Portland Escort

Portland Escort

Portland Escort has the ultimate sex workers available, for the holiday season, or for just a few hours! If you didn’t want to spend the holidays alone, pick up the telephone and make your entire holiday! These women can do more in 3 hours than your Girlfriend or Wife could do in four years…

And they’ll smile the whole time!  You will too! If your sex life is a little slow, if you’re tired of whacking off, if it’s-been-a-while, since you “kissed and licked and screwed” a beautiful girl… Or keep doing what you doing…

For Christmas, I have the money for one Portland Escort. I’m trying to get enough for two ladies…

I definitely know what I’m getting for this Christmas, and New Year! I’m wrapping it ALL in one! Actually, that’s a pun… I’m trying to make it two escorts OKC girls! I’ve never had that before – and with two professionals, it must be really fun.

I’m guessing that while I’m resting, they’ll be “playing with each other” in all kinds of ways. I’m certain that’s what Santa wants for me also. Although I must say – I haven’t really been good this year if you ask a Minister!


Portland Escort

Portland Escort has women who like having sex with Men!


Instead of “building fire in your heart” – Portland Escort girls, focus on your “dick and balls”!

None of these girls are looking for any kind of long-term anything… They’re paid to do a job, and that’s to make me happy and thrilled! Portland Escort sex workers are definitely Professional.

Never once has a girl started to walk out the door, where I didn’t feel like it was the best time I’ve had since I couldn’t remember… And then I remember  “oh yeah the last time was when one of these Portland Escort angels left…” That sure seems like a good-Paradigm to me!


The questions that “motivate sexual action” –  are never “definitively” asked, in our Society!

It seems like the only thing you hear about our vices and neuroses and Hang-Ups and never the fact that sometimes it’s pure enjoyment. When Sigmund Freud took everything back to sex in your mother Society squash doll those ideas and twisted them.

Don’t get me wrong there are sickos out there there are websites like porn hub Asia,  bikiniporn, android 18 porn,  MILF xxnx porn, story porn, and a lot more even! Why is this so “twisted” in our Society, anyway? Tell me that?


You “feel unsure” – when she takes your hand, and then “takes control”!

It’s just wonderful when you don’t have to always be in control. I guess you do when you’re hung up having sex on the Internet with fictitious imaginations of your mind… I know those websites like daughter porn, cheating porn, girls on girls porn,  “bring-thinking” and your dick-gets-hard!

However these professional sex masters from Portland Escort elevate-your-lust, and take sexual control. OH – the feelings!


Portland Escort

Portland Escort “offers” many different types of women, for you to “SELECT” from.


It’s easy to pretend that “she’s just another girl” – until she starts making her moves…

You almost think you’re looking at photos on the Internet of gorgeous women when a Portland Escort working-girl Lady is in your presence! I mean, you get in a trance as if you were looking at a photo of  Jessica Francisco, Becky Visalia,  Katee Sackhoff,  Anastasiya Kvitko,  Nerdy hopefull Lexxi, Noel Easton, all naked! Or Rihanna naked, Jeri Ryan nude, a Farrah Abraham sex tape, or even Margot Robbie porn.

These sex professionals might be EX-dancers like Corinna Kopf nude by the way they walk or EX-Runway girls.  Maybe, professional models, I don’t know…  but they “suck the oxygen out of the room” and SPERM FROM YOUR COCK –  their beauty notwithstanding!


Really do wonder – if I will enjoy-sex, with “non-professionals” now?

I haven’t had 25 or any ridiculous number, but I’ve had enough now, that I know we like them! I was thinking, that if I have a normal relationship with a girl, she’s either going to have to be a fast learner, or maybe one of those lesbian girls that have retired from Portland Escort.

I’m sure they’ve got a long list of men, that they’d like “to spend the rest of their time with” or at least more than just a few hours. I’m happy with that though now… Actually, I’m thrilled, beyond belief.


I don’t “give my heart” to Portland Escort women,  – just “a lot of batches” of sperm!

Have you ever had one of those times where you spend 1/2 a day or more having sex! You feel absolutely spent when it’s all over, but “it sure felt good”.   That is exactly how you feel, each time a Portland Escort beauty is walking away because the time is up!

You don’t feel like you’ve been cheated.  You feel like “an angel has gifted you with something” that you hope you can remember. I bet these women have a lot of really good Karma built up! They’ve sure helped me, and my life.


A side benefit of sex with Portland Escort call-girls is that they NEVER hurt your feelings!

There’s never that buildup of resentment or animosity, that you have with a steady, or a wife. She’s there to “blow your doors and your balls” – and you’re there to experience “Thrills” you can’t feel normally.

It’s a win-win situation! There’s no reason for these women to ever hurt my feelings! They only make my feelings “enhanced and wonderful…”  If bad feelings are dark, – then these girls bring a rainbow of feelings to me.


Portland Escort

Portland Escort has only sex professionals for you to choose from. Pick TWO.!


” Once Bitten – Twice Shy ” does not apply to these Portland Escort sex workers! I’d call it nibbling…

If you’ve experienced an escort service, and you thought you paid too much and “got too little” or, it didn’t work the way you thought?  I’m sorry! I’ve had bad taxi rides, bad airplane rides, and bad restaurant meals, and I know, you have to! I guess – what I’m trying to say is – I have never had a bad experience at Portland Escort.

I couldn’t recommend them enough for a man, who is needing some loving, some kissing, and the smell and taste of a woman… You can get yourself off, off – you’ve been doing that for years! I’m talking about “enjoying the time and the excitement” with a gorgeous, sexual girl.


I feel funny, and I smell-like-sex, when a Portland Escort, Angel leaves – but I never feel guilty!

The only thing that I would change, in all these rendezvous, with my Portland Escort sex workers, is I wish I could slow-time-down, down while there with me… If I could somehow stretch that two or three hours stent, into 2 or 3 weeks… haha  Remember the “orgasmatron-ball” that Woody Allen had to hold, in the closet?

When they opened the door, the look on his face…  haha  I think these women could make a man feel that way, in about 5 hours, and I don’t think, they’d be tired…


If a Portland Escort beauty, – kissed me now, I know that She would “fool-me-again”!

We fool ourselves every day! We like our job… This meal is alright… The world is getting to be a better and safer place. Have you had enough of those lies yet? But when you’re embraced by a Portland Escort sex professional, and she’s French-Kissing you, and touching you just at the right places, with just the right maneuver – bingo! I’m in that “Twilight Zone of Happiness” and I’ll believe anything she says, except “time’s-UP”!


These Portland Escort darlings, seem used-to-the-fact, that I’m “incessantly looking at them”…

Maybe I picked up that bad habit when I was using the computer for my sexual fulfillment. I was staring at American dad porn, momsonsex,  freesexporn, horror porn, hardcore sex, and trying to get my brain infused- by staring at them.  However, when one of these professional sexters walks inside your house, there is NO taking your eyes off-of-Her! They are always “smiling” too! It’s so nice…


Portland Escort

Portland Escort call-girls, are quite shy, as you can see from the picture!


” Lust and Sex ” somehow seem “Shady” – when instead – it should be our Focus!

It’s the passion, the excitement, and the newness-of-it-all, that “should be the focus” of a really-good sex encounter. And I guess that’s what changes in people when they’re first in lust, and then in love, and then they “fall in love” and then that love changes over time!

And you don’t have those types of repetitive-routine-dance-like situations when you hire a sex professional from Portland Escort. At least  -not if you order a different girl every time like I have been doing!


Forget injuries, HOWEVER never forget kindness!

When you get to be “really old” the only thing you get to keep are your memories.

Your money winds up going into a “Trust” somewhere, and your Property whines up being divided by your family.

Health is determined by your healthcare sex workers.  Your food is prepared and fed to you!  Doesn’t sound too promising…  but that’s for the lucky ones… If I have MY memories, then I want to think about all these wonderful, that I’ve enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, as “time&money” permits. Thank you Portland Escort.

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