Monteray Scort

Monteray Scort

Monteray Scort is not for a man who is sexually happy with what he’s getting, and what he has!  That would be sexual gluttony!  However, if you’re like most of the men that I know, you’re looking for “a piece of strange ass” and don’t know where to find it.

You also don’t want to hook up with something like “a stray cat” that once you feed it because you felt sorry for it,  – won’t go away.  What you are wanting, is just some great sex, that you can think about it for the rest of your life.  What you’re wanting is to rent one of these Monteray Scorts for 3 hours.

If you’re like me, you won’t be able to stop with just one!  It’s become my “new expensive hobby” but I’ve dropped a bunch of others that weren’t working for me, as good as this one!

Monteray Scort

Monteray Scort

In no way, are these Monteray Scort sex workers,  “just one more”!     They are everything!

I don’t “get all hung up anymore over women” like I used to, before I started using Monteray Scort, for my sexual relief!  I was the type of man, who got all nervous around beautiful women, and started shifting around, and wondering how to get their attention…

without blowing “being cool”!  All that is changed for me now!  I save my passion, my lust, and my fantasies, along with my money, so that I can order another sexual princess, from Monteray Scort.

One Goddess was  “dripping in gold”  and seemed so regal…

The first few minutes that a Monteray Scort walks into your place!  You instantly become disorientated. They’re smiling.

They have on something attractive, and they’re looking in your eye. Then you notice their Golden Earrings, and their golden necklace, and their golden bracelets, and several even had ankle bracelets made of gold.

It’s nice when you’re dealing with someone who is proud of their body and accentuates that, with beautiful jewelry!  Especially since they’re going to be FUCKING YOUR BRAINS OUT the next 120 to 180 minutes!  Lucky you!



I don’t know where this is heading for me, but I’m great at Sex now!

Watching porn all day & nite, inspires no one – right?  I’m NO DWEEB, either!  All men like watching nude couples, doing a spanking story, and some hard sex, sucking-dick, if it’s really sensual porn!

Mom tits, titjob or not, their’ hot boobs flopping up&down! But for 5 -15 minutes. NOT ALL THE TIME.

Save some cash, and order a sex professional from Monteray Scort. Fuck, Lust, Cum, and Laugh!  It beats the internet because it is REAL.


Using Monteray Scort, we split apart the Broken Hearts.   Orgasms are on the Richter Scale!

I’m not giving to my Monteray Scorts, any of my heart!  They can have “all of my parts that they can handle” and I haven’t had one yet that couldn’t handle anything that I offered or even suggested…

One thing that they do give you though, is very intense orgasms! Several of them, are giving me a hand job, either in the very beginning, or right before they leave, no matter how many times I’ve squirted, from that little hole of mine!

Even when they’re  “jacking you off”  it’s an electric feeling that you get, besides your ball sack pumping…  I tried using “my other hand” and doing what they did…  and it still   -just doesn’t work!  haha

Monterey Scort before you proceed, you want to be sure!  Are corner-drug-whores safer?

Traps porn, android 18 porn, all that free mobile porn, sakura porn, shows Real Actors, having Sex.  The street-Sluts that you pick-up are needing “quick money” who knows for what! Do you want to even take that chance?

Let’s count them up – an STD, herpes, AIDS, genital warts… Should I go on or have you gotten the message?  I’d much rather deal with a sensual woman, who is absolutely impeccably spotlessly clean, and knows how to “fuck like a rattlesnake”!

When you add up what the extra cost would be, if one of those other girls, giving you any of the above-mentioned things, Monteray Scort, definitely is the cheaper, and most certainly, the better way to go!




These Monteray Scort sex-princesses, offer WorldClass  “sex-tactics”!

I’m not some farm boy who’s never gotten off his tractor!  I’ve dated Farmer’s daughters and City Slicker Executive girls, and none of them can even come close, to comparing to the sexual experiences, manifested by the Monterey Scorts, that I’ve hired.

I haven’t had all of them, they’ve got a giant Catalog, but I’ve had close to a dozen, in the last couple of years…

They’ve definitely “weaned me away” from trying to pick up some “drug whore slut bag” who is in desperate need of cash!

I’m certain these girls are paid before they ever arrived, and they definitely give me my money’s worth, and even more.


FLAT EARTH  – when she “licked-the-hole” and then  Time Stood Still…

How many times have you been at a party and somebody ruins it by saying Flat Earth! How do you even reason with such a person?  That’s exactly how my mindset is when she’s got her hands around my shaft and she was licking on that little hole at the top getting all the goo!

I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what my first name was at that exact moment…  She was looking at me with her eyes and smiling!  Normal men don’t have a chance with these sex professionals at Monteray Scort.


I thought for about 5-minutes, that she had TWO Tongues…  Then I realized it was a finger!

It was feeling “so intense” and I had my eyes squinted, I guess!  All of a sudden, I thought “how could she possibly have two tongues to make me feel that way”?

I open my eyes, and she was sucking on the tip of my cock, and had a finger shoved up my ass, massaging my prostate!

I was trying to pull my ass away from her finger, when all of a sudden, I exploded into one of the most passionate mind-blowing orgasms I have ever experienced.  How do I tell my buddies that I like somebody’s finger, shoved up my ass, is my problem…



NONE of this is allegory or fantasy!  This is pure  SEXUAL FACT!

Looking at Sigourney Weaver nude, fucking that Alien, or Suzanne Somers nude, from 40 years ago, what are you doing?

Even now Noel Easton, Anastasiya Kvitko, Jewels Jade, Katee Sackhoff, Nicole Scherzinger, or the Farrah Abraham sextape, are not REAL SEX.  Go Out and get some true-blue professional ass&pussy!  Write out a small list of three or five sexual acts, that you really wanted to learn how to do better, or try, and leave those next to the bed, for when she arrives!

If you’ve rented here for three hours, she might be able to do all of them…  My question would be  –  can you?

Are SEX & MORALS connected really?  Don’t ask a vixen from Monteray Scort…  She’ll Lie.

Educated as some of these girls seem, I wouldn’t doubt if one or two of them didn’t have a theologians-doctorate.

With all of my girlfriends, in the past, and my couple wives, I had…

to talk them into doing things…  You know “those sexual ts scort things that men dream about” and talk about, with other men!  With these Monteray Scort sex professionals, you don’t have to do any of that.  She’s going to know what to do, and how to do it. It will be better – than you ever imagined.  All I can say is   – AMEN!


I’m using my FREEDOM, to dramatically increase my Sexual Intercourse Knowledge!

I’ve watched tons of pornography as you can tell from the websites I know about. None of that is going to actually increase your sexual knowledge and the different feelings you can have with penetration and certain positions, or SEX-ACTS!

After you’ve had three or four of these professional Girls, you’ll think about sex differently, and your whole dance will change.

Actually – now since I’ve had so many, I let them cum to me, and show me what their ideas are!  Some of them have just shown me things I wouldn’t have even thought about doing that…  or maybe prerequisites, every time now!  I call that “sexual education and freedom” wouldn’t you?


Does a person’s hairstyle or attitude determine their sexual preferences?

Watching porn hub Asia, where some tiny pussy, is getting a nude massage, sucking-cock, is what I call good porn or soft porn!  They have weird and wild everything on those videos, not just hairdos! When I want a great-FUCK, I want her gorgeous and sexual, to the max!

Not all funked-out…  Every single one of the Ladies who have arrived from Monteray Scort, was exceptionally beautiful dressed to the hilt, smelled like Gardenias, and tasted like Ambrosia!  Who cares how much it cost…


Scientists say your heart never lies I’ve done a lot of research!  Monterey Scort, lie to me, please!

I don’t need these girls to tell me any truths!  I’m not interested in them for their honesty or their candor!  For me, it’s all about “the sex and their beauty and their Poise” and the watch on my wrist…

The only real bummer is that you run out of time because you’re having such a good time!  You certainly don’t want to leave the little sex bubble you’re in.  I always remember my friend had a ballcap with tsp…

This too shall pass.   You don’t want it the end, but the money runs up, and the time runs up, and your balls run out, and the dick-tip gets sore, and it’s time for them to go!


Concerning Monteray Scort, the wisdom I reveal I hope is understood…

If you never had a true sex professional like one of the girls from Monterey Scort, you “might not even comprehend or understand” what I’m trying to say.

If that’s the case, just consider me “a babbling idiot” and move on… to the next pictures on the internet, and make yourself happy.

If on the other hand IF you want to change things since everything’s changing anyway…

Give yourself a treat that you’ve earned!    Call one of these Sexual Wizards at Monterey Scort, and have 2 or 3 hours of the best times, you’ve ever had.


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