Stockton Scort

Stockton Scort

Stockton Scort, is not anything like surfing the web for pornography!   Known and unknown Sites abound for FREE.  Dcum, jojo porn, hdporno, beastars porn, veporns, naked girl,  porngo…  have I missed the other 5,000,000 websites?   Everyone likes looking at best sex videos, showing a naked mom, with hot boobs, desperately sucking dick, titjob and all.  Even kinky stuff like aunt porn, mixed with some mom and son sex, with some sis porn, screaming “lickmypussy” is a Turn-On for sure!  Those type of things won’t even be considered “low-hanging fruit” after you’ve used a few of these beautiful goddesses, that are for rent by the hour, at Stockton Scort!



Knowledge a future-events is what Stockton Scort specializes in! There’s certain I’m going to CUM!

When I tell you, that they “take the pressure off” I’m not just talking about my to nutsacks!  You know that for the two or three hours that you paid for! You’re “strapped into a roller-coaster seat, of sexual Thrills” and “catalyzing tantric excursions” that only a Professional, can “bring out in a novice” like me.  Don’t even play with yourself, for two or three days before they cum! Build up as much tumescence in those sacks as you can!   Watch what they do, with every bit of it…


Stockton Scort

Stockton Scort hires professional and educated-women, who entertain, both publicly and privately!


Dripping and draped in gold. Bathed in pheromones! How does a mortal man even have a chance?


With a Danish Porn WebSite, at least you can walk away when it gets too sexy!  Places like ebony xxx, lesbian Tribbing, much hentai, monster, and other pronography videos, do get you going but don’t GET YOU OFF.  These Stockton Scort women, meet you at the appointed place, on time! I don’t know if it’s Charisma, Magnetism their Aura or just plain Sex-Magic they spellbind you immediately!  It might be those Professional Pheromones, but I don’t even know…     I don’t care!


I’m not caught up in a love affair with a woman!  I am loving Stockton Scort!    They changed me.


Just like I “root for a home Team” but don’t know all the Players, or love this beautiful Nation, but I hate all the Politicians!  I love all the girls in Stockton Scort… And I’ve been trying to work my way through their Extensive Catalog!  haha   After one professional, and then another, and then another…  after a while, you just want to watch their moves, and try and remember, how that feels!   That’s worth the money you spend right there, you know?

There are “no hidden coils or traps” when you use Stockton Scort, for your sexual pleasure, and release.


Going through a Professional Service, in business for years like Stockton Scort, I don’t have to worry that later on, it’s going to cost me way more money, than I even spent for the 3 hours or less I was with any of these sex-sorceresses!  They don’t bother you later!  You don’t get any emails!  They’re not asking for your phone number, and you better not touch the purse, or the bag they walked in with.


Stockton Scort

Stockton Scort allows for you to have some “Manly Fantasies” materialize for a few hours.


My dreams have far from deserted me!  It’s so strange how things have turned… Especially now.


I used to daydream about Suzanne Somers nude, Isla Fisher was nude, Anastasiya Kvitko, Sigourney Weaver nude, Leah Remini nude, Noel Easton, Whitney Cummings nude, Rose Byrne nude, Margot Robbie porn, Nicole Scherzinger, or Rihanna naked.  What a WASTE of Dream-Power!  Now I look at the Catalog from Stockton Scort.  Then I start to do my dreaming during the day of the ones I’ve already had, from Stockton Scort. I simultaneously, merge the fantasy of the new one, doing some of the other ones’ favorite Maneuvers, on me – with me  – and to me!  See the difference?  Pick up the phone, make a call, and change things for yourself.


I actually changed all the lighting in my house, so that I could see these Ladies later, without Bright Lights, while they’re visiting!


I’m sure they’ve got “gizmos” if they needed, that would tell them, all the “different little tiny hidden cameras” that I bought on the internet. They are installed onto a hard drive!  These girls have been FUCKING on jet planes and in yachts, and probably even submarines, so they’re used to cameras Every Which Way…  Pun definitely intended!  haha    I’ve got the lighting and the cameras hidden, to where I can adjust the Hue, or the Contrast, or the Lighting.  I’m going to need those films when I’m older, just to prove to “the Young Bucks” what a real man, used to do to a real woman, before virtual-reality and augmented-reality and apparatuses were invented.


I guess the best way to describe a Stockton Scort, is that they are  – Indoor Sex Rainbows!


I’m always excited, but sometimes they catch me during one of those mid-emotional moments that we have, in our Rhythm of Life!  That doesn’t matter, within 45 minutes of walking either into my house or the Hotel Room I have, she’s taking Total Control and I don’t even realize it until later.  It must be the pheromones that they have, which are probably CIA invented…  After all,    sex is their business they know every trick there is!   Opps – another  PUN!


People see and believe what they “should” see!    Not what is actually there…  Remember that!


There’s some kind of “demon software” or whatever the name is.  You can take anybody’s face, and copy their voice, and a computer can make a Movie with them!  We’ve all heard about the Fake News and the Cable News and the News that our parents grew up with, no one even believes that anymore.  If everything is scripted and nothing we see is real, except what they get us all to believe…    Now I think, you figured out why, you have never heard of Stockton Scort!  See how they do it?   The best PUSSY in town!


Stockton Scort

Stockton Scort women all are well-versed in the “art of massage” and rubbing on men!


I don’t cry, or ever get confused, with a girl sexually anymore! They’re the Sexual Professionals.


My friends are still looking at the creampie teens, teens nude, teen snow, girl-on-girl porn, but none of that cuck chat, is helping them sexually, in the long run! These women are used to hanging out with “spoiled-rich, brat,  trust-fund, pampered all their lives, born with a Golden Spoon in their mouth, men.   I am sure handling of red-necked, hard-working, go to work every day and try and save enough money so that I can FUCK Them, kind of a man…  It’s great.


According to statistics Every Woman around you, wants 25 minutes, of non-stop intercourse!


Think about how you’re telling yourself “oh I can do it for 25 minutes”!  You lie to yourself, even with your normal everyday Fuck!  Statistically, they have proven you got your six and a half minutes of “pounding and thrusting” even though you think it’s 9.  It’s this kind of shit, that “gets us lying to ourselves” even more until our own inner-self doesn’t know what’s true!  If you pick up the phone and call Stockton Scort, and you order a woman for 2 hours, and meet her in a Hotel you feel comfortable in, what’s the harm, even if I’m wrong?


You gave me so much lust, fun, and passion!  Hey – what’s your name anyway?


That sounds kind of calloused, or teasing on the square, or even chauvinistic maybe!  However, none of those things are true.  What’s true is exactly what happened.  I had one of my most absolutely enjoyable sexual experiences this side of the Galaxy, we were laughing and giggling and acting like we were childhood sweethearts!  As she was almost out the door, I realized that she had controlled of the conversation the entire time, as well as my orgasms, and hers.  Maybe she just forgot to tell me, what her name was…   What do you think?


Stockton Scort

Stockton Scort Ladies “like to do what you like” for the hours hired. What do you want to do?


These sex magicians at Stockton Scort, weaken me at a glance!  With their’ touch – I’m done!


Rupert Sheldrake says that we actually use a projector beam from our eyes that can be measured!  I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that when these girls are looking in your eyes, and they always seem to be, and you’re hypnotized…  They’re smiling, and the cameras show, that when they’re asking me a question, they’re slowly and almost unperceivable nodding their head, while they’re looking in your eyes!  They smell good, they taste good, I don’t know what it is…  maybe it’s something in their’ smartwatch!  All I know is, I’m saving my money for my next Stockton Scort, and I don’t care what she does to me –  for that 120 Minutes!



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