Orlando Excorts

Orlando Excorts


Orlando Excorts are “not real” and can’t possibly exist in our Society! Ninety-nine percent of the people who come to visit here come to Disney World for one of the attractions! Thank goodness they don’t know about Orlando Excorts! These ladies are absolutely fabulous, and do anything you can imagine, better than you thought of it.  You can go look at “the birdies in the tiki room” at Disney World, but when it’s time to get your balls licked, and your dick sucked and fucked by a professional, call Orlando Excorts!


Since using Orlando Excorts, I have learned so much more about who I sexually am.


Nothing was getting better, watching Internet WebSites. Places like a Farrah Abraham sex tape, nude Sophia Loren, Suzanne Somers nude, Sammy doll, Corinna Kopf nude, Alura Jenson, Mia Melano, Gia Derza, Ava Adams, Julie Cash, Elliza Ibarra, Zendaya nude, Halsey nude, Anya Taylor Joy nude, Bella Hadid nude, nude Sophia Loren, Paulina Porizkova nude, Adria Rae, Lana Rhoades nude, Abby paradise, Sandra Bullock nude, Zelda Morrison, Christina Applegate nude, Rosa Salazar nude, Nia Nacci, Dove Cameron nude, I love them all!  Now I have “Real Sex” with gorgeous Women!


Orlando Excorts

Orlando Excorts are educated above normal Ladies, and “never bite off” more than they can chew!


These Sex Masters, are extremely sexually powerful manipulators of lust.

When a Sex Mistress, walks into the room on the clock, you are DONE!  These women must be Ex-Models or maybe they get them from the Cruise Ships!  They’re absolutely fabulous in, looks and grace, and in “sexual ability”!  You pay for a minimum of two hours!  I couldn’t imagine  “renting or sharing time” with one 4 hours.   I tried three one time, and I ran out of energy!  However, two hours is just perfect for me.  I’m not used to having sex, with “professional call girls”!  These working girls, don’t even get tired!


WHAT  ARE  THEIR  STRONG  POINTS?     Damn, that’s funny!

Hypnotizing you, when they walk into the room.  Making you feel like the most important man, that you have not felt like, ever before!  They make you want to touch them, in places you just think about putting your hands, and they encourage more!  Within 10 minutes you’re naked, within five minutes she probably is!   Somehow the “Time Slips Away” and you’re all slippery and slimy, with wonderful feelings and great smells!  If we could only freeze time!  Touching, licking, feeling, tasting…  you just don’t even want to stop!   And they’re not going to let you.  Somehow, you think it’s your idea!



The  “attachment to love”  is transferred to Orlando Excorts now, not one woman!

I don’t have those “emotional Hang-Ups” of what is she doing, or what is she thinking!  I don’t have to wonder, whether or not she’s thinking about me like I’m thinking about her!  I’m sure the Owners of Orlando Excorts, are thinking about me, as much as I’m thinking about them, as a service!  “Sexual Reciprocation with No Guilt” and no glue!   That must be the definition, of a 21st Century Romance…     haha


Orlando Excorts

Orlando Excorts are real Tree Huggers, love nature, but feel very comfortable “Between the Sheets” if that’s what you like…


Being  “lonely & horny”  is an Illusion now!   Just call Orlando Excorts.


There’s still Lonely Nights in the dark!   I’m alone, and a little bit horny!  I do on those nights, what you must do every night, and what I used to do before I started using Orlando Excorts!   Usually, I used to look at it Jaiden animations porn, girls on girls porn, Addison Rae porn, one piece porn, teacher porn, pornos xxx peliculas, horror porn,  gaypornhub, freesexporn, sakura porn, amateur porn, stepsister porn, Iranian porn, cheating porn, cardi b porn, black widow porn, stuck porn, traps porn, gacha life porn, American dad porn!  I was “NEVER satisfied Sexually” watching that either! Make a reservation, and have all those sexual urges just disappear, in a couple of hours.


The  “phenomena world”  of Sex Goddesses, for hire, by the hour!


When everything can be “digitally compiled and expressed” it’s nice to know that you can get those “same wonderful Creations” in the world of phenomena!  I’d much rather be touching, licking, petting, and screwing, one of these lusciously gorgeous, Princesses of Sex, at Orlando Excorts, than looking at my cellphone or a computer, with my dick in my hand.  These girls, walk like maybe they are Dancers or Runway Models or ExHollywood, I’m not sure… they’re just so perfect.


Orlando Excorts will  “fuck me & suck me”  but they will NEVER love me!


I don’t feel that  “oh I hope I’m making a good impression”  type of politics!   I never realized that what “was politics” I thought, was actually “sexual coyness”!   What you are trying to position yourself politically and sexually to, where “you know you’re going to get some”…    You “pay in advance” with these Orlando Excorts, and you pay big money!   That  “inconvenience in cost”  is usurped,  by the pleasures and the “uninhibited Carnal fun” you experience for the hours paid for.


Horniness  cums  &  goes!    FULFILLED LUST never cums back!


I’m trying to “tease on the Square” with that statement!  We’re all going to get horny again!  How many “great sexual experiences” can you count on your hands and toes!  I don’t want to brag, but I’m running out of toes, since I’ve been using these wonderful, choreographed, sensual teachers, at Orlando Excorts!  After three or four days, I built up enough sperm, that I can “whack myself off again” if I keep thinking about the girl that left.  What’s nice is, that I have almost half a dozen of those girls to think about, at those moments!  I can’t wait until the future, I have a couple of dozen.


A Orlando Excorts goddess taught me what the term  “a Spinner” really means!


I didn’t specify a height, and one of the girls showed up, and was “really tiny” but built like a Brick ShitHouse!   She wasn’t one of those cheerleader types, more like a pom-pom, Brownie Scout, farm girl!  She was just so fun! Like a super ball, bouncing around and laughing and giggling!  She lifted up one leg, and then smiled and spun herself around, impaled upon me!  Then she rode me, Reverse Cowgirl style! All I  remember, is me yodeling, as the sperm was shooting out…


Orlando Excorts

Orlando Excorts are waterproof, sperm proof and foolproof!


I have stopped being a “Victim of Loneliness”.  So can you, call Orlando Excorts.


I don’t have to listen to my own sob story!  I don’t want to listen to anyone else’s!  Maybe that’s the reason why I’m taking the time, to try and explain, how these absolutely perfect sex dolls, at Orlando Excorts, take away any thought, of you becoming a “victim of loneliness”! Have thoughts of hurting yourself, but if you’re going to hurt yourself, then hurt yourself with a Sex Pro, who looks beautiful, that  “you’ve already paid”  for a couple of hours!   Hurt yourself really bad…


The Orlando Excorts, carry with them a “sex-field of lust” you get enveloped in!


I don’t know how else to explain it!  Some type of “hypnotism or magnetism” but it’s definitely “an aura that projects away from them”!  The reason why I say that is within a few minutes’ time, you are in a trance, and it’s not just with one girl.   I had half a dozen already!  Maybe they’re using those “special subconscious word triggers” who knows?  All I know is that in the two to three hours, that they’re around me, I’m in “sexual heaven”!   HELL is when I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks, to get a different one!  haha


Don’t  “misconstrue” the fact, that these are UltraPro sex workers at Orlando Excorts!


Don’t ever feel sorry for these Ladies!  They’re not going to put you “in a down spin” at all.   I’d hate to think of the amount of money, they actually earn, in a month!  I know I never complain about what I’ve spent!  I’m just kind of complaining, that I can’t spend more, sooner!   That sounds like “sexual greed of consuming lust” but looking at it from the end of a woman, who works at Orlando Excorts, “it’s just Good Marketing” on their part, right?


I eat chocolate every day.   I beat off too!    These aren’t the same, as sex with Pros…


They say that you get the same feeling from “eating good chocolate” as you do from an orgasm.

I feel qualified to talk about that since I do those every day!  haha, I must say for 30 seconds.  feel a bit of a thrilling twinge, with the chocolate.

As far as using my hand, it’s only “really a thrill when I’m using the other hand” which doesn’t happen very often, due to politics.

But I’m “teasing on the Square” because I’d much rather be hugging, kissing, licking, and screwing. One of those beautiful sex workers, from Orlando Excorts.  I know, for the time that she is in my presence.  I’m in sex ecstasy!  And she’s not like “a stray cat”  she won’t be back later, unless I order her from the Reservationist, just for a second time!   I haven’t done it twice, with any of them yet.  There’s a Catalog, for you to choose from, just so you kind of know…


Orlando Excorts

Orlando Excorts are chosen from a Catalog. Please have a close look!


It’s hard to describe how “repeating intense orgasms cascading” actually feels, but I really like it!


You always hear about the women, who can have multiple orgasms, one after the other!  I’ve dated a few, and actually married one for a few years!  They are really fun,  except those nights, when you “can’t get them off totally” and then they become, well let’s just say “frustrated”!   But then, one of these professional call girls from Orlando Excorts, actually got me to have “simultaneous ejaculations! 3  one right after another”!   My legs were actually shaking, and I heard a “buzzing in my ear”!   She laughed like an Angel, and threw her head back!  In her mind, I guess it was a job well done!   I think I’ll remember that sexual moment forever!   I sure hope so.

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