NewOrleansEscorts, put the fun back into New Orleans! Growing up, I always heard it was “the place of action and fun” with Mardi Gras and all the great-Bands playing. Since Hurricane Katrina, things just weren’t the same around here – no matter how much Government Money! It took “sweet Honey” like these gorgeous-sex-escorts from NewOrleansEscorts, to actually bring everything back – back for me, that is anyway…

Building a world around perfect-sex girls. I’ve been walking these streets for so long! I was lucky!

I don’t have a big black dick, am not into my mom’s anus, and pornography videos, are NOT HAPPENING for me anymore! Once you learn that NewOrleansEscorts can do anything that you thought about doing with a girl!  They do it better than you “thought about doing with an OKC escort girl“!  You won’t go back to this trite-Internet-stuff.  What you do,  is your save-your-money, until you can afford “another professional sex worker” that will teach you different sex tricks, and show you another style, you have never seen before. I’ve had six of these NewOrleansEscorts girls now, and I consider myself  “a great lover”  for any-woman nowadays!


After using NewOrleansEscorts several times, my entire life changed!

The first time was super-fun and thrilling! The second time I started comparing the two, and  “how little I knew”  about sex.  After the third time, I started realizing what the difference is between a Professional TS Sex escort and “getting lucky”!  After that, I really started trying to pick and fucking different types of girls I never had.  So that I can learn about the different styles of the different girls. I still haven’t had a black Lubbock girl yet!  I’m really excited and looking forward to that.  I want to get her a “whooping and hollering” as much as she gets me “yodeling and howling”!



NewOrleansEscorts can handle “more than one client at one time” – but you need to let the Reservationist know when you’re arranging the time and place…


I must admit that there has been a load of compromise figuring out my new sexual life with my paradigm!

When I was lonely and horny ALWAYS, I looked at girl-on-girl porn, stepsister porn, pornos xxx Peliculas, and some hardcoresex!  I never thought that I would be talking like this!  I’m recommending for even people I don’t know, use strangers, who were sex professionals!  I admit that sounds very strange…  However, I cannot tell you what it has done, to change my “personal opinion of myself” – not counting my opinions of sex.  It’s the difference between working with a professional and dealing with amateurs! Professionals are the “epitome of any industry”  now aren’t they?


There is no “building a world around perfect New Orleans Escorts sex girls”

That’s exactly what the super-wealthy do, are they  “don’t get hung up on a girl”  for years and years, hoping she’ll marry him! They go out with super-beautiful Models or girls who are Runway-Girls or Movie Stars, or women who went to Polished Schools…  These women don’t act like regular women, don’t talk like regular women, and they certainly don’t FUCK like regular muscle women, I have known. That doesn’t mean all the sex I’ve had before was bad – it just means that “when you’ve got a professional in bed with you things go much differently” …


Where you think that “hustle is the name of the game”  –  it’s actually who you know, and what they do!

What do YOU Get, being a regular at xxx Korea,  xxnx porn, frozen porn, or even, free mobile porn! None of these WebSites are for sexual satisfaction! If you take a look on the internet or even YouTube for people “who watch a lot of pornography” it actually ruins your sex ability! You think that that’s probably ridiculous – but go ahead  – I dare you!  Spend 2 hours looking it up, and you’ll realize why “I save my money, and buy real-professional-sex-workers”  instead of looking at a plasma screen, dick-in-hand, to try and “get myself off”.

Just imagine a NewOrleansEscort on top of you 4 hours nonstop…   F U C K!

I’ve only hired girls for 2 hours or 3 hours I’ve never tried the four-hour gig yet! I’m thinking that’s probably where you’re going to take her to a business meeting or a party somewhere or even to your family’s house for dinner first! Got to take a couple of hours and then that would still leave a couple of hours for us to do “the Wild Thing”! Every one of these Maine girls is Polished in public so your parents would have no idea what she really is and what she really does. That’s part of the fun  -isn’t it?


I had an Orleans Escort, who as I watched her dance,  – it felt like –  Thunder!

She wasn’t going to dance, I don’t think when she came over originally… I had the music playing on some Station and a song came on.  It just triggered some dance moves in her! Wasn’t like belly dancing and it wasn’t like a striptease...  It was more like “some type of choreographed-sexual-baiting”!  My cock started getting bigger and bigger, and by the time she was done, it was actually throbbing and there was ooze coming out of -the the-tip. What a turn-on that really was!



NewOrleansEscorts are under  “your command and control”  for the time that you have paid for! Have as much fun as you can…


When NewOrleansEscorts open-my-eyes, and realize I’m alone, –  I remember to  “save more money”!

I like tiny pussy, big tits Asian, nude sexual, anal Mom, and sex with passion! I’m not going to drop back down to using the Internet, to try and fulfill myself sexually! Now that I know the difference between thinking about sex,  fantasizing about sex,  having sex with some chick that doesn’t know how, or using NewOrleansEscorts – I’ll save my money, and get an escort.  You’re going to be talking like me, if you follow my advice, and pick up the telephone and call them!


I was licking kissing passionately and fucking-her, and only known her for 35 minutes!

These Girls, are paid to have sex, for however many hours you’ve agreed upon, and paid for!  If the first 10 minutes there, you want her to do something, and “you get off” –  well she still has another-couple-hours, almost at the minimum… So for me to have a lot of fun for 35 minutes with a girl, and then have all that extra time, I’d be trying to figure out a different sex position, or maybe take a shower or a quick bath, with her…  I definitely wouldn’t want to sit-on-the-couch, and “talk story”!



NewOrleansEscorts I not only good at what they do- but they enjoy their work, and so will you!


The Reservationist should know if there’s “something-sexually” that you want to explore, or try!

There might be a girl who is “truly an expert” in whatever it is, that you’re looking for!  These Girls Aren’t Hometown – went to your own School, found them at the Burger Joint – girls. These are Professional Sex Workers  – who have been doing “this-type-job” since hopefully they were at least eighteen… I mean 21. These women can do anything that you can imagine, and  “not only do it”  but they’ve done it many times before…  If you treat them like a Sex queen’s Goddess, they will make you truly “the king”!


TURN-OFF the Radio, and just listen to the “lushes-noises” that your’ NewOrleansEscorts goddess makes.!   What – a – turn-on!

You get no “real sexual satisfaction” – when you only watch Harley Quinn porn, Rihanna naked, Farrah Abraham sex tape, or naked women. I like photos of  Dove Cameron nude, Rosa Salazar nude, Christina Applegate nude, even the older girls like Sandra Bullock nude or Corinna Kopf nude! However – not-to “get-off-to”!  If after reading what I’ve tried to share with you,  – you still want to go back to that type of stuff,  then just go ahead and have fun!   But – don’t be reading stuff like what we do with real women…  What you’re doing is  “Pure Fantasy”  my brother!


NewOrleansEscorts horny girls are waiting to get juiced

The “head of my cock” was  -throbbing and oozing-  as she had her arms around my neck, and we were French-kissing and petting!

I really like when I get so excited that I’ve got that pre-cum! It doesn’t matter, because I’m at the house!  I’m “not trying to hide” it from co-workers, or it’s not a public thing! These Ladies don’t-miss-a-trick either! They can “see that spot in your trousers”‘ or,  if you’re smart enough to be naked, they can see what’s going on!  You should be as open and as free, and as fun, as you can be. with these girls!  That’s all they do for a living… and they’ll enhance your experience – if you just allow them to…


“The One that makes me scream,” She said… The what-a-sexy thing to say… at the moment!

It just slipped out…  she didn’t mean to say it, I don’t think!  How would I know,  – these girls are Professionals! I had ordered my beautiful goddess from NewOrleansEscorts, and she’d been there about 45 minutes! We were having sex…  That’s what I heard her say,  was,  “oh that makes me scream”  – what would you do? I stopped…  because I didn’t want to hurt her!   I didn’t realize these Professionals aren’t going to get in a situation like that…   She said, “oh,  don’t stop  – I love that it makes me scream”!  Then I knew “I had the green light”.   That’s so funny to say –  since we’re talking about “red light girls”  aren’t we?



NewOrleansEscorts have arrived upon the scene to have sex with you – any way you want to, for the time –  that you paid for!


I was “Licking” and realized “the sheets were soaked”!  She was a  NewOrleansEscorts SQUIRTER!

This was maybe the fourth girl or the fifth.  I remember the faces, but I kind of get “the sex-acts” mixed up!  I looked down, I could see it wasn’t just regular-cum, and then I could smell that musky-strong wonderful smell-of-Musk…   Once I realized “she was a squirter”  –  I put my two fingers inside, and started rubbing- up-and-down on that side wall and heard  “the click”…  She let out an  “oh” – and I swear,  it gushed out of her for 10-seconds-straight!  If you absolutely love squirter-girls!   I hope you have the chance to experience one! I hadn’t requested one when I made my reservation!  If you haven’t experienced A SQUIRTER  maybe you should request it…



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