Lubbock Escort

Lubbock Escort

Lubbock Escort is probably the greatest Secret in Texas!  You always hear the bad things about Texas, but never “something wonderful” like Lubbock Escort.

The women or TS Scort that they hire, are all beautiful, articulate, they have great poise, show you nothing but respect, and they can all have sex, better than a Circus Monkey, on 100-foot-of-line!  It’s so fun to know that “you can actually plan on the hours that you’re going to have intense sexual encounters”!

No surprises, no headaches, no bad attitudes, no all we need to do this please first honey…

When I think of all the different times, I got the runaround, and then the disappointment with women, that I wasn’t paying to have anal sex with, it cost me way – way more, in the long run!


After several sessions with Lubbock Escort sex workers, I have much more confidence.

I don’t get “nervous now” whether it is a nude teen, with hot boobs, or a naked mom, with a titjob, for those mom tits, to stay “perky”…

All of the elite babes, at Lubbock Escort, are wonderful at sucking dick, and hard sex, for hours non-stop!

While all of my friends are freaking out, out, and breaking down emotionally, financially, and sexually!

I’m doing so much better now since I’ve started using Lubbock Escort. I actually have to “hide my happiness” when I’m around my friends!  I’m afraid, they’d be really angry,  especially if they knew  -why-  I’m so happy…



I broadcast sexually now, on a new sex frequency.  Different women have different styles…

I’m actually thinking, that as I continue to go back to Lubbock Escort, I’ll order a different woman each time!

What I’ve learned already, just from the few I’ve experienced, has to change the way I treat women now sexually!

I can really see that after a couple of years, I will be an absolute sex master, and these women would really respect me then.  I kind of think nowadays… they think of themselves as “the cat” and me and “the mouse” in a room with no furniture.

Experience with different sex professionals will give me that confidence to stand up to those “shaved-beautiful pussys”!


I guess I should just ask Lubbock Escort, for  “sex-training”  classes!

Looking at desperate amateurs, trying to have sex, doesn’t cut it with me anymore! If it is high school porn, nude couples, or some blackhairypussy, teenslut, I have grown past all of that Internet-Sex thank-goodness!  It will get you aroused a little bit, but that soon wears off, and then you’re back to “whacking yourself off” again…

That’s no future, and that’s no growth! That’s repetitive, and there’s no intimacy, except with yourself.    Again!    And again!


My urges-for-sex, escalate dramatically, when I make a reservation, with a new woman, from Lubbock Escort.

Ever since my middle sexy teens, I guess I’ve been really horny!  My Dad must have been the same way because he had all these magazines from Years Gone Bye hidden underneath the bed, and in his closet, not that I ever looked…

haha, I have “good visualization” and after looking at the Catalog, and choosing who will be “coming next” I do get a little “surge of blood” running down there, and get myself a little lustfully urgent!  Most of those plans and ideas, I can never actuate, because these “princesses of love” hypnotize you and spellbind you, in a way that they lead, and you follow happily!

I’ve never cum so much, I’m going to keep following, for a few more sex workers from Lubbock Escort, and the experiences provided by each visit!

These Lubbock Escort sex wizards, are “electromagnetic morphologic anchor points”!

I hope you understand the nickname that I’m kind of scientifically giving “to the way you acquiesce” to all your sexual urges, in the manner in which the Lubbock Escort has chosen, and determines it to happen!  There are three or four things you know you’re going to ask for.

One of them would behead.  Another would be missionary style, and then her either doing Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl, and I always liked the one, where I’m naked in the chair, and they’re naked sitting on top of me! What kind of “anchor points sexually” would you want them to start creating, with you?

She said “blame it on my roots” as she showed up in Boots!   They came off with the clothes…

This beautiful woman probably is the type of girl, who even when she’s home alone (if that would be possible) dresses herself to the hilt, even in her nightgown! This Woman’s Boots were absolutely beautiful, and as you kept going up, it got better and better! Actually, after I looked into her eyes…

I kind of forget almost everything, except seeing those boots draped over the chair, in the corner of the bedroom… Smelled good, tasted good, and FUCKED Me real good!

SEX DIAMONDS of flesh!  That is the best way to describe these Lubbock Escort, girls-of-the-night.

Do you like the way I made that up about the “sex diamonds of Flesh”?  Aren’t we always told that a woman’s best friend is a diamond?  Well – after using Lubbock Escort, and then repeating that, and seeing the difference in Me, those visits made, they’re becoming my best friend.

I could see where they could also become “your greatest expense” because these beautiful, wonderful, illustrious sexual nymphs, certainly aren’t cheap!


Lubbock Escort

Lubbock Escort

Knowing about the Lubbock Escort sex princesses, I don’t face the world alone anymore!

When I was younger, I had nude photos of women, hanging on the bedroom walls – did you?  Nowadays it would be women like Katee Sackhoff or  Ava Adams. I had a nude Sophia Loren, a poster of  Sigourney Weaver nude, and Suzanne Somers nude! I guess I should call those “the good old days”!

Nowadays even kids in grade school walk around with cell phones. If there isn’t an Internet Lock on them, I’m sure they’ve got pictures of their own…

besides a Tonka truck!  What’s wonderful for me, is I know, that I have a complete harem of sex princesses, waiting to meet me at my destination point, and we can become “intimately sexually involved” without any love or lies!


Just like Bills, Food, & Rent, the women at Lubbock Escort, are now, just part of my budget!

The free pornmovies, don’t cost you MONEY, but they destroy any real sex life! That is a scientific fact! TRUST THE SCIENCE, remember?  There are still times that I get on the internet and look at some pretty sexual things, I must admit. However, that’s not my fundamental Sexual Channel of Release.

Neither parthenogenesis nor asexual reproduction is what, as a HUMAN Man, we want to practice.  Man into a woman is how I think of sex. PERFECT SEX is when I have reserved a Lubbock Escort, for 2 or 3 hours!


I never get “hurt” emotionally, having wonderful sex with the goddesses at Lubbock Escort.

I wanna be in like all the time, lust-free 90% of the time, and FULFILL my passions and thoughts the rest of the time! Ain’t got no tears left to cry! Right now, I’m in a state of mind to show non-sexual love to all and save those “passions” till my choice of Lubbock Escort arrives…

normally on schedule.  No lies about “I love you” and “I care so much for you and want to take care of you forever”…

It’s I’m in lust, you’re such a professional and so beautiful, and the clock is ticking, and I hope you keep licking! How do you feel bad about a woman like that, when you’re thinking about her later…?



I haven’t told anyone, that my “regular sex” is now with Lubbock Escort sex workers!  Oops!

How do I explain THAT?  Even with “WOKISM” in full thrust, the listeners would surely have “cognitive dissonance from the brainwashing” of the media, and family moral values! I’ve tried to hint at it, with a couple of my friends.

I’m scared to death to bring it up to anyone in my family! I am already considered the black sheep in the family.

But sometimes, I have these Daydreams of my Dad and me, doing a couple of these Lubbock Escort sex-princesses, on the kitchen table at the same time! He has never smoked a joint with me either…   haha


Interactions are Human. That’s part of Life…  So is Sexual Intercourse! I’m thinking Lubbock Escort.

Porno Websites lead to masturbation, NOT to real sex, called intercourse! Spend 5 minutes a day looking at android 18 porn, or some big booty Latina porn, maybe even some girls on girls porn, just to get some ideas! Then take that knowledge, and apply it with a sex professional at Lubbock Escort.  There’s not anything that I can really show one of these high-paid whores, that they haven’t already seen, felt, or have already done! But I have had, some of the most unique sexual experiences, and intense orgasmic tumescence experiences!  These women have changed me permanently, and for that, I thank you, Lubbock Escort!

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