Phoenix Escorts

Phoenix Escorts

Phoenix Escorts, these scort ladies take you to places like looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon, only sexually!  They look like a normal, everyday, pretty kind of a girl, and the closer they get to you, the more “Beautiful and in Focus” they become.  After about 5 minutes maybe 10 minutes, you really can’t remember what’s going on, except “your pecker is hurting” because it feels so good!  Oh yeah, and your balls have been pumping three or four times in the last couple of hours!  And there is time & a lot of money to pay for!


Why should I leave?  Phoenix Escorts cums to my House!

I don’t care about the Build Back Better anymore. Why I don’t care about vaccine cards and wearing masks?  I don’t worry about that! Only my dick and I getting off!  I’ve been hiring these Phoenix Escorts, now for almost two years!  Since the lockdown started.  They show up either at a Hotel or here at the House!   I have an awesome time,  however much time it is, that I can afford!  They’re not like “bringing home some drug addict from somewhere in town” who is willing to “do a couple of things for you”  so they can get some drugs. Oh, and you get off!   These girls are dripping with sensuality, and intelligence, and they’re laughing and giggling, and teaching you, what to do next!


Phoenix Escorts

Phoenix Escorts have “done this before” so follow their lead.


I expect only a  “PAID”  receipt and empty balls from a Phoenix Escorts professional.

“I’m Not Looking For Love” or for some kind of pen pal, that’s going to be sending me messages!   The messages are being sent strictly to “the tip of my dick and my balls to my brain”  saying “oh you have done well this time boy”!   haha   And I get that same message from my dick and my balls, every time one of these ladies arrives!  They always arrive a couple of minutes early!  I used to have a “list of things that I wanted them to do”  but like IKE said,   how  “the first thing that goes in a good battle plan is the plan”!


How could these ‘professional whores” give me back,  my “sexual dignity”!

Think about how they brainwashed us socially!  Using television, Hollywood, and cable television.  I was “taught to believe to stay away from girls like this”!   They were the demise of a man!   I’m the only one that I know, keeping “my head high” right now, in these social and viral conditions we live in!  The only difference between me and everyone hiring sexually professional love imbibed sex workers, and paying by the hour!


Compared to me now, YOU don’t even know where or when to start!

If I went back, to the first girl that I ordered from Phoenix Escorts, I wouldn’t be anything like I was with her that night!  I didn’t know what I was supposed to do! Or what she was hoping I would do with her!  Now that I’ve had months, and months, of experience with these girls as I can afford them, I’ve “learned a few things” sexually!   I’ve learned that they wanted it to be “their idea” first of all and second, “they want you to jump up and start doing it whatever it is” before they change their mind.   But you don’t know what it is, they want do you?


They seem to share their’ sexual orgasmic vibrations,  just by sounds, smells, & touch!

Do you think  “it’s the same dick, that you’ve always used, and you put it in plenty of other pussies, so how cum, these girls can make you feel so different”?   I think they’re using way more than just “the tactile feel” of that tight, and “controlled pussy” of theirs.   I wouldn’t doubt that they go through training! Just like salespeople do, for high ticket items.  Hell,   high-paying Executives, go to school, so that they can get promoted quicker!   No telling the homework, these poor things have to do…  haha


It does help when you surrender to your lust. Phoenix Escorts has shown me that…

Long ago, I heard, that you couldn’t be very religious if you didn’t have a good imagination!  I kind of think the same thing about being sexual, with a woman.  If you don’t have 10 or 20 different positions and styles, that you’d like to share and feel, you need some schooling!  I think that very humbly…  because I didn’t know any of this,  before hiring all these different girls!  I have never ordered the same one again, and there’s a catalog for you to look through…


Phoenix Escorts

Phoenix Escorts are quite-smooth,  or if you “prefer Bush” let the Receptionist know!


You don’t have to be “hesitant” and seem “uncomfortable” with these professional sex workers.

I have 120 Minutes, to experience the most amount of “sensual sexual carnal and emotional experiences” that I can mix together, in one Blissful experience!  One of the things that I really enjoy is that these Professionals, do this all the time!  So they don’t feel like “there’s the pressure to do it right” like I have, on me.   Once I learn to just let them take control, I get a lot more orgasms, I’ve counted!   But if I feel like doing anything, at any time, and express it verbally, they start wanting to do that exact thing instantly!   And they’re smiling, instead of mumbling or being fussy, like my ex-wives, or girlfriends would be.


Every stage of my “sexual career” has to improve! I’m getting sex education and my dick is licked…

You look at the risque movies of the forties or even the 70s… They were trying to show me just how to really treat a woman, but it was all hidden!  Because of the Internet,  and because of women getting their freedom, we’re allowed to express ourselves freely now, as a man, I guess!   All I know is, that after like the fourth or fifth girl that I hired, I had the confidence when they knocked on the door like I never thought I would have!   And since I’m in the Phoenix Escorts system, they already know that I’m a “loyal customer” so maybe I’m getting “extra good sex treatment“!  That ONLY  means “good” to me!


Phoenix Escorts

Phoenix Escorts bring their own World with them. All you bring is LUST!


When the lockdowns started I was forced to call Phoenix Escorts!  Change your mind, you can!

I’m not trying to sound like Yoda, but you can change your mind in an instant, with a good reason!  Use me as your good reason.  I would have never been talking like this before covid-19, and before they shut down all the “public everything”!   well, I know that these girls go and get checked up every month by a professional Doctor.  I know that I could take them to any Business Meeting, and no one “would have a clue” that here is one of the highest-paid whores in town!  I just want to enjoy every single minute that I have, with one of these sex princesses!


Open Up for  “major radical changes”  like a Pro, sucking your dick, and fucking you!

It’s going to be hard (and no pun intended there) for you, to get anybody to change, when they don’t want to lose, what they have, even if they’re not happy!  I mean everything is changing anyway!  They’re changing jobs!  They’re changing the world-money!   Changing what rights we have too!  Should they really start dictating your sex life?   You’re still a young person?  I didn’t think so for me!   Pick up the phone, give Phoenix Escorts the call, and change it all…


HATE or REGRET won’t be what you’re “feeling” for 2 – 3 hours!

You’re not going to be feeling any bad about anything!  I had one girl, who could “flick the tip of her tongue” and it would hit “that little spot on the bottom of my cock” and my legs would actually jump, with each flick!  She would go faster and faster until she saw my eyes!  I guess they “start fluttering” and then she’d stop, and she tormented me! That lasted for maybe, a quarter of an hour!  I literally had sweat running off my body.  That precum was constantly oozing out!  She looked at it like it was fresh hollandaise sauce…


Phoenix Escorts

Phoenix Escorts can hike thru the woods, or ride you CowGirl style.


I HOLD THE “KEY” to Her “giving herself to Me!     m o n e y

I would have one of these ladies over every weekend, for a couple of hours, but I’m not one of those types of guys who can afford it!  I am one of those kinds of men, who can get one once a month, or once every six weeks or so, that’s what I’ve been doing…  They actually will do anything “for just a normal Joe like you,” I think.  They’re not scared that we’re going to do something weird, or somebody’s going to bust in the room, and problems are going to happen.  Don’t get too personal with these girls, it’s all about finding the lust in your ballsacks, okay?


This isn’t living a Fantasy Life, hiring  Phoenix Escorts!  This is licking, touching, tasting, feeling!

Tell me what’s wrong with that?  I had a friend when I was about 20, who yelled at me, “I only like girls who liked me’!  I thought he was crazy, but as the years went by, I think he was right!  That was because I didn’t know, that you could save up your money, and “order the most delicious looking wonderful tasting smelling professional sex worker.   Now that I know that,  I’m never going back, to just the kind of girl that likes me!  The girls I’m hiring, I don’t want them to like me!  I couldn’t afford their friendship.   I also can’t afford to stop using Phoenix Escorts.



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