nail in my nose my bones broken several car wrecks and then I’ve had some accidents! None of that hurts as much as not being able to forget about being hurt in the heart or emotionally! I think it’s because we put too much emphasis on the girl that was interested and we forget that everyone has their own emotions and we’re all in this same cup vibrating differently. Long Island escorts seem to vibrate the way I need them to every time they are around me. I started humming when I think about them!


Her sexual actions were a reflection of a Long Island Escorts, girls’-character –  and not mine!


I think the different girls in each one had their own style and none of them did anything I would have figured they would do! It’s all from their experience and the vibrations and I guess the surroundings and they’re professionals so everything they do is done perfectly or by the book! Kind of like creepshots, male tube, melons tube, or even momsonsex! You must be secret sex books that regular people don’t even see that the professionals use is Manuel’s. Bankers using car salesmen using stereo salespeople using why not sex workers like Joy Dothan!


You can care, all that you want!   Actually – you’re unique  – if you do care…


I don’t think about anyone else’s sex life I could care less… For some reason, I think that the world was set up to care about mine until I really ponder about it! Then I realize how stupid and how careless that is me and when I actually grabbed hold of the fact that I’m responsible for my sexuality I start thinking differently! I start thinking about how unfair and how horrible loneliness is. I think about how fun enjoyable and uplifting it is to touch a beautiful woman especially sexually! When I weigh both sides on a scale one side always wins and it certainly isn’t the loneliness! Find the naughty women here on donkyescort.



These sex-Pros have done way more – for far-less…  Add it up and weep!


When I mean by that is I’m paying huge money for two or three hours for each visit from one of these professionals that Long Island escorts! It hurts when I’m paying the money but that’s where the pain ends and all the pleasures begin. From the moment I pay until the moment they walk out the door days later, I’m in one of those elated moods! I am 6 ft tall know I’m 12 ft tall and I’m bulletproof and nothing’s going to hurt me because I know the time and the hour and the place! My cheeks hurt just thinking about all those different times now… I got to stop thinking about the past and start thinking about my future visits – RIGHT?


Old whores go to your wallet! Long Island Escorts professionals, will reconfigure your lifestyle!


None of these girls have ever contacted me. They haven’t asked for my phone number haven’t sent me anything in the mail haven’t sent me an e-mail. They know where I live obviously but they’ve never driven by. These are total professionals who are never going to give up my privacy my number or anything we’ve done except maybe to their Boss… That’s a good thing in fact it’s a great thing! But it ruins a lot of fantasies that I would have but that keeps my fantasies on new sexual twists procedures and choreographs. The money seems to be worthless and less every day so I’m going to invest more and more in my sexual happiness and my ability to please professional women.




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