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Reno Escorts – The sex with your Reno Escort, should be happening! If you’re not totally-thrilled and in-awe by the girl that you’ve ordered, and shows-up, then maybe you’re dead, and nobody has told you! These girls show up on time – at least all the ones I’ve ordered have come a couple minutes early, no that was me, and I came-real-early, but that was only with the first-girl…haha When she settles-in, and starts taking-control subtly, the time will slip by so quickly, you’ll be begging for time-to-stop!

With using Reno Escorts – there is no-lack of “innovation” on their part. Their entire-focus is to please your mind, dick, and balls!

With using Reno Escorts, these girls have experience to match Rose Byrne nude, Leah Remini nude, Adria Rae, or any sex-Model you can name! Reno Escorts, has nothing but professional Call Girls, and Sex Escorts! Places like dirty talk porn, story porn, or  black widow porn, are exciting, but not your house, in the flesh! There’s been times, I’ve laid around alone, with a good sex-video or a good porno-mag, and had a great-time. Looking at those beautiful-girls and being able to touch-one who’s touching-you-back and kissing and licking you, there’s just no comparison!
Reno Escorts

Reno Escorts have “enhancements” sometimes, which work for your’ benefit…

Set your sex-life in reality – construct it with sexual-experiences at Reno Escorts, not a Farrah Abraham sextape, or at crazyshit com!

This world is so FAKE right now already! Don’t use the Internet as a substitute for a real cum-slurping gorgeous working-girl at Reno Escorts! If you watch the major-news-channels or the major-cable-news channels, they all say the same “exact script” written by somebody who’s the Boss, and all of its fake! I’m sure a lot of the women that I look at in those sexual-magazines are all touched-up and those videos have professional-lighting and they probably have five or ten takes for one of those great-sex-scenes… Your sexual-goddess call-girl Working-Girl from Reno Escorts, is going to do-everything in one-take and you’ll be thrilled….

Have the courage to use your own intelligence – not watching viking barbie, a Farrah Abraham sextape, or inceststories, and “wacking-yourself off” AGAIN.

Every man enjoys looking at  Alura Jenson, Mia Melano, Gia Derza, Ava Adams, or Julie Cash, but that is NOT real-sex! Reno Escorts, are so much better to look at “in-the-flesh”…  You remember in our Dads’ day, when we were young, and they had those “scratch and sniff” Magazines! Thinking back on that now, it was pitiful wasn’t it? You’re going to feel exactly-the-same way about those mags&videos you’ve been watching, or those websites you’ve been looking at. Once – one of these girls from Reno Escorts, walks through your-door and climbs into your bed, or sits on your couch! Or are you planning on bending or over the kitchen table?  haha

When people “JUDGE ANOTHER” there is no-room for “another-opinion”! Having your balls and cock slowly licked & sucked – changes all those opinions!

Have you ever had a girlfriend or wife try and “prolong-the-ejaculation” until the tip-of-your-cock is jumping & throbbing? Any of the lushious, sex-goddesses, at Reno Escorts, know how! You can probably count on both of your hands, the amount of times, you had a girl, who had you so-excited, that your eyes were squeezed shut. You would just try and concentrate on not exploding too quickly… I’ve had those thoughts, with each and every single girl that has arrived from Reno Escorts. It must be sex-training on their part at work, for them to be able to prolong a man’s ejaculation! OH – is that feeling so wonderful.

Paying – “Full-Price” for a Reno Escorts Professional is like having Jewels Jade, Noel Easton, or Anastasiya Kvitko, naked-horny, and fucking your eyes-out…

I’m not 18 or 70 years old, so I am as horny as a two-dicked dog, most of the time… When you “order your fantasy” from Reno Escorts, it is so-much-better than you can imagine… These working girls earn the money I pay! These girls, are not “stalling” and they’re certainly not trying-to-rush you, since you’re paying them “by the hour”! So they time things perfectly. If you’re like me, you will get Hard 2 or 3 times, and think you’re going to explode, five or six more… but when they’re done, you’re totally spent…  I’m not talking about the money!

“EXTREME PLEASURE” is the focus of the woman you reserve! She looks good, smells good, walks like a cat, and fucks like a love-starved refugee – but focused only on your immediate-pleasure!

I can remember special-parties that I was going to, or special-occasions where my girlfriend or my wife, would “doll-herself-up”… You know those occasions, where you want “everyone to be looking at the girl on your side”- because you know, that they know, that you’ll be sticking your cock in! Every one of her holes, later on! So picture of woman showing-up at your house, or at the Hotel, wherever you’re at, and she’s dressed-perfect and acts like she’s always known you! She winds-up getting close to you within five minutes time, and the warm-up is actually a “petting-session”! A nude Sophia Loren, Rihanna naked, or Jeri Ryan nude! You get a “sexual-high” from it all…

These Reno Escorts, are slowly working their-way into my monthly-life now!  I owe it all to Covid-19. The money I couldn’t go-spend, I use for my Reno Scorts now!

I’ve always heard the saying if you get lemons, learn how to make lemonade… When it comes to these Reno Escorts, these girls show-up with Lemon-Meringue-Pie and they are the topping! I explain what type of woman I’m interested-in, and the “kinds of things that I’m interested in her performing” – and then all I have to do is wait for the doorbell, or the knock, on the door, for my sex-session to begin! They bring the Condoms, they bring the Jells, the Lubes, the sex-toys, – everything! All I have to do – is to try and “keep from coming” with a pre-ejaculation, and ruining it… It’s taken a few times, for me to learn to keep that “staying-power”…
Reno Escorts

Reno Escorts at times, just don’t speak a lot…! That’s OK, right?

One TIP, is to put Reno Escorts in your cellphone under a different-name! Make is sound really-boring, and show it to no-one!

I’m sure you keep your cellphone in your pocket, or close to you, at all times. Most men are smart enough to have a password. But just in case someone is looking at a picture you’re showing them, or an article you found on the Internet, you don’t want them to be able to scroll through your phone-numbers and see where it says Reno Escorts! There’s one or two of your really-close-friends that you’re definitely going to want to share them with! Just so that they can get out of their doldrums, and you can feel good, that you’ve turned them on, to one of the greatest things they’ll ever experience in their life! But you want to be the one to bring it up, not let him find it, on your phone….

I must say that I DO NOT HAVE any sexual-frustrations anymore! I know it is due to using Reno Escorts as often as I can…

Some, like Jesse James and Evan Seinfeld, Kid Rock, Golf superstar Tiger Woods, Acting superstar Michael Keaton, and The Two And A Half Men star, Charlie Sheen, just to name several I know! I can probably think of a few yourself and it’s only because “they can afford to do so” that they learned to pick-up-the-phone and call Professional-girls like this! They don’t teach us “working stiffs” pun definitely intended – the TRUTH….

NO sexual-action need to have Moral-Worth. STOP being controlled by the Social Control Mechanism, the ultimate-weathy have propagated against the regular-horny-man!

I have a lot of friends, who have all kinds of different-jobs! Not one of them has ever told me about using a “professional call out sex service” like Reno Escorts. We’ve been pretty-high and drunk before, and shared many-things and they would have told me about an experience! Even if it was only one, had they ordered-one of these absolute sex professional goddesses! I’m sitting here, writing this note, “to brag to you” because I don’t want it out to everybody around where I work… But I do want to help as many men, who are stuck playing with their cock every-night, wishing they had a beautiful girl… You can – just by picking up the phone – and calling Reno Escorts!

Have the courage to use your own intelligence! No one taught you how-to-masturbate, or how to put your dick in a girl, the first-time! I’m trying to help you out here!

Would you have believed your Father, if he told you, when you were 24 or maybe even a little-younger?  “Son let me explain to you I love your mom but…” There’s no-way, even if your Dad was a card-carrying member of Reno Escorts, that he’d ever be able to tell you something like that. But I think, one of your friends, would just to show you how much of a man that they were, to pay that kind of money for a girl, and even more importantly, the way they felt when she was walking-out their door, and their balls were drained.

Are you tired of looking at sites like dirty talk porn, porn hub asia, android 18 porn, xxnx porn, big booty latina porn, bleach porn, story porn, daughter porn,nasty porn?

I’m not saying that I don’t take a look at gorgeous-girls, for a couple minutes every day, just to keep my-blood-rushing, to the important-places it’s supposed to! What I am saying, is that it’s not my staple! That’s not my “meat and potatoes” that’s the “bread with the jelly”… When one of these-girls that you have ordered from Reno Escorts, walks in your door, and you tell yourself – oh my God, this is going to be fantastic! The money won’t mean anything! Those pornography-websites certainly won’t mean anything! You feel like a truly-blessed, vivacious, sexually-virulent, and loving-man when they leave…
Reno Escorts

Reno Escorts Ladies, are “perfect” in looks, personality, and SEX!

WISDOM is organized-life! What’s more important to you in this changing world we live in, more than your dick, and you living your life, as a man?

If we let the people who are pretending to be our owners or bosses have their way – we will be sitting in our houses, calling-up waiting for our food to get delivered, while we’re watching cable-TV, and waiting for our monthly-check, that the United Nations pays! I’m not in for any of that kind of stuff!  What I am actually anticipating, is being able to-budget, one of these wonderful-ladies a couple times a month, from Reno Escorts! If I can learn to afford them, then I can give up three or four “other hobbies” that I’m kind of tired-of-anyway, and hey – I don’t have to wear-a-mask, or keep six-feet-away, when she walks in the door,,,,

The Cyborg Trans-Humanist Way …  it’s the easy way!  Myself I want to feel a woman, and feel like a total-man!

I don’t know if you’ve been following up on the Science and the Technology! The direction they’re pushing-us is “cyborgs and transhumanism” these are the themes nowadays! I’m not here to “steer the rest of your life”. I’m just writing this article, trying to show you how to keep yourself as “human and as manly” as I know possible! Looking at pornography-websites, buying sex-magazines, watching sex-videos… none of that is real. None of that’s going to make you feel happy! There’s only so-many-ways that you can jack-yourself-off…  Let the girl from Reno Escorts give you a hand-job, and see if you want to go back to doing it by yourself.

Strap-On some VR & AR Goggles that are linked-up to a computer-controlled Ac-U-Jack to get yourself off…

Have you seen those new “VR AR goggles” that they’re promoting! One of those big Media-Company Executives, introduced some whole-new-world, that he’s trying to sell-everybody, on entering into! It just reminded me 100%, of that movie The-Matrix, where the people were laying-in-the-pods, and thinking they were having a great life! I am having a great-life, even though the world is unplugging-itself, and trying to get itself kick-started again! When everything gets back-to-normal, if that’s ever-possible, I’m going to be more than normal – and if things don’t-get-back to normal, at least, I’m having great-sex, while everyone else, is crying in their soup!

RENO ESCORTS takes you to places you “only have seen in-the-movies” – pick up the phone – make it REAL.

There’s all kinds of other services out there, especially in this State, where sexuality is not a crime! Women can sublease-themselves legally! One of my friends told me, that Eros Escort, and Albuquerqueescorts, are really fun places to get girls from!  I haven’t tried either-one of those, and why would I go that far, when these ladies are so close!  I’m so happy with “the services” they provide me. I hope I’ve changed your-opinion about these gorgeous, wonderful working-girls, and the effort that they put in. Speaking of “put in” they always put my cock in!  I like that. Enjoy your life, I hope that I have steered-you in the right direction!

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