OKC Escort

OKC Escort

OKC Escort seems like it should be an escort Las Vegas, or New York City, or maybe even Los Angeles!  It’s hard to believe, we have such a wonderful magical Harem, of Sexual Princesses, available to us here in Oklahoma City!  Normally, when you say  “I’m from Oklahoma City” the only thing people can think of, is the bombing…  How many decades ago was that anyway?  I want people to start thinking, about these gorgeous, luscious, sex professors, who work with OKC Escorts!  Now they’re the real BOMB…


OKC Escort

OKC Escort

I think the reason why they have on our License Plates Oklahoma is okay is due to OKC Escort!  haha

The last couple of years has been really rough on everyone!  I think not only here, but on the whole planet!  It seems to me, that since I’ve been using OKC Escort, all of my real day-to-day tensions, and build-up of anxiety, are eradicated.  I think it’s the “sexual frustration” coupled with the “lack of touching and intimacy” that really makes people mean.  Still have day-to-day problems, like everyone else!  I can sure deal with them a lot easier, knowing I’m going to be sucked, fucked, cuddled & cooed!   It allows me to hang on, on for that next two or three hours of Sex Venture!


Each OKC Escort pussy, seems like a Sex-Oasis to me, “squelching my lustful desire”!

I’m sure, you’ve heard that old joke about Betty and the man wanting to touch her pussy! First, he wants to look at it, then he wants to touch it, then all he wants to do is smell it,  do you remember that joke?  He didn’t want it after he smelled it…   There are two things that smell like fish, one of them’s fish!  When you get your nose and your tongue, close to “that beautiful little slot” that these working girls at OKC Escort control, you’re like a starving man at a smorgasbord!  I licked & chewed one of them for so long, the muscle underneath my tongue locked up!  That sweet little Angel laughed for 5 minutes about that!


I never “hide deep inside of me” any of my  -Sex Thoughts-  with an OKC Escort!


When I’m with one of these experienced, world-traveling, educated beauties, I think of them as my “sexual psychological physician”!   I want to share everything with them!   I want to tell them what “my sexual fantasies

are” and “what I’d like to learn how to do better”!  The half-dozen that I’ve had, seemed to really appreciate that!  Maybe it gives them “recognition” for their experience!  I’ve learned so much just by being open and realizing  “I’m the student” and not the Teacher.


I might drive BMWs in my dreams, but the girls I fuck, are perfect and real!  They drive me home.

Everybody has their fantasies!  Fantasies that maybe, they’re not going to be able to fulfill.  Having sex, and doing any type of sexual maneuver with a beautiful, experienced woman, isn’t a fantasy of mine.   That’s a reality!  I don’t know any of my friends, and certainly none of my family members, who have that kind of experience!  So does that make me a Winner?  It sure does in my book!  And I choose a different girl from the Catalog each time, and that’s really helped with my experience level also, I think!



I’m just “a simple man” who likes to have his dick sucked professionally…

I don’t know too many men, who don’t enjoy “their dick getting sucked”!  Some men, don’t care what the girl looks like…  When you have one of these radiant Princesses, from OKC Escort, looking in your eyes, licking on the tip of your dick & smiling, you’ll understand, what I’m talking about.  It’s not your wife giving you five minutes of what you like! Or your girlfriend breaking down, and doing what you know she’s supposed to do, but not doing it “with Glee”!   These OKC Escort girls, act like it’s the first time they’ve ever done it… and yet they do it better than any girl ever will unless she’s a Professional Cock Sucker like these women are!


” Social Norms” and the “urges in my body” sometimes Clash!

When one in four searches on the Internet are Sex & Porno, I know all the Porno Sites, OK?   Places like hdporno, beastars porn, veporns, porngo, teenporno, even animated marvel porn!  Then there are nude couples or a nude teen, sucking dick or having sister sex! I like a blackhairypussy, or mom and son sex, sometimes too! We all get “a little kinky” right?  However, my dick IS NOT in my hand! To me watching, or holding, squeezing, and slurping a sex Angel, seems better to me…


Legacy fears, hidden agendas, the Chess Game of life!   OKC Escorts, make you forget everything!

You can think about a REAL WOMAN instead of Sommer Ray nude, Lexi Luna, Dua Lipa nude,  Alura Jenson, Mia Melano,  Gia Derza, Ava Adams, Julie Cash, Zendaya nude,  Halsey nude, Anya Taylor Joy nude, Bella Hadid nude. Corinna Kopf nude, or Paulina Porizkova nude, Adria Rae, Lana Rhoades nude. I never stop looking at Sandra Bullock nude, Christina Applegate nude, Rosa Salazar nude, either! But I also like seeing Nia Nacci, or Dove Cameron nude, Alena Croft, Nicole Scherzinger, all are so hot to me! Favorites would be maybe Tiny Leon, Rihanna naked, the infamous Farrah Abraham sextape, seeing Jeri Ryan nude,  Katee Sackhoff, Suzanne Somers nude, Isla Fisher nude, Anastasiya Kvitko, or the Alien sex-whore Sigourney Weaver nude!


My ” lust barrier” has expanded!   I now am methodically implementing improvements…

I realize that these women have hundreds more time practicing the art of sex than I have ever had! For me to deny that empirical knowledge would mean that I don’t respect them being professionals. I must say, each time I hire another one, my impression of the entire industry I guess improves!  I’m one happy customer at OKC Escort!  I know I am a sex-warrior when I can keep Two OKC Escort pros, busy for 2 hours!  I am a ways away from that still…



When you think of a Sex Professional, is she waiting on a Street Corner, and also looking for drugs?

I don’t want some girl, that’s hanging out in a mini-skirt, and some old boots, hoping she can make some money, so she can stick a needle in her arm! How many condoms do I have to wear? So do they make a condom for your tongue?  I’d much rather “absolutely guarantee myself a wonderful time” with a gorgeous and sexually inviting female, who is stunning in all ways! She cost so much money, that most men have never done that!  But then, most men haven’t had the SEX I’ve had, in the last couple of years, since I’ve started using OKC Escort.


The “Network of Sex Manipulation” is collapsing!    ALL with money, are now welcome to CUM…

COME ON, these organizations have been around, for probably a thousand years! I didn’t know that there was one operating in Oklahoma City, did you? And you don’t have to pass any kind of requirements! You just have to have the money!  The monies would stop most men because they don’t want to “invest into their sexual education and tantric exhilaration”!  Me, I’ll give them as much money as I can afford, as long as I can keep calling them the next time, that I have enough money!


When I need to do something special for Myself, I make a reservation at OKC Escort and start planning.

I try and “help as many people as I can” in this changing world…  You might not realize it, but “I’m trying to help you” and change YOU right now, with this blog I’m writing!  But there are times when I need to think about myself, get my mind right, and enjoy where I am, in the scheme of time!  I can focus and narrow that time down, to 120 or 180 minutes…  Tick tock  Tick tock.  “Everything comes to an end all things turned to lead”!  I’m going to have as many of these sexually exotic experiences from OKC Escort, as I can afford, as the years go by!



We “see” and we “feel” this process as SEX.   However, OKC Escorts, make it so much more!

The “experience” and the “ability to manipulate men” that these princesses of sexual delight, have over we the customers, is outrageously powerful.  They are showing us a lot of mercy not giving us “the full thrust” of what they know,   -pun definitely intended.   One of the Ladies, got me off four times, in 2 hours!  I was absolutely spent, for the rest of the evening.  She didn’t even look like she had broken a sweat, when she was smiling, and walking out the door gracefully!  I have ordered a different girl each time!  I’m getting sexually stronger and more astute, as to what it is these professionals like…  What a wonderful class I’m in.


When I think of OKC Escorts, that “tune in my mind” for 8 6 7 5 3 0 9 “for a good time call” pops up!

You know the tune that I’m talking about. It’s that telephone number that doesn’t work in any State of the Union! But when you listen to the words, all it said was “for a good time call Jenny” and then give that phone number!  That’s exactly how these “sexually consecrated angels” that work at OKC Escort work! When you pick up the phone, you know that you’re going to have a good time and that it’s going to be one of the best times of your life!  And each time you call, you’re going to feel that way!  I’d say they have a really good reputation!



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