Ocescorts, are one of those wonderful places that are never spoken about!  People don’t want to “rock the boat” and don’t want others to “think about them differently”!  If you’re a horny man or a man who hasn’t experienced the type of sex that you thought you should be, just pick up the phone, and give Ocescorts, the opportunity!

If you would have asked me a few years ago, whether or not I thought it would be a good idea or not, to use a Professional Escort Service for your sexual relief, I would have said you’re crazy!  Now I’m saying you totally insane, and blowing it, if you don’t  – give them a try.



These Ocescorts, don’t “need a man”!      Your money, however…

If you saw one of these exquisite beauties at the Mall or sitting on a Park Bench, or maybe even at a Starbucks, you would look twice!  They look at a man differently than most women do!  They don’t give you that feeling of  “what are you looking at”  that most “pompous bitches” do nowadays!

They have expensive rings on their fingers, gold bracelets and beautiful earrings…  Your first impression of one of these women, At First Sight, would be ” WOW” some man is really lucky!  We’re only lucky though, for the hours that you are paying!


NEVER is an Ocescorts Angel, pouty or finicky!  They are “congenial and hospitable” at all times.

They talked so smoothly and precisely and coherently…  They’re never loud or obnoxious like you think of when you think of a street whore!

I would say that most of these girls have higher education, by the way, they present themselves.

Remember also they are escorts, so they’ve probably been everywhere in the world.  I definitely take each one of them “around the world” when they cum to my house, and climb in my bed!   haha


Whatever sex position I switch to next, these Ocescorts, start in immediately.

I learned about a few of my unique sex techniques and positions on the internet.  Sites like sis porn, sister sex, mom and son sex, animal crossing porn, and the every-other weird thing you can imagine!  I was thinking that I would incorporate those into the fun that I would have with my Ocescorts!

It always seems like when they show up, they take over. It’s not like they’re “bossing me” or anything.  It’s just they lead me so perfectly, to the parts in places that they want me to concentrate on.  So even if I do wind up in that specific position…  it wasn’t the way I had envisioned it or watched on the internet.  These ladies are total Sex Pros!


These goddesses aren’t FREE when they cum and meet me!

I keep bringing up the money, and the more you hang out with these luscious sexpots, realize that for them – it’s all about the money!  And you’re really not going to get to know them very closely, and I say that in jest! That’s because you can’t be getting any closer than rubbing, sliding, and slapping on one another…

now can you?  But I’m not going to get into any deep philosophical conversations, or try and talk about particle physics or mass psychosis hypnotism!  I’m sure their brain is just perfect and works great!

However, that’s really not what I’m interested in, and what I’m “paying all that money for” the two or three hours I’m blessed…



Concerning Ocescorts, some men will always be lost!    I’m trying, to show you the way…


Men think that the women they’re looking at on the Internet, are “normal real girls” and that’s all for show  – right?  When you’re watching Websites like porngo, dcum, nakedgir, sextop, or whatever!   I like looking at a naked mom, with her big mom tits, or hot boobs!

She’s sucking dick, like some nude teen, pounding with hard sex!  Whatever the reason, and whoever the ladies are, that are posing for the internet!

These women aren’t anything like the escorts that you hire, for a few hours, from Ocescorts.  These girls and ladies are beautiful, and once they start touching you, – you’ll forget everything… except your balls and your dick!


It seems that I am lusting for their “Sex Magic Maneuvers”.  I keep those, even when they leave!

Maybe it’s because they do it so often that they’re so smooth, in their sexual machinations!  They know they’ve only got 2 hours or 3 hours that they have to perform! So since there physically able, and mentally able to, they perform like no other woman that you’ve been with!

I don’t say that callously either!   I’ve had about seven ladies from Ocescorts since I order a different one each time!  They know when they’ve mesmerized you emotionally as well as lustfully… That’s when they really start doing their “high-wire act” so to speak.


The 180 minutes with an Ocescorts goddess, are “a picture in time” of me at my Sexual Best.

You get way more than the two or three hours with one of these professional sex workers from Ocescorts if you’re sober and coherent when they arrive!  That’s the way I want to experience a girl, who is absolutely going to perform her sexual best.

That way, not only did I get to enjoy the “tantalizing and titillating carnal knowledge” that they impart and imbue, but you can replay it in your mind, “over and over” after they leave!

That’s what I do!  So that’s what motivates me, to keep saving, for my next one. Number 8  – here I cum!



Are they really “sex demons”  or maybe possibly  “Cum Angels?

Believe it or not, I was brought up in an extremely fundamental religious family!  So I understand about Demons and Angels, as far as how it’s told to the General Public.

The main thing you have to remember, what is different between demons and angels – is only one thing, ATTITUDE!

All Demons started out as Angels didn’t they?  Until they “changed their mind” which instantly converted them!  I must say, I was instantly converted, by the very first Ocescorts Angel who arrived at my house 5 minutes before schedule.

How could these radiant flesh Ladies-of-the-Night, be anything other than OKC Sex Angels if not CUM Angels.  The only devil involved is  – how I’m going to pay…


We stare lustfully into each’s eye – with no lie of  “I LOVE YOU”!

I do “the same thing” when I’m looking at pornography, on the Internet!  I’m staring at those girls, acting like they’re looking back at me!  You know the kind of girls I’m looking at…   big booty Latina porn, gacha life porn, frozen porn, traps porn, story porn, sakura porn, and all that free mobile porn!

However, when you’re within Arm’s Reach of one of these ladies, that you have reserved, she feels so soft and smells so good.

She touches you in places that you had “begged your wife or your krejlermarked girlfriend” to touch you…

But they’re not falling in love with me, and I have no doubts that it’s all lust. For them, it’s not even that… It’s just business, remember you’re paying!


Not only do I feel “freed – emotionally”  but my balls are drained, as well.


You know the anxiety and the pressure and the uncertainty you feel when you’re with a new girl.  You’re wondering if she’s “going to give it up” and you’re wondering whether or not she’s really everything you were hoping she’d be…

You don’t have any of those types of Hang-Ups or repetitive thoughts when you pick up the phone and order your sex-playmate from Ocescorts.  You might feel that way, as the first one that arrives, somehow they have that ability, to “absolutely mutate any bad thoughts or feelings you have” into you thinking how happy you are to be alive!

They help you experience things like this, while they’re in your presence.


I’ve been there before, and I know that I belong!  I guess I’m an Ocescorts “regular” now…

I sure don’t want to go back to looking at places like… Rose Byrne nude, Sommer Ray nude, Whitney Cummings nude, Lexi Luna, or Dua Lipa nude, Sigourney Weaver nude, Leah Remini nude, Jewels Jade, Noel Easton, or the famous Farrah Abraham sex tape!

I much prefer now, the soft, smooth, nice-smelling flesh of a Professional Sex Worker!  I have only used Ocescorts, I must admit.  I am assuming, they all operate “kind-of-the-same”!



Take advantage of these Ocescorts, sexual knowledge of men, and their “sex power” upon us!


I’ve got two Kamasutra Books!  One of them is Poetry kind, and one of them is Illustrated.  None of those pictures or paragraphs teach!  They sell themselves as Sex Manuals, but how much are you going to learn from reading a book?  For that matter, even watching all that pornography on the internet?

These girls have had “more sex in a year” than most men will ever have in their life!  Don’t you think that qualifies them, to show you a few moves, techniques, & positions?  Don’t try and be the boss when they show up!  Let them “take the lead” and you try and learn, and build your sexual power!



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