Minnesota Escorts

Minnesota Escorts


Minnesota Escorts, make me a bit envious of the super wealth bloodlines!  When you see the Paparazzi, taking pictures of someone famous, and there’s a gorgeous girl on their arm who’s not their wife, that’s one of these types of professional prostitutes, like the ones at Minnesota Escorts!  These women are polished and able to be at a fine dining Restaurant and know what all the different forks and spoons are for!  They can also be naked in bed, and make you feel things from your sexual organs AnD your skin, that you never thought possible!  You see in movies, how the King always marries the beautiful concubine!  I know why now.


Minnesota Escorts

Minnesota Escorts are always in top physical shape and some of them even take yoga classes so they’re very bendable!


These Minnesota Escorts, bring all the creativity, from the beginning to the end.


It’s totally the opposite of spending hours in front of the computer or your cellphone.  You pick where you’re going to go, if it’s useless junk, like freepornmovies, of nude couples, be it mom and son sex, sister sex, or desperate amateurs with hot boobs, sucking dick!  They show you kind of  “ironic and unique positions”  but nothing you can really do in your bedroom, with a professional-whore from Minnesota Escorts! These sex wizards, will make moves, and make you feel things, you’ve never even imagined!


A Sensual Social Network!     I am “continually addicted” to the pursuit…


It’s not like a chat room, a website, or a hub.  This is an actual “Consortium of sexual goddesses” all working through Minnesota Escorts!  I’ve had about 9 I think…  I can only afford one every two months or so.  They’re not like your girlfriends or your wives that “complain and bitch and moan” that you want-that now!  Whatever it is…  they’ve done a lot more than you have, and “they get right down to doing it”!  That’s why I save!   I then pay the money gladly, for the two or three-hour experiences!


I know I’m not even a page in their Sex book. Hopefully “a couple of great paragraphs” though…


There are a few internet pornography websites, that I’ve gone to because I liked their’ content  – pun intended…  Maybe you’ve been there, I don’t know.  I might see myself in  story porn, daughter porn, nasty-porn, frozen porn, Margot Robbie porn, dirty talk porn,  or porn hub Asia!   Harley Quinn porn, free mobile porn, sister porn, goodporn, jaiden animations porn, girls on girls porn, Addison Rae porn, one piece porn, teacher porn, pornos xxx Peliculas, sakura porn, horror porn, freesexporn,  sakura porn, stepsister porn, iranian porn, cheating porn, black widow porn, stuck porn, traps porn, IT’S ALL THE SAME.  I know the last few girls that I’ve ordered from Minnesota Escorts, were a little impressed with my style and maneuvers!


Minnesota Escorts

Minnesota Escorts have a healthy appetite, and will eat just about anything for a snack, or dinner!


You only have so many CUMS, in your life!     How many of yours were with a Sex Professional?


I’m not counting those times that you got your hand on your dick, and you’re “whacking yourself off” looking at your cellphone!  Places like Lexi Luna, Dua Lipa nude,  Alura Jenson, Mia Melano, Gia Derza, Ava Adams, Julie Cash, Zendaya nude, Halsey nude, Anya Taylor Joy nude, Bella Hadid nude, or a nude Sophia Loren, or Paulina Porizkova nude or all the others.  I mean “dick inside a BEAUTY who KNOWs how to Fuck!  Get as many of those as you can, my brother!


They have taken me over since I am “now addicted to sex” with professionals who FUCK!


I’m getting to the point now I’ve had more than a half-dozen!  I can do some comparisons!  I’m not comparing myself to any of these “professional sex workers” – I’m comparing how I have sex now, in-between these girls, and the different approach I take!  I’m not more sitting over in the corner, hoping that they flash me a little bit of their biscuit, to look at…  I don’t care if they’ve bent down, and they don’t have a bra on, and I get to see their nipples!   Nowadays I look at a woman like she’s just a woman, but when it’s time to have SEX, – well I now know, what to do!  I can’t show them  “all my tricks” though, because they’ll figure out I’ve been “getting schooled”  – and I’ll be in trouble.


Lust and Thrust  –  Some would call that greed.  Tell me, what would you do for  – 180 minutes?


I am not sure if it was the 4th or 5th girl, but I wanted to see if I could just “keep humping and pumping” for the entire 180 minutes that I paid for!  Mr. Johnson was standing tall – and thumping in my pants – when she came through the door!   He was still “Standing Tall” but the tip and the hole were throbbing, and my balls were drained, when she left.  I think I came three times… but you can’t count the 4th time.  Even though it felt like it…  because it was only pumping air…  Oh yeah, it was worth the MONEY for fucking –  but I don’t take those pills anymore.  Not with one of these Professionals from Minnesota Escorts.


I don’t follow Social Etiquette or Social Norms…   my  “Norm”  is also my addiction!


I’m telling you that I’m hooked, on a bunch of “beautiful professional prostitutes” but I can NOT tell that to my family, or even my close friends!  They wouldn’t understand – even though they can see the changes in my life.  I’m not despondent or moping around like everyone else is.  There is no such thing as social distancing when you paid for a Minnesota Escorts sexual experience for a couple of hours or more!  I’m normally laughing under my mask, because of my newfound joy!  People can see my eyes twinkling, and they think it’s actually a smile.  I’m laughing about “my new secret” that I wish I could share.


Minnesota Escorts

Minnesota Escorts make the time pass so fast while there with you.   Maybe you should order them for twice as long, the next visit…

Sex is the essence of   – “what it is”…


I heard some “hippie freak quote” that on the back of an old cereal box one time, or maybe it was an old Seed Catalog, I’m not sure?  I think what it’s trying to say is,  that even though you don’t get a lot of sex, maybe when you do get some, make it worth the time and the effort.  You only get “so many, so many”  as the one philosopher used to say. It’s the same way with orgasms.  Now that you’re older, make them count, don’t start counting them!  Call those professional nymphs at Minnesota Escorts, and have yourself some fun.   See for yourself.


Almost everything I have, I don’t need.  Except for Minnesota Escorts’ services,   -every 6 to 8 weeks!

Look around your house.   You’ve got stuff piled up everywhere, that you bought, that you don’t work, use, or need!  Come on – look around… you’ll see it everywhere, probably in your car, or your truck too…  I don’t have that problem with my “Panacea of Euphoria” when I’m in the presence of my Minnesota Escorts!  It might be every couple of months before I get to stick my dick in one of them!  I order a different one each time so that they can show me what they know… Think of the experience I’ve gained.   I don’t think of it as “wasting my money” as I used to on all the stuff piled up everywhere.


I “invest my money” and divest myself, of sperm!  That’s a great deal for me, and Minnesota Escorts!

Some of these Ladies are super-educated.  You can tell, by the look in their eye!   I wouldn’t doubt it,  if a few of them, did work in the stock market, or worked as big money managers!  This is just their high-paying Hobby!  It doesn’t matter to me, it’s a good deal for me!  I get to save my money and pick the time and the day.  They show up, normally about 5 minutes early, and perform, always better than I expect.  Call me “a repeater”  and the emphasis is on   – Peter!   haha


Turn your teenage toy into a Man’s TOOL.  Pick up the phone, and make reservations with Minnesota Escorts.


I’m figuring that you haven’t had any, real different experiences with different women, on a major basis, since you were maybe 20 or 23?  Then you settled down to a girlfriend or five, and a wife or two…  am I right?  How much possible experience could you get then, when you’ve been stuck with this handful of women?  They could only teach you what they know,  and unless you married a woman out of a Brothel, you’re not going to get “that kind of experience” that I’ve already gotten, in these last 18 months.  I look at women differently now.  They don’t “sexually or sensually perturb me” in public anymore!  Get me into a room naked with one of these Minnesota Escorts, and I turn into a sexual shark!


Minnesota Escorts

Minnesota Escorts have been known to make the bed when you’re done,  –  just so there’s no evidence!


Don’t be afraid you can’t perform, up to their  “standards”…  What normal man could?  Just get off.


I don’t know what it’s called, where those Japanese Pornography Films, show a man, and he’s just coming and coming and coming on three or four different ladies!   It’s like a firehose of jizz…   And the first time you see it, you’re absolutely mortified, that he’s so much more of a man somehow…   And then you realize, that it’s somehow staged, but wow what a performance!   I don’t think I could even come close to being as sensual and sexual as these Ladies that I  RENT-BY-THE-HOUR at Minnesota Escorts.   And they’re smiling and laughing and making you feel like  “more than a man” by the time they leave!  Get yourself one,  – then think about what she does!

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