Sexy Massage

Sexy Massage

Sexy Massage, in my opinion, isn’t to be used as a last resort. You don’t visit these sex-wonders because you aren’t “getting any sex”! You go, for the fun, the thrills, and the sexual excitement of it all. Just like all McDonald’s Hamburgers Restaurants, vary in looks and style, but the burgers don’t, same thing with a Sexy Massage.  Remember not to judge a book by the cover. Some places are “swank inside” but low-profile on the outside. Have fun, where ever you wind up.

Don’t get Sexy Massage confused with Swedish, Thai, Rolfing, or those other types of massage.

It’s all “rubbing & friction” but rubbing what?  The Professional Massage is unique, each has its benefits. The massage I am speaking of is for fun, thrills, and sex, not for Therapeutics! I guess you could call being horny a “condition that needs correcting”!  haha, I know for sure, that getting a good Sexy Massage happy ending, will make all your pains go away. I think Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it “the Honeymoon Effect”!  When you leave, the feelings you have are elation & joy.



Getting your back professionally rubbed feels great, but Sexy Massage doesn’t concentrate on your back.

I like having a beautiful woman, dressed all sexy, touching & pawing on me.  The time you are there flies by fast.  Normally the time is about 90 minutes, from entering to leaving. The ambiance is sensual, the music romantic, but played softly. There are a dozen or so Ladies in the lavish vestibule, all smiling and hoping that they are your choice. You have a comfortable chair & table to sit at, while you have a beverage, as you determine what you want this visit, and with whom…


Where you might take your friend to get “a regular massage” you want to get a Sexy Massage all by yourself!

The places differ one from another, but all that I have been to, operate basically the same. You wouldn’t have “your buddies” follow you to a Hotel Room when you have a new woman, would you?  Same thing here… Go alone! I say this in hindsight since I learned this lesson the hard way.  I took a friend when I first started using Sexy Massage as my go-to sexual thrill. Boy was that a mistake on my part! Not only was he rude and obnoxious inside to the Ladies, but joking I guess…  They didn’t think it was funny!  It is actually kind of caused problems for me and him. I’ve never gone back there because of that. It’s been long enough though now, I probably could. Take my advice and go alone!

Sexy Massage

Sexy Massage

There are many different types of Sexy Massage, so don’t get confused…  My favorite is the Soapy Bath.

I guess there’s “low end” and there’s “high end” to all types of establishments.  That must include the Sexy Massage also! There are the ones, where there are just couches and little cubby-hole areas for you to socialize in, and then off to a little private room somewhere for your 90 minutes. And then there’s the Soapy Bath… How that works, is you pick your Lady and head up to a room. When you walk inside, there’s an area to hang your clothes, and a big bathtub, a bed, and the floor is all beautiful tile. They run a bubble bath, and throw you inside, scrubbing everything, even your asshole, then lay you on the floor. They’ve got baby oil all on themselves, and they massage you using their pussy! Then they throw you up onto a bed, slip on a condom, and fuck your eyes out!



Here in America, Sexy Massage is different than it is in Asia. There – the women are prostitutes!

These Sexy Massage places in most of the USA, are not like a Brothel is!  The Whorehouse makes no pretenses as to what is going on. Everybody knows, it is about fucking & sucking, and not necessarily in that order… The Sex Massage Houses allow for those eventualities, but shroud them, so as to escape Social and/or legal problems. I have NEVER ever read about a “scandal” or a police bust of a Sexy Massage, have you? Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to get your dick sucked, and a good fuck!


I have a couple of places where I get Sexy Massage. I don’t park my car in their driveway though. I walk about a block and a half.

Even though I’ve never read about any police problems or legality- problems at a sexy massage, I don’t need any problems! That’s why I’m telling you to park your car or truck a block or two away and walk inside. The reason why I say that, is because you never know who’s just watching the cars pull up, up, and writing down the license plate numbers. You don’t need any problems later. If somebody’s going to follow you and track you back to your car… well that’s somebody who’s pretty serious about who you are. I’m just trying to avoid problems later, by solving the problems that I have now… being HORNY and needing a fun time in a Sexy Massage.


Going to a Sexy Massage isn’t like going to a Whorehouse. But it’s the closest thing to one that’s legal.

I am not shy to say I have been to Whorehouses in America, SouthEast Asia, and Australia. The set-up works the same, only the color of the Ladies’ skin, and the color of the currency are different. They are always worth the effort and the money, that’s for sure! The outcome, or should I say “out-cum” is guaranteed.  Using Establishments offering Sexy massages, you work things much more subtly! You can’t walk in the front door and say you want to FUCK.  If you do that, the Receptionist will tell you that is not the kind of place it is, and they probably think you’re some type of police! So go slow, and be cool.



If you’re in Nevada, or by an Indian Reservation, you probably won’t use these girls…

I’m hypothesizing here, but I doubt that there are any Sexy Massage places, where prostitution is not illegal. That would be a competition where Sexy Massage can’t win! The legit, Therapeutic Massage Establishment, would be able to exist next to the CatHouses, I suppose.  Getting a deep-tissue massage, is quite different, then licking on pussy, and getting fucked and sucked, don’t you agree? If you were somewhere that had a House of Prostitution, and a Sexy Massage side-by-side, which would you choose?


What you’re paying for is the time…  I couldn’t imagine, spending more than 2 hours a visit!

If you are going for the first time for a Sexy Massage, I won’t do more than 90 minutes, if I was you. The “newness of it” will have you a bit disorientated, like I was my 1st time. The CLOCK is your Enemy, at a place like this. Either we get into it, and the time slips away, or we become a “clock-watcher”!  These places are not like the street-corner slut, who gets you in a room and lights a cigarette. When the cig is finished, you had better be,  – time is up!  At a Sexy Massage, you can cum 3 times if possible! For them, it’s all about the clock, not the cum!


If you see a telephone in the room, don’t make the mistake I did, and pick it up – oh boy!

I sometimes act inappropriately, but in a funny or joking way always. At one of my first Sexy Massage places, I saw a telephone on the bed headboard and picked up the receiver. I was just having fun. The naked goddess leaped over me, and hung the phone up, in a panic. She said that is the EMERGENCY SIGNAL, and that 2 Men, would bust in, and rough me up! Thank goodness she was quick, things might have been horrible.  So have fun, but remember it is NOT your house, OK?


Most of the really good Sexy Massage outlets, don’t advertise publicly,  – for security reasons.

I have never “been in need sexually” in a large city, and have not been able to locate a Sexy Massage place, but it takes some searching. Let’s face it, men are always horny, and it only takes once to “learn the ropes”!  Look under Massage Parlors, and I have also seen some listed as Male-Only Spas. The easiest way I have found though is to flag down a Taxi and take a 10-minute ride.  While cruising, ask him where the Sexy Massage place is, and let him drive you there.  He gets a stipend for bringing you I’m sure!  Who cares – right?


Walk in all clean, dressed nicely, and act as money. You’ll get better service, which means “it feels better”!

There’s an old saying that is actually true in this case. ” you treat people the way that you see them”!  If the ladies at the Sexy Massage see you as Dapper, and maybe with a little money, they’ll treat you better.  Lots better than if they think you’re on unemployment, and just used your last government check to come to get off, or should I say climb on…  haha, It’s not going to really matter, except for the first five minutes, because the clothes will be coming off, and the fun will start.  It’s just how much fun do you want?  What level do you want to take it to?



If you can find a Sexy Massage that has Oriental or Asian ladies you’ll probably have a better time.

My Uncle was a Southern Preacher, so I was raised naturally Christian. I have found that people raised that way, have a split moral dilemma when it comes to sex. People that are from Asia or the Orient, don’t seem to have that problem, because they have Buddha, or some other figure, but the main thing is, they don’t believe in SIN. If you don’t believe in sin, then what they’re doing is “just a job” like any other job!  They try and do it as best as they can, which means they try and do you as best as they can!  I think you’ll find that to be true.  I know I have.


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