RaleighEscorts, is a name that you don’t soon forget if you’ve used them as a client. I’m sure there are many people, who hire these gorgeous girls like Meg Turney for public events! Some people might even hire one to accompany them to a Family dinner or a Party! I hire these call-girls because they are “sexual professionals” – and I want the sex! It’s not like you having sex with your wife or your girlfriend… It’s like “stepping into a whole new league” and trying to “keep up” for 2 or 3 hours!   }pun-definitely-intended


Don’t stop learning about RaleighEscorts!   They are a man’s  “savior” in our’ Age!

If you’re not aware of RaleighEscorts,  they service the Raleigh area, and work by reservation only! Due to the Holidays and the Parties and such… you might need to book your first  “Enclave of Sexual Delight” two or three weeks from now… Until then, you’ll have to drop back to the old-internet websites, like big tits Asian, girl twerks, big booty Latina porn,  8cm to inches,  or sister porn! Oh  – are you shocked that I know those types of websites? Only when the professional girls at RaleighEscorts are busy…



RaleighEscorts are NOT “wall-flowers” that don’t know what to do!


It’s been a mystery – Why Something Good –  Can Hurt – So Bad.

What I mean by “it hurting so bad” is once you’ve had the  “elixir-of-Ambrosia” from one of these professional-sex workers, you become “sexually hungry”!  You can eat all the steak, or all the burgers, or all the party foods, but “the only thing you want” is one of those professional sex girls! They look beautiful to the eyes, smell perfect to your nose, taste wonderful on your tongue…  Oh yeah -and I almost forgot-  your dick is happier than he’s ever been!  haha


Who will be the lonely one?     So many  -wrongs or rights…

I don’t consider myself  “lonely”  anymore. Even when I’m alone, and it’s late at night. I have all these awesome porn memories from the half-dozen girls I’ve hired from RaleighEscorts. Somehow just trying to remember the different moves and the different places, takes all the loneliness away! I guess it’s all you really have when you really get-old are memories of things you did… I definitely want it to be memories of  “what I did”  and not thoughts of what I  “should have done”!   RaleighEscorts is definitely one of those, thank God I’m doing it! If you’ve used them already,  – then you know, what I mean.


What have I become?  Everyone I knew has retreated from associating…

Had I not taken advantage of these professional sex workers at RaleighEscorts, I’d be in bad shape now! Not only would I have missed all those “wonderful sex interludes”  but my old friends aren’t even-around-anymore to drink with. Half of them are scared of the virus, and the other half of the people, who got a vaccine! I’m not dealing with any of that craziness at all.  I’m saving my money and hiring another sex goddess from RaleighEscorts as soon as I can. If I call up one of my old buddies they’re still doing the same old same old… One was bragging that he was watching on the internet looking at Whitney Cummings nude, Leah Remini nude,  Isla Fisher nude, and a Farrah Abraham sex tape!  I like my REAL sex-Princesses at RaleighEscorts.


Love is a burning thing bound by wild desire – whereas “lust” gets refilled later!

There is no waste, there is no loss, and there is no diminishment, using RaleighEscorts. You always hear of love being this “Burning Desire” but lust isn’t that way… Lust is something that you feel “compelled and urged to do profusely” but then, later on, those wonderful feelings come back, and hopefully, you have memories, of how you were satisfied the last time. I know, I have many memories, of about a half-dozen Angels, who specialized in sex with horny men. Yep – I’m talking again about RaleighEscorts!



RaleighEscorts Do NOT have any “sex-hang-ups”!    Do You?

It’s getting way better, at least in my attitude and my sex life, how about you and yours?

Are you still stuck on the internet looking at programs like  American dad porn, gacha life porn, traps porn, stuck porn, all on your’ telephone?  Sometimes I would watch mom’s anus,  incest stories,  pornography videos,  momsonsex, familysex, there is some hard-core stuff out there! None of it is real intimacy! None of it is going to make you feel like a real man! And none of it  “satisfies Your Lust”  – it only increases it!  Watching things like stepsister porn, fuk machine, and xxxfree…  Save your money up, and get a real RaleighEscorts, professional sex teacher!

RaleighEscorts got rid of all the broken thoughts that I could not repair!

Have the ability to touch a woman, and then do wonderful things with that opportunity! Run your fingers through her soft hair. Smell the conditioner and the perfumes that she has. Run the back of your fingers down her beautiful, smooth arms and on her soft and firm legs. Take your tongue, and lick inside her ear as deep as you can, and “Whisper little things” – that give her goosebumps. Then take that tongue down, where her legs meet, and  “get all sloppy”  and have a great time! You see, I’ve already repaired all those broken thoughts that you had   “in your mind”   and you’re just thinking about using a RaleighEscorts goddess!

If you’re feeling weird and it doesn’t look good,   – call RaleighEscorts!

We  “get into a rut”  or what Business People like to call our “paradigm”!   All that means is it’s the collection of “all our habits and repetitive things” we do.  These we file in our subconscious! I’m trying to “feed my subconscious” with the different smiles, features, and qualities, of those gorgeous-sexy-angels from RaleighEscorts. You can’t have any type of weird feeling when you’re thinking about those girls, except…   – well those types of feelings “aren’t weird”  – now are they…  haha

With RaleighEscorts the pressure of   ” is she going to deliver is gone”!   You paid in advance!

I’m a man just like you are!  I know the “Hoops” that we jump through to try and get some pussy! It doesn’t matter, if it’s your Wife of 15 years, or are the girlfriend of 5 days! We do things that we think they’ll like… So that   “hopefully”  we can “get them to willingly do things” that we really like! Sucking, and licking the tip-of-my-dick n’ my balls, cum to my mind…  What’s cumming to your mind, right now?  Since you paid, you don’t have to “jump through any Hoops” it’s definitely going to happen!  You got hours to fulfill those urges!  Pick up the telephone now, and call RaleighEscorts!



RaleighEscorts have “a-firm-grip” on what makes a real man happy!

You paid “top dollar” to have sex with the RaleighEscorts, and it’s a one-way ticket!  Your way!

When you go to make a reservation, with RaleighEscorts, the woman is going to ask,  – what it is you’re looking for, as far as looks and “other things”!  Please don’t be shy and don’t fail to “be as candid and as serious as you can” at that moment. Whatever it is that you tell the Reservationist, is just what she lets your sex princess know before she arrives, at your meeting place. She will also bring her “little bag” which has all kinds of toys and lubricants,  restraints-and-gizmos! You’re going to “get it your way” all right, but then  – you’re going to get so much more until the time is up!

Touching, kissing, and fucking,  RaleighEscorts is a  “normal man’s lifetime of moments”  felt in minutes –  great sex!

If somebody says “do you dance?” you probably say “yes I dance” but you probably only know three or four different moves! That’s like most people… we dance the way we do to the music we like. Professional Dancers can dance to anything… I hope you understand my analogy here! These women at RaleighEscorts are professional call-girl sex-princesses, that have done every-single-maneuver, hundreds of times, and will make you feel  “just less than a god”!   That’s what you’re paying the exuberant amount of money for, is their experience…  which translates into your feelings!

How can there ever be any sexual turning back?  What does that even mean?

I’m not going back to diapers until I have to, or being spoon-fed by someone either… That’s the way it is with my SEX too!  I’ve grown out of those average, three or four different positions, and know that I’m going to be done in 20 minutes or less! Now  – when I make a Reservation, I get myself all clean and ready, and prepare for a two or three-hour sexual interlude, that hopefully, I’ll remember for 25 years!  After having more than four Ladies, their wonderful experiences are blending-together into “one wonderful story”! That story is called my life! I hope you’re as happy in your life, as I am in mine – now that I’m using RaleighEscorts!



RaleighEscorts even have “color-coordinated Sex-Toys” for more-Fun!


Being either shy or Sly doesn’t work on a RaleighEscorts professional sex worker! Let them lead.

What am I going to be able to tell one of those girls is how much of a Gentleman I am, while they’re here! Every move they make seems like it’s choreographed.  They’re on the clock, and they are using every-single-minute, to “drive up to my libido and my lust and sexual desire” for them. As they’re walking out the door, it’s not like I don’t want them more!  I still want them, but I couldn’t give them another ounce of sperm if I had to. They’ve drained me dry, as well as my wallet.   I don’t care – both will “replenish” later! The memories, however, will last forever! And my dick likes me more now…  haha



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