Miamiescort has been the “game-changer” for me!  I’m not your Priest, or your Mommy and Daddy!  Let me tell you things, that no one else may be to talk to you about, or maybe they have!  I’m talking about “sexual professional women” who have had “sexual training and experience” that you and I will never have!   I’m talking about, being able to use “these women’s abilities” to our benefit, on an hourly basis.  When I’m talking about this, being something that “the ultra-wealthy” have always done! We’re just now, as    We the People being able to experience this delight!


The Miamiescort sex experiences, dwarf the highest level of your’  Orgasmic Threshold!


Have you ever played any Sports for fun, with someone who used to play that Sport Professionally?   I have, with a Baseball Player who was a Picture for the A’s.   I played some touch football with a man, who had played on the Raiders!  Each time,  they were a one-man team!   I say that because  “it’s exactly the same way” with Miamiescort sex workers!  You could just lay there, and yet, when they leave, when the time is up,  you’ll feel like a Superstar!




Miamiescort, has a companion for you, for two hours or more!  Why be alone, when you can touch, and kiss, someone beautiful?


It is either a lot of “Sex Illusion” or a Sex Energy Field!


I don’t know whether or not it’s real, or not it  “seems real” at the moment!  Maybe it’s something that they’re getting me to think about!  I see maybe,  it’s something that they’re “forcing me” to feel…   All I know is, that my dick and balls,  “sure feel good” when they’re walking out the door!  There aren’t any “Political Hang-Ups”  you’re not  “I wish I would have said that”!   It’s just a smile on my face, a couple of empty balls hanging,  and a woman, who hopefully, had a good time!


A good chunk of Miami men, know about Miamiescort, but don’t talk about it…


Just like I did,  I’m sure you HAVE been to websites! Places like big black dick, mom’s anus, ebony xxx, nudeafrica, blacked xxx, big blackdick, blackcock, bigblackdick, or  big black dick! They are a bit stimulating. but not like “touching & tasting sex-filled flesh”!  I like a couple of the sex-videos like  Farrah Abraham sextape,   Albuquerqueescort,  porn hub asia, or any others like that…



Miamiescort has professional tantric sex workers, available by reservation, 2-hour minimum!


These Ladies at Miamiescort, are maybe part of what I call a “Sex Collective”!


You’re certainly, not going to call any of the types of women that have shown up at my house “normal”!  When sensuality and personality are a personification of a sex goddess!  Oh – and they fucked,  all of them,  like cats in heat!  But they didn’t decorate themselves in doing so but elevated me, and my emotional manly hood.  I actually feel now like I’m the male-dominant sexual Alpha at any meeting where there are men and women of 10 or more! I never felt anything like that before I started using Miamiescort.   If attitude is everything, then I get everyone!


Sexual growth, never really ends!  What I spend now, will be worth everything, as I get older!


I’ve watched all those videos, that you have!  I’ve got a cellphone!  I know all those websites, dirty talk porn, android 18 porn,  xxnx porn, big booty latina porn,  daughter porn,   nasty-porn,  frozen porn, I could go on, so I know!  I’m like everyone, I like hot sex,  tiny tits, are OK.  Any pretty girl suckingdick, boobs naked, watching sex with passion, nude sexual,  tiny pussy, big tits Asian, bring her on…


I am certainly no “victim of Shame” I actually feel sorry for the men, who will never know!


Must say, I really mean what I say there!  I feel  “great pity” for a man, who hasn’t experienced that Joy!   And I’m not the type of  “wallflower”  who’s stayed in my Hometown, and never get more than 500 miles, from where I was born!  I’ve been on “quite a few Adventures”!  Think about having an adventure, at your house, that you remember forever!  Now think about having 6 to 12 of those every year!  That’s what I’ve been doing, these last couple of years…  W I n n E R!



Miamiescort has Ladies for 2 hours up to 2 weeks, paid in advance! How many were you needing, and what were they needed to do?


I’m changing the human, good, moral, and sexual elements, of myself!   Great change!


Tell me what day is bad about all of that?  Most people are working on their brain, or maybe on their money, or maybe on their career!  I’m working on being a better human!   I have a “great and good attitude” because I will “evaluate my morals” which have “elevated the sexual elements” in my life…   Now you try and say that!   It wasn’t easy for me to do, and I’m living it…  haha


No trepidation, no speculation, only wonderful sustained ejaculation!


If you’re like every other man, that has been honest with me, on those nights when we “male-bond” you use your phone, or your computer, to get yourself off!  If one out of every four searches is for some “type of pornography” don’t think that you’re the only man doing it! There’s a reason why they keep all of that ponography available freely. It’s the keeps men from actually going to a professional like Miamiescort, hiring a beautiful girl, and experiencing, sex for real.  That’s just my opinion but think about it…  They get you  “whacking yourself off”   on your cellphone, and “they’re using the real girl” knowing she’s available because you don’t know anything about it!


The Degree of sex understanding that I have now…  Well worth the money that I’ve spent to date.


I don’t know how you would compare your sexual knowledge with your friends!  I guess you could go to a “professional whorehouse” somewhere, and all of you compete, but how many thousands would that cost?   I’m sure people do it.    I look it up on the internet. That’s way more interesting than watching Rose Byrne nude, Dua Lipa nude, Leah Remini nude, Anya Taylor Joy nude, Jeri Ryan nude, Katee Sackhoff, Suzanne Somers nude, Aaliyah Grey, Aaliyh Hdid, Aaliyah Love nude.

I had no soul, my sex life had crashed, and Miamiescort, brought both back!


I was pitiful, even before the virus hit, and changed everything!  Struggling to get ahead at work, and you wouldn’t believe what happened to all those people…  I was trying to “find common denominators” with my family!  They were all divided over “vaccine –  no vaccine” nowadays!   I hired one of these beautiful “sex professionals” from Miamiescort, and then right away, I got a second one!    I’m into  “purchasing their’ performances”  on a monthly basis when I can afford it.  These Ladies are super-expensive, but always have fun!   There is “no pressure”  it’s just  ?exhilarating sex”  and fabulous memories, when they leave!



Miamiescort sex workers are girls that are social in Public, and quite friendly “in Private” for Hire by the hour”!


” Standing Alone” is something my cock never does with the Miamiescort, in my presence!


I’ve hired girls for 2 hours and I’ve also hired them for 3.  If I’m going to be a Coach for you at all,  I recommend you start off with two…  and then you’ll see the great difference between two hours or 3 hours!   Once you realize your ability and their abilities, new zones will appear!   It’s not like a man, who’s sitting in front of his computer, watching for hours, American dad porn, black widow porn, stepsister porn, girls on girls porn, getting horny & frustrated!


It’s not getting injections but giving them, to Miamiescorts workers, which is healing me!


That’s all you hear about on the News!  “Did you get your first injection”   “have you gotten your second injection”   “What about your third”?    The only injections I’m thinking about, are the ones, that I’m giving to these beautiful Miamiescort professional sex worker goddesses, who are teaching me things!  What’s so amazing is, that they’ll do anything that you ask, with such a gleam in their eye, a smile on their face, and absolutely no hesitation!  And they “don’t have any guilt trip”  for you later about it because “they let you do it”!


Miamiescorts takes lies, and turns them into  “truth”  again!


I’m a firm believer now that “almost everything I was ever taught was a lie”!   What has been your experience in Education, with Professional Prostitutes and escort services?   Yeah, I thought as much!   You’ve never been to one!    You’ve been  “socially trained not to even talk about it”  in public, even if you are thinking about it in private!   I know the whole deal.   I understand that  “all of that is a lie”  and the one truth I can believe in is,  the feeling in the balls and the tip of my dick,  when a Miamiescort Princess, walks out of my house when her time is up!



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