Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage, has Shiatsu massage, Sports massage, Deep tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, and of course Swedish massage too!

I am interested in the Aromatherapy massage, where the masseuse is “sprayed with pheromones” to sexually excite me, as well as concentrating on Trigger Point massage!

The “trigger” would be the tip of my dick, and of course, my balls…  I don’t order one of these Ladies for a typical massage!

I order them, for “the wonderful sex” that they can perform…  with me, to me, and on me!

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage


The Nuru Massage beauty was interested in “specialized functions and hemispheric resonance”!

I’m sure, there are many who call Nuru Massage, and actually get maybe a “true message” or I don’t know…

I’m sure the girls are really happy about that!  I’ve ordered about 7 different beautiful women from Nuru Massage, to date!

I don’t think I got a message from any one of them..  except oh well – I guess you could call it a handjob massage

haha, They do know, the specific pressure points, that absolutely drive a man like me insatiably lustful.  And these girls are so beautiful and so gentle.


“SEXUAL-CONSCIOUSNESS”  is the “tip” of the Iceberg!   pun intended…..

I love having hard sex, with the elite babes, from Nuru Massage, with their hot boobs, and sucking dick, like the Pros that they are!

Watch maid porn, aunt porn, or some teen slut, begging for someone to “lick my pussy“!

That can’t even compare…

it’s not even “the tip of an iceberg” compared to the wondrous Beauties who arrive at your door, on schedule.

They haul in that massage table, I guess some of them give them massages to people…  I chit-chat with them and allow them to warm up to me, and then, I just allow them “to take over” because they know I’m not interested in a massage!


Since the Nuru Massage Catalog, has all of your choices… you already know what she looks like.

I have not ordered the same woman 2 times yet. The catalog is pretty extensive, and these girls are expensive!

It might take me a couple of years to get through all the different ones that are in the sex Catalog, and it seems like some come and some go…

With me they all cum!  That’s what I like is how they’re absolutely so carefree, and happy about their sexuality, and certainly, allow me to perform anything that I’d like to do…

It’s so much safer than dealing with someone that you don’t know somewhere.  I have a good idea of exactly who is going to be showing up, by using the Catalog.



Not only are they masseuses, but they are also total sex pros, who relax you, then fuck your brains out!

As I said, I haven’t really partaken of all the different massage techniques…  There’s one, where they put hot stones on your back.

I would rather be laying on my back, with them flopping and spinning on top of me!

I’ve tried to think of “different positions” and “different types of sex” but nothing that I come up with, surprises these women, because they are sex-pros

It sure is difficult having sex with just regular, non-professionals now, but at least the nonprofessional-girls, get a taste of what a real man knows, who’s been with these types of girls, as often as I now have.


If you’ve been sexually betrayed, or without a woman, to express your lust with, use Nuru Massage.

Naked mom, or other “twisted things” like sister sex, mom and son sex, and all the other desperate amateurs, don’t get me to cum!

It’s fun, but “NOT a release, of my sexual urges & tension” like the Nuru Massage sex-mastresses do!

The best sex videos, that I watch aren’t useless junk, but cameras, I have placed in my house.  I see & REMEMBER all those moments.  I’m sure these women are filmed having sex quite often,  –  don’t you?


I’ve lived in this town a long time, and never had any idea, that you could go to a place like Nuru Massage!

It’s one of those things that’s just never discussed.  The news media and information Outlets are such Liars!

I guess it’s because they’re all owned and controlled by the ultra-wealthy, who are the people who normally use a place like Nuru Massage, to fulfill THEIR’ sexual fantasies.

The place doesn’t hide… but of course, they don’t advertise.  If I told you “Word of Mouth” you would swear I was making a pun…

And I am definitely teasing on the square!  I’ve casually mentioned the place to a couple of my close friends and they had never heard about it.

I haven’t told them that I’m a regular customer now. I’m not sure how to bring that to their attention…


I never really need a massage from one of these sex professionals but if they give you one it’s included.

I have a couple of friends who absolutely love massage, and go to Asia –  Southeast Asia, to get Thai Massages on a daily basis, while they’re there.

The price is pretty reasonable compared to what people have to pay here in the States.

It’s like $20 for a two-hour massage.  That’s about one-tenth of the price of 2 hours for a Nuru Massage sex worker, to cum visit you.  But the message is included in the price so…

Do you have the sex first and then use the rest of the time for a massage? I think, once I would start having the sex, I wouldn’t want to stop, so as to have them message me, would you?



I get a different masseuse each time, trying to inspire myself, to have the best sex possible… Hope it’s working!

I mentioned to you already, that I have never used the same girl twice, even though I’ve never been disappointed.

I start looking at the different pictures in the Catalog and visualizing and fantasizing about two or three hours with one of these Beauties!

The next thing you know, I’m on the phone, making a reservation!  I can tell when I’m having sex with regular ladies now, that my “style of sex” is better, and they seem much more fulfilled, and worn out when we’re done with our little twist…

So in my opinion, I think I’m getting better at sex…


All the cliches about Massage Parlors are actually true, but “slanted by the Media” to make them seem bad.

Every time I’ve ever heard anything about  ” massage parlors ”  it’s never been in any type of good light.

It’s always either associated with Crime Bosses or drunks who show up! It gives you that visualization of an old-whorehouse in a saloon somewhere out west.

Nothing could be farther from actual reality, as far as Nuru Massage is concerned.  You don’t go to the office or brothel, the “massage therapist”  cums-to-You. Maybe I should say cums ON YOU!

If you’re worried about them showing up at your house just rent a hotel room for a day!

I consider myself a regular there now.   I can’t think of one bad thing to say about Nuru Massage!  I’m sure there are bad places out there, but this isn’t one of them.



Headaches and heartaches are past me now!  Just Hard-Ons, and “spewing-sperm”!

Two years of lockdowns and mandates and restrictions haven’t been good for any of my friends’ sex lives! The ones that are married are frustrated because things are different around the world, and at their house. The ones that are single are really frustrated…

because they can’t even meet a chick at a Bar or a Concert anymore…  How can you tell if a chick is horny...

when she’s wearing a mask, you can’t even brush up against them anymore, because of Social Distancing!

I just save my money, until I can afford another beautiful, luscious, perfect sex worker, from Nuru Massage.  I get rid of all my frustrations, anguish, lust, and empty out these balls of mine… all at the same time!  Life is Beautiful.


I am a lover boy playing “high-stakes Pussy” and Nuru Massage has “upped my ante” playing with “my poker”!

One Nuru Massage sex sorceress, looked like Sandra Bullock nude!  I had another cum-over for “a massage” who looked like a Viking Barbie, and another like Rihanna naked, after we had some nude sexual, & hardcore sex!

I’ve noticed, that the girls look pretty close to what their photos are in the Catalog.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by what you choose, I never have been…


I watch these girls haul that Portable Massage Table in, but I’ve never seen it unfolded…

For the last couple of women who have shown up, I actually lifted the portable massage table from their vehicle, into the house.

That way, I can set it next to the door, and they know that that’s probably not what I’m interested in…

They must have a long clientele record of me since I’ve used them more than a half-dozen times!  So they already know, but they have to keep up the show, I guess.

I was thinking of having sex on one massage-table, with one of the girls, but then thought I might break it, and have to buy it.  So we did it on the couch, the kitchen table, in my bed instead…   W I N N E R!



I believe all the women at Nuru Massage, have been to Massage School and have a State License!

Every one of these women is so “polite and polished” and always talks very kindly.

I’m certain that each one of them, has gone to at least one type of School to get a Degree in Massage Therapy.

I’ve never really even asked, but they probably do regular massage somewhere…

when they’re not “gyrating around in someone’s private home” like mine.  It’s so nice dealing with women who are flexible, healthy, and vibrant.  They sure don’t look like the women you see, standing in line at Walmart, that are 50 lbs overweight…  – that’s for sure.

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