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Guide to girl sex with and with sex toys.

Girl sex can be uplifting when you need some air change, and not just bother a man. That’s why I wanted to come up with my own guide to, the naughtiest girl sex.

There are many opinions on how to lick pussy on a girl, my opinion is patience. Give yourself plenty of time to caress your pussy, bite a little in the dune, and run your tongue quietly up and down.

Once you can feel the pussy is well wet, then you can start with a few fingers up into her. Find the vaginal wall just about an inch up, and massage her g-spot gently.

While massaging her g-spot, suck yourself up to her clitoris, and run the heavy tip over it in circular motions. It will definitely make any girl come strong.

Lesbian sex and sex toys give it spice.

Should it be a bit extra naughty when you have lesbo sex, you can use a lot of naughty sex toys. Here it is only the imagination that sets a limit, the market abounds with sex toys for girls.

Here too I would come up with my suggestions for sex toys, a double dildo allows for double pleasure. You can use it together or separately, no matter what it is a must for girl sex.

If one is I would play man and had the power in bed, a strap-on dildo can really do wonders. They come in many sizes and shapes, which are guaranteed to bring joy to both of you.

Girl finds sex partners on escort sites.

girl sex

girl sex

It is not always easy to find a girl who is fresh on girl sex

I know from my own experience. So here comes my last piece of advice this time around.

Find your partner on one of the naughty sex chat sites, or dating sites available online.

There is definitely a site I use when I look for girl sex, and it is a dating site called here you also read about sucking happy escort girls.

Sexy Massage

Sexy Massage

Sexy Massage, in my opinion, isn’t to be used as a last resort. You don’t visit these sex-wonders because you aren’t “getting any sex”! You go, for the fun, the thrills, and the sexual excitement of it all. Just like all McDonald’s Hamburgers Restaurants, vary in looks and style, but the burgers don’t, same thing with a Sexy Massage.  Remember not to judge a book by the cover. Some places are “swank inside” but low-profile on the outside. Have fun, where ever you wind up.

Don’t get Sexy Massage confused with Swedish, Thai, Rolfing, or those other types of massage.

It’s all “rubbing & friction” but rubbing what?  The Professional Massage is unique, each has its benefits. The massage I am speaking of is for fun, thrills, and sex, not for Therapeutics! I guess you could call being horny a “condition that needs correcting”!  haha, I know for sure, that getting a good Sexy Massage happy ending, will make all your pains go away. I think Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it “the Honeymoon Effect”!  When you leave, the feelings you have are elation & joy.



Getting your back professionally rubbed feels great, but Sexy Massage doesn’t concentrate on your back.

I like having a beautiful woman, dressed all sexy, touching & pawing on me.  The time you are there flies by fast.  Normally the time is about 90 minutes, from entering to leaving. The ambiance is sensual, the music romantic, but played softly. There are a dozen or so Ladies in the lavish vestibule, all smiling and hoping that they are your choice. You have a comfortable chair & table to sit at, while you have a beverage, as you determine what you want this visit, and with whom…


Where you might take your friend to get “a regular massage” you want to get a Sexy Massage all by yourself!

The places differ one from another, but all that I have been to, operate basically the same. You wouldn’t have “your buddies” follow you to a Hotel Room when you have a new woman, would you?  Same thing here… Go alone! I say this in hindsight since I learned this lesson the hard way.  I took a friend when I first started using Sexy Massage as my go-to sexual thrill. Boy was that a mistake on my part! Not only was he rude and obnoxious inside to the Ladies, but joking I guess…  They didn’t think it was funny!  It is actually kind of caused problems for me and him. I’ve never gone back there because of that. It’s been long enough though now, I probably could. Take my advice and go alone!

Sexy Massage

Sexy Massage

There are many different types of Sexy Massage, so don’t get confused…  My favorite is the Soapy Bath.

I guess there’s “low end” and there’s “high end” to all types of establishments.  That must include the Sexy Massage also! There are the ones, where there are just couches and little cubby-hole areas for you to socialize in, and then off to a little private room somewhere for your 90 minutes. And then there’s the Soapy Bath… How that works, is you pick your Lady and head up to a room. When you walk inside, there’s an area to hang your clothes, and a big bathtub, a bed, and the floor is all beautiful tile. They run a bubble bath, and throw you inside, scrubbing everything, even your asshole, then lay you on the floor. They’ve got baby oil all on themselves, and they massage you using their pussy! Then they throw you up onto a bed, slip on a condom, and fuck your eyes out!



Here in America, Sexy Massage is different than it is in Asia. There – the women are prostitutes!

These Sexy Massage places in most of the USA, are not like a Brothel is!  The Whorehouse makes no pretenses as to what is going on. Everybody knows, it is about fucking & sucking, and not necessarily in that order… The Sex Massage Houses allow for those eventualities, but shroud them, so as to escape Social and/or legal problems. I have NEVER ever read about a “scandal” or a police bust of a Sexy Massage, have you? Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to get your dick sucked, and a good fuck!


I have a couple of places where I get Sexy Massage. I don’t park my car in their driveway though. I walk about a block and a half.

Even though I’ve never read about any police problems or legality- problems at a sexy massage, I don’t need any problems! That’s why I’m telling you to park your car or truck a block or two away and walk inside. The reason why I say that, is because you never know who’s just watching the cars pull up, up, and writing down the license plate numbers. You don’t need any problems later. If somebody’s going to follow you and track you back to your car… well that’s somebody who’s pretty serious about who you are. I’m just trying to avoid problems later, by solving the problems that I have now… being HORNY and needing a fun time in a Sexy Massage.


Going to a Sexy Massage isn’t like going to a Whorehouse. But it’s the closest thing to one that’s legal.

I am not shy to say I have been to Whorehouses in America, SouthEast Asia, and Australia. The set-up works the same, only the color of the Ladies’ skin, and the color of the currency are different. They are always worth the effort and the money, that’s for sure! The outcome, or should I say “out-cum” is guaranteed.  Using Establishments offering Sexy massages, you work things much more subtly! You can’t walk in the front door and say you want to FUCK.  If you do that, the Receptionist will tell you that is not the kind of place it is, and they probably think you’re some type of police! So go slow, and be cool.



If you’re in Nevada, or by an Indian Reservation, you probably won’t use these girls…

I’m hypothesizing here, but I doubt that there are any Sexy Massage places, where prostitution is not illegal. That would be a competition where Sexy Massage can’t win! The legit, Therapeutic Massage Establishment, would be able to exist next to the CatHouses, I suppose.  Getting a deep-tissue massage, is quite different, then licking on pussy, and getting fucked and sucked, don’t you agree? If you were somewhere that had a House of Prostitution, and a Sexy Massage side-by-side, which would you choose?


What you’re paying for is the time…  I couldn’t imagine, spending more than 2 hours a visit!

If you are going for the first time for a Sexy Massage, I won’t do more than 90 minutes, if I was you. The “newness of it” will have you a bit disorientated, like I was my 1st time. The CLOCK is your Enemy, at a place like this. Either we get into it, and the time slips away, or we become a “clock-watcher”!  These places are not like the street-corner slut, who gets you in a room and lights a cigarette. When the cig is finished, you had better be,  – time is up!  At a Sexy Massage, you can cum 3 times if possible! For them, it’s all about the clock, not the cum!


If you see a telephone in the room, don’t make the mistake I did, and pick it up – oh boy!

I sometimes act inappropriately, but in a funny or joking way always. At one of my first Sexy Massage places, I saw a telephone on the bed headboard and picked up the receiver. I was just having fun. The naked goddess leaped over me, and hung the phone up, in a panic. She said that is the EMERGENCY SIGNAL, and that 2 Men, would bust in, and rough me up! Thank goodness she was quick, things might have been horrible.  So have fun, but remember it is NOT your house, OK?


Most of the really good Sexy Massage outlets, don’t advertise publicly,  – for security reasons.

I have never “been in need sexually” in a large city, and have not been able to locate a Sexy Massage place, but it takes some searching. Let’s face it, men are always horny, and it only takes once to “learn the ropes”!  Look under Massage Parlors, and I have also seen some listed as Male-Only Spas. The easiest way I have found though is to flag down a Taxi and take a 10-minute ride.  While cruising, ask him where the Sexy Massage place is, and let him drive you there.  He gets a stipend for bringing you I’m sure!  Who cares – right?


Walk in all clean, dressed nicely, and act as money. You’ll get better service, which means “it feels better”!

There’s an old saying that is actually true in this case. ” you treat people the way that you see them”!  If the ladies at the Sexy Massage see you as Dapper, and maybe with a little money, they’ll treat you better.  Lots better than if they think you’re on unemployment, and just used your last government check to come to get off, or should I say climb on…  haha, It’s not going to really matter, except for the first five minutes, because the clothes will be coming off, and the fun will start.  It’s just how much fun do you want?  What level do you want to take it to?



If you can find a Sexy Massage that has Oriental or Asian ladies you’ll probably have a better time.

My Uncle was a Southern Preacher, so I was raised naturally Christian. I have found that people raised that way, have a split moral dilemma when it comes to sex. People that are from Asia or the Orient, don’t seem to have that problem, because they have Buddha, or some other figure, but the main thing is, they don’t believe in SIN. If you don’t believe in sin, then what they’re doing is “just a job” like any other job!  They try and do it as best as they can, which means they try and do you as best as they can!  I think you’ll find that to be true.  I know I have.


Bronx Escorts

Bronx Escorts

Bronx Escorts, I guess turned to “full gear on” when New York sex Mayor locked everything down, even Churches.

Their secret is, they don’t work out of an establishment…  they arrange a meeting place with you, and cum to you! There wasn’t any way that New York City, could enforce any type of restrictions, on this illicit sexual contraband.

I was kind of worried when the first two arrived at my house, but now I get excited, and I’m very comfortable. I only become uncomfortable when they leave!


When you can lick, screw, and coo, a Bronx Escort, you’ll find these girls absolutely enjoy and love it!

Sometimes when I’m with one of these luscious ladies, I think I’m watching a sex video on the internet, but it’s life and with me.

Big booty Latina porn, porn hub Asia, and even amateur porn, annoncelight all showed me nasty porn, and the Bronx Escorts seem to know all those moves! I used to be a flagrant masturbator, sometimes two or three times a day! I didn’t think it was hurting me!

In fact, I was kind of proud of the fact that I could slip out my cellphone, or be watching on my laptop computer, and get myself off…  How wrong I was! When you’re holding one of these soft, warm, cuddling, sexually vivacious sex workers, it is awesome!

She’s giggling and laughing, and loving every minute of it, you won’t want to play with yourself anymore either! However, if you do, you’ll be thinking of one of them for sure!



What we term “joy” is simply a state of being.  A vibrational benchmark,  just like orgasms…

You don’t get any “joy” or “fulfillment” watching sex videos on your phone in secret! Staring at photos of Nicole Scherzinger, or Katee Sackhoff, giving someone a nude massage, boobs naked, & swaying, is fun – that’s true! So is an ass fucking, of Noel Easton, or the infamous Farrah Abraham sex tape, but not to REPLACE real-sex with real women!

If you’ve never had a truly high-dollar whore, you owe it to yourself, to at least experience that thrill and joy! You wasted money on other things, that cost a lot more, that you got a lot less for.


Technology has made it so easy to strap on some VR goggles and an Accu-Jack for your car.   No thanks!

My Dad used to have those sex magazines and in the back, there were those “Square Ads”.  I remember looking at one called “the Accu Jack” that you affixed to the shaft of your steering wheel if you had a tilt wheel.

Then you’d be able to put your dick in it, and use the up-and-down motion of the tilt-wheel to get yourself off. I don’t guess those were a big hit.  You never hear about anything like that nowadays. I’m thinking now they had a hard time getting Product Liability Insurance for something like that.

They’re already doing the “VR goggles with machines strapped to you” in the Eastern Bloc of Europe. I heard that it was super expensive though. Might as well take that money and buy yourself a real woman from Bronx Escorts, don’t you think? Nuru massage is also possible.


I didn’t even know how lost I was sexually as far as performance until I started using Bronx Escorts.

If you don’t use it, you lose it! That is so true when it cums to sex! I’m talking about hard sex, with a soft and smooth nude teen.

I’m talking about hot boobs, naked mom, who is sucking dick! These are your “types of choices” from Bronx Escorts.

These Ladies are far from desperate amateurs either. They are total sex pros. Sometimes when one of these girls leaves, I really wish that I was Rich.  I could afford one at least once a week. I know I wouldn’t get sick of enjoying them, especially since each one is different.



I’m guilty of mundane sex for decades, but these Bronx Escorts, know exactly what they’re doing!

Noel Easton, or Anastasiya Kvitko, have not the experience that these Bronx Escorts have. Maybe Alena Croft, or Adria Rae, are professionals at sex

All of the women I have enjoyed at the Bronx Escorts were horny, fun, happy, and non-stop lickmypussy, elite babes!

Who knows what they’re like in real life?  They might be lesbians, or actually hate men, but they sure don’t give any inkling to those types of impressions, while in your presence.


I would describe these Bronx Escorts as  “intelligent and wise”  offering sex, with no politics!

I’ve had 12 ladies at two or three hours each, so say 35 hours of pure unadulterated hardcore loving sex!

Not one time have I been in an argument. Not one time did I have to listen to personal problems that the radiant goddess must-have we all do.

Never have I even suggested a position or something I wanted to try and I had to listen to sighs or groaning.

The only drawback is how expensive these women are but on the other hand that’s what makes him so special besides their talent…

None of my friends would spend that kind of money for pussy. If you would have asked me three years ago I would have told you you’re crazy I would never pay! The planet and the times I changing!


It doesn’t seem to me they had “horrible childhoods” or were abused, tortured, and forced to become sex workers.

About the worst thing that I saw, on one of these Ladies from Bronx Escorts, it looked like she had either been burned, or she tried to take some tattoos off using a laser…

But that didn’t make her hideous. She didn’t have them on her face or anything, and we had a wonderful time. I don’t think that the women who turn out to be really good professional escorts have any kind of psychological issues from their past.

They wouldn’t be able to Operate in Public with the ultra-wealthy if they did. I’ve never really asked any about their history, but wouldn’t it be funny, if they were just middle-class Americans, like you and I are?


Deep feelings, compassion, great joy, celebrating the human body,  – that’s what sex means!

Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be? No shame, no denial of urges, no condemnation of others’ sexual celebration! I heard some Mystic one time say, that you should never have sex with someone that you wouldn’t want to remember forever…

It’s pretty easy to remember almost everything with these Bronx escorts! They move like swans, and they fuck like snakes!

If you’re not into sex – then you just haven’t had any good sex! That’s why I’m trying to write this article, I’m trying to help people who haven’t experienced those joys!



You can’t work for Bronx Escorts unless you can express this, I suppose…

What’s the number one quality that a professional, beautiful, sex escort needs? The ability to quell a man’s anxiety, and make him feel like she’s his old lost lover! You always hear people talk about Charisma or Personality Magnetism. Maybe that’s what these women use!

Maybe it’s just how they dress all nice and smell so good. They’re always looking you in the eye, and they’re smiling, laughing, and giggling!  Oh, they are always touching you, if they’re within Arm’s Reach.


When looking through the Bronx Escorts Catalog, if they can’t pique my interest, then I have to just let them be.

I guess I watched too much porn already in my life… But sometimes you want a PomPon Girl, and other times want a true maneater. The Bronx Escorts, use a Catalog that has a photo, and sometimes comments, as to what they like to do.

You can at least kind of get a general idea of the woman that’s going to be arriving, by using the catalog. I’ve never let Bronx Escorts Reservationists pick someone out for me I’ve always chosen one and paid the money, and the deals are done!


I guess society isn’t willing to change “the manner of sex” by using ladies like Bronx Escorts.

When 25% of all Internet Searches are pornography-Sites, that is safer for Society?  Really? Can you imagine how wonderful America would be if the prudish outdated and cynically-dated, hypocritical comments and attitudes, about professional sex workers ended?

In Asia prostitution is considered illegal, although you can go into any Bar and buy a girl for a short or long time, and pay the Bartender. In Europe, they have Special Districts in almost all the Nations where you can just get yourself a sex worker!

If you do the research, you’ll find statistically, they have way fewer rapes, way fewer men beating women, and Society is better as a whole.


I’m trying to “Mimic the Maneuvers” that these Bronx Escorts teach, and normal girls seem to like it.

I think the girls at Bronx Escorts, must talk to one another, because they get more friendly, as I choose a different one. I’ve had maybe a dozen of these sensual sexpots, that’s been over a period of 2 years! Each different girl has different styles and different moves!

I try and remember one or two of these after they leave! While they’re here…  I don’t care anything about anything except my balls, and my dick, and the fun I’m having…  Girls are much easier to pick up now for some reason, and I take them home and they seem to appreciate my thick book of sex plays!


Bronx Escorts

Bronx Escorts

Due to this covid-19, many men if not most, are not having it “as hard” as I am using Bronx Escorts…

Things are strained in the economy, and with social relations, the way things are all locked down. I think these 2 years have broken people’s rhythm of having fun. Also, it’s difficult to even meet someone, with a mask on your face!

Speaking of that, one of the Bronx Escorts that showed up had it rigged up where she had a mask over her pussy!

Painted on the outside were the words — ENTER HERE! That woman was a lot of fun, but then again, all of them are, or I wouldn’t keep going back!

Detroit Escorts

Detroit Escorts

Detroit Escorts has been around for forty or fifty years, one of the girls told me. I guess when “the Big Three” were in their heyday, the big Auto Executives would hire these girls, on a regular basis. Well it wouldn’t be “these girls” maybe their Grandma –  haha  Anyway this certainly isn’t a new operation, and what they’re best at, is probably the oldest Profession in the world, other than the military.

They’ve really helped me become a better person, a better lover, and a better saver! I spend it after I save it, but these girls sure aren’t cheap!

Detroit Escorts

Detroit Escorts

I don’t FUCK Detroit Escorts for  “spite or might”!  Just  “tight” and they “feel right”!

Revenge FUCKs, or “showing-off to my friends” is NOT what I do.  I was “kind of a Nerd” growing up, and “went along to get along”!

That is not the ME that I am now…

I haven’t even told my “closest two friends” that I have been using the Detroit Escorts, as my  “regular sex” choice now!

They would try and “shame Me” I fear.  Just better that they not-know, not yet anyway! I was thinking of “ordering a Detroit Escort for my good friend… we’ll see.



Creating the Construct of Illusion, oh – how wonderful these Detroit Escorts, truly are!

I think you understand what I’m trying to say. I think you understand where things are going “just SO good” and you’re wondering if it can be real. That’s the feeling that these wonderful professionals at Detroit Escorts have the ability to do. It’s a sterile environment, with a beautiful gorgeous girl, who’s touching you, and doing all kinds of things…

She’s also taking your hands and making you do all kinds of things to her! It’s such a wonderful experience. It’s definitely worth the money and they cost a lot of money!


Money isn’t evil!  It’s an amplifier of your list of choices…  My choices are gorgeous Detroit Escorts.

I’ve had a couple of friends who have inherited, or one way or another gotten their hands on a lot of money at one time. I don’t know any lottery winners, but they say “they have to move away from their friends and family” if they want a nice life, with all that money.

If you’re a nice person, and you get a lot more money then you have more opportunities to be nice.  Assholes become even bigger assholes when they’ve got the money to back up their mouth.  I’m not wealthy.

I’m a poor Working Man, and it takes me a month or more, to save to be able to order a Detroit Escorts plaything for a couple of hours!  That’s my choice…   What would you do, if you could  “amplify”  your choices?


Detroit Escorts,  – I want to walk, but instead, I run back to you…  When I can save the money up!

I’m actually liking my new lifestyle, with “an interlude” every month or so, with a professional sex porn worker from Detroit Escorts!

They make me feel more than just a man, and I’ve been picking a different woman each time, so my experience sexually is actually increasing dramatically, with each girl. I don’t walk or talk the same as anyone else, and these girls don’t have sex the same way as the girl before, or the next one I’m getting!

That’s allowing me to pick up experiences that I could have never had if I had been “normal”!



Evil, sociopathic, narcissistic, psychopathic, or just insane…  Call me what you want.   I’m getting FUCKED by Pros.

I’m not here looking for approval from anybody for what I’ve been doing with these elicit women of the night at Detroit Escorts. What I’m doing, is trying to share with you the secret… That escort service has been in service for years now like I mentioned, but I hadn’t heard about them till I got desperate after the lockdown to do something.

I took that first free check the government gave everybody, and I spent it on a whore!

And since it was kind of like free money, I didn’t do the normal girl on the corner of the Street,  or the chick hanging in the Bar.

I searched around and found this wonderful establishment, and now I’m hooked. They have such wonderful sex with you, and make you laugh, and feel so needed, for those few hours or a couple of hours, however much your spending…


When I have invited Detroit Escorts to my place, my assumption is I’m getting Sucked & Fucked.

I never have to worry that these girls are going to run out of positions, or style, or things to do with me, or to me! I’m sure they already know, if I have rented them for 2 hours, what they’re going to do, versus what they’ll be doing if I’ve rented them for 3 hours! It’s like a dance for them, because this is their job, and do it every day!

And they look so beautiful, and smell so nice, and look you in the eye at all times.

I could just imagine being a super-wealthy person and hiring one of these girls to go to a fine restaurant with me. Everyone there would be looking at her. And the professional that she is, I’m sure her eyes would never waver, from looking into mine the entire time!


This virus scare has really changed my friends, and “the Dynamics” we have. So has Detroit Escorts!

A lot of my friends I’ve had since my youth, and it’s so sad to see how covid-19 and this virus scare have changed everything! They used to be the first ones on the bus, and ready to ride, as the country song says…  But I’m not the same either, now am I?

I would have never gone to Detroit Escorts if we hadn’t had that lockdown and the Bars and the Stadiums and the Malls were all closed.

Now I wouldn’t waste my money in a bar or a stadium, but save that money, so I can afford another wonderful, luscious, fun, exciting, girl from Detroit Escorts. I guess there is a silver lining in this Dark covid Cloud.


It’s extremely hard, quelling my emotions in public, how happy I am, using Detroit Escorts now…

I get worried nowadays that if I seem too happy, people think I’m crazy!

People are worried about the elections coming up. People worry about this virus whether it’s true or not. People worry about the weather changes that are occurring everywhere on the planet…  I’m just walking around “in my own little bubble” happy as can be. I’ve done so many things sexually, that I’d never even thought of, with some of the most beautiful women you can imagine!

How can I be depressed or sad about that?

But I don’t want to be skipping and hopping and acting all giddy, and people think I’m a kook or something… Well maybe I am a kook, but I don’t want the general public thinking that!  haha



These sex workers at Detroit Escorts,  FUCK Me,  just to take all of my worries, and anxiety away!

We don’t waste time with talk about bills, societal changes, problems with the kids, or family issues!  These “orgasm-controllers” are only interested in one thing…  THRILL ME for the time that we are together!  The 2 -3 hours we are together fly by! My cum flies out of my tip over and over! It really is difficult to “worry about anything” when your eyes are squinted-shut, and your toes are curled under.

I have been to a therapist and a psychiatrist before, and they didn’t help me near as much change my attitude or my outlook on life, as these Detroit Escorts have. And  -by the hour-  these Dynamic Ladies are cheaper!


I used to be alienated from my own sexual reality, and the power of healing lust.  Professional Sex cures that.

Hot boobs swaying, her murmuring lick my pussy, as she is sucking dick, during some hard sex! When was the last time that you experienced that?  These elite babes might be a naked mom or a nude teen but they certainly are not useless junk desperate amateurs! I am confident around beautiful women now, not standoffish, nor trying to get their attention either.

Everyone notices that I have changed, but doesn’t even have a clue, as to why!


I have sex with girls now, who hang with men on “the smart list” and not the “bimbo-yeah” crowd.

I am wondering if I go to a “Swanky Restaurant” if I might see one of the professional tarts I hired.  The ultra-wealthy hire them, just for looks maybe…  HA nowadays, I would never go to a restaurant like that.

I would take that money and spend it on Detroit Escorts.

With them, it is “all you can eat” for the 2 – 3 hours I have paid in advance for. The woman would notice me, but act like she didn’t probably.



Spending this kind of money on pussy?  In 2022 what is your better idea?   Mine is Detroit Escorts.

I don’t want to go back to Margot Robbie porn, Harley Quinn porn, gacha life porn, or even worse…

Xxnx porn, daughter porn, or ass fucking, momsonsex, gets pretty raunchy!  I watched porno for hours before I started using these lusciously sexual Detroit Escorts.  That was NOT a good idea for me.  I got NO SEX, just repeated: “jacking myself off”. NOT for Me in 2022!  I HAVE CHANGED!  My question is….   can YOU change, in 2022?


Albany Escorts

Albany Escorts

Albany Escorts has been my “Great Reset” that you hear everyone talk about. Some are about the Money. Some are about Government.

Others are Social.  HA.!   Mine is strictly about SEX and my dick! I have become spoiled with hard sex, hot boobs, sucking-dick, elite babes!

Them murmuring lick my pussy, and it is a black hairy pussy at that. Or a smooth-shaved nude teen, giving me a nude massage, with her tiny pussy! just like on a Danish free pornsite.

Now I need sex with passion, boobs naked, ass fucking, Professional Whores like the Albany Escorts are.


With these sex-Sirens at Albany Escorts, you both reach BLISS…   t o g e t h e r !     Aahhh!

When I have a simultaneous orgasm with my partner, it’s normally rare So rare, that I remember almost all of them.  When you use one of these professional girls from Albany Escorts, whether they’re faking it or not, they always orgasm when you do!

And they’re orgasming in between the times that you do. It’s so fun! It’s like you’re on some type of carnival-ride, and never know when she’s going to get off again…   Pun definitely intended there…

Albany Escorts

Albany Escorts

Increasing the “critical mass and inertia of the sexual orgasmic tumescence moment”…

Maybe, I’m just watching too much YouTube, but scientifically when I try and write out on paper, exactly what these women at Albany Escorts do, that’s what I come up with…

The “critical mass” would be my dick. The “inertia” would be the thrusting in and out. And the “orgasmic tumescence” would be our body-fluids mixing, as we crushed in the Ecstasy together!


The “multiple-organisms” with these gorgeous spellbinder Albany Escorts, are    – electrical.

It’s not like you’re paying all that money, and you’re just getting yourself off once! Even if you were though, it would be unlike any orgasm you’ve had, with a regular woman. These call-girls who work with Albany Escorts are total sexual pros, and know-how to milk you as a Dairy Farmer does…  I normally have about 3 cums, but a couple of times I’ve actually had four orgasms! Now I’m counting everything! I’m counting blowjobs, fucking, ass-fucking, and even handjobs.  When it gets to be about that 4th pump in just a couple of hours’ time,  I’m shooting air and not plasma any more, but it still feels fantastic!


They have gained all the “old sex Magik” back, due to their experience!  The fog lifts when they leave.

I’ve been pondering, on how it is these women are so much better than just normal girls.

It’s just like anything else, if you practice something perfectly, you get perfect at it…  I’m guessing they probably work 5 days a week, and say they only have one client for that day. It’s a 2-hour minimum, so that’s 10 hours a week, that they’re having hard sex. I think I read somewhere that actual intercourse with a man and a woman lasts about nine minutes!

Although the woman wants 24 minutes…  So they’re getting their 24 minutes every day!  That’s what gives them   -the magic!



I guess “when you’re in their line of work” you’re always looking for a man…  who is True Bloodline!

If you were used to being on Airplanes or Yachts for private parties for the ultra-wealthy, you get used to living that way too.  If they can hook up with somebody who’s a True Bloodline, silver spoon in their mouth, trust-baby, oligarchy man, they’ll be set for life, whether they stay with him or not! The only problem is that bloodline people only like hooking-up long-term, with women who are also bloodline!

I guess there are always those Cinderella stories…  Or like that movie from the 1980s ” Pretty Woman” however I’m guessing, those “long-term Liaisons” are few, and far between.


Is it “timing and luck” or does the “tip of my dick” feel happier with an Albany Escorts sex worker?

Actually – when they’re walking out the door, and they’ve spent the two or three hours I’ve paid for, I couldn’t feel better emotionally, physically, or sexually!

But what I’m talking about “feeling happier” is when I’m at work, or I’m with my friends.

I don’t feel lonely. I don’t feel left out. I don’t feel like “I need to find someone to spend time with”…

I know who I want to spend time with! When it comes to sex now, I definitely want to be with one of those Catalog-women from Albany Escorts.   I’ve never picked the same girl twice, and there’s a lot more left in the Catalog to choose from!

It is better to have a Diamond with a flaw, than a pebble without flaws.  Albany Escorts’ Diamonds!

The flaw is  I would have to totally-lie to my Family if I ever brought one of these gorgeous Sex Beauties to like a family dinner. I’m sure they’re used to “telling any kind of Base Canard” that you could propose to them! I’ve been tempted to pick this one girl in the Catalog.

I’ve been looking to take her to my family’s house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter dinner.  It would be worth all that money, just to see the look on my family’s face, to see me with this gorgeous woman. And since they’re Professional Escorts, they handle themselves well…  be at my parents, or a CEO of a Corporation somewhere, of that I’m certain.


To have been “Sexually Wronged” is nothing,   –  unless you continue to remember it…!

There are Websites like American dad porn, stepdaughter porn, and daughter porn, that I still look at occasionally.  No one ever gets “hurt” watching the famous Farrah Abraham sex tape!  I’m sure there are some Old-Guys still walking around with their’ wallet “old photos”!

Women like Sandra Bullock nude, Rihanna naked, or other useless junk, maybe Suzanne Somers nude, Nipples or a topless beach, with desperate amateurs.

Don’t “focus or dwell” on fantasy or the past!  Call the sexpots at Albany Escorts, and start new & exciting hopes and memories of great sex!


Isn’t it a pleasure, to “study and practice” what you have learned, from Albany Escort’s sex Pros?!

I’ve tried using my cellphone camera, to film a couple of different girls, when they were “performing sexually for me”!   You only have so much memory on your phone though, and well what I got was interesting…

When you’re looking at them working on you, and what they’re doing to you, it’s different than when you’re actually feeling it, and experiencing it.

That’s probably how they feel also. Like even though they’re there and touching me they’re probably way off somewhere else and they do it so often they’re Pros even if they’re not concentrating! You’d never know it by looking at them though, they’re such actresses, as well as sex-fiends!



When Albany Escorts cum-over… there’s no talking it over.  I like my girls, a little bit older!

I don’t have any issues at all, once I’ve made my choice, and reservation, through Albany Escorts.  I used to get all-hung-up, as go how I was going to keep those girls busy for 120 Minutes.  I found after using them repeatedly, that anything that I was thinking of doing can get done in about 30 minutes, and they fill the rest of the time with things I wouldn’t even imagine.

I guess that’s the reason why I keep saving my money and ordering another one as soon as I can.

I like women that are a little older than me!  You can actually get one young or old, depending on what your tastes are at that moment and for that sex twist.


Always remember that these women are professionally controlling whores!

I like the fact that I don’t even have to worry about whether or not they’re in love with me or not like I would with a wife or a steady girlfriend.  We don’t even get around to subjects like that it’s small talk chatter snuggling kissing holding and then once they start touching me and kissing me I kind of forget…

But I keep reminding myself not only of the big money that I’m spending so the good time is deserved. Professional high-paid Street walking whores! They’re beautiful they smell good they taste good they screw better than any woman you know but keep remembering their high-paid whores.


Reconfigure your lifestyle!  Your dick is not your enemy!  You got your Dad and both your Grandpa’s in you.  Remember that!

If you’re not thinking about your own sexuality, that’s your fault.  Using these Professional Sex Workers at Albany Escorts eliminates a lot of pressure on your part.

You don’t have to worry about how they’re feeling, what’s happening with their family, or how they’re going to be able to accomplish certain goals in their life.  All you’re interested in is feeling the best sexually, and emotionally, that you can for those few hours.

All she’s interested in is performing her job perfectly, and making you a happy repeat customer!

In my book that’s a win-win!  The hell with those transhumanist-people, who want to put goggles on your head, and machines on your private parts, to get you off.  My Dad and Grandpa wouldn’t have gone for that, and neither am I.



If you choose to keep looking away, and you look your same way, then “keep jacking-off” alone!

You can ignore what I’m saying here. We don’t know each other, we’re never going to meet. I guess the main reason why I wrote this, was to try and help people, who didn’t know about a wonderful establishment like Albany Escorts.

They definitely changed my entire style and the way I treat women, both sexually and on a day-to-day basis.  You can just keep doing what you’re doing, and that way, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting!  That means your dick is in your hand, and you’re getting your own self off.

Me – I’d much rather have these women from Albany Escorts, fulfilling my sexual fantasies, as well as draining my balls! You do what you want.  I have tried to help you…

Escort Queens

Escort Queens

Escort Queens, is a “sex-orientated” place. It is NOT like internet porno-sites like crazy shit com, traps porn, and android 18 porn.

The women are screaming, ass fucking, sucking-dick, with hot boobs, be it a nude teen, or a mom tits black hairy pussy cock-sucker!  The sex workers at Escort Queens, are not desperate amateurs, but elite babes, who know how to FUCK.  That is what they do, for a living… Essential workers to be sure!   haha

No one can tell me I am wrong, when Escort Queens, elevates Me so much… – no pun intended!

Is it right? It certainly can’t be wrong, when my pecker feels better than it has in 15 years!

I’m so sick of the girlfriends and the wives trying to control me! They were using sex as Leverage.  Now that I’m using Escort Queens for my sexual release, I don’t have to acquiesce to whims, or try and figure out what type of conspiracy, the chick is trying to do, and using sex, as the decoy, or the incentive!

You can talk all you want to, but I know that I’m happy now, and I’m at peace…  Are you?

We seem to move in space, with minimum waste & maximum joy!

About every six weeks to 2 months, I can save enough, to afford to order another luscious sex-nymph from Escort Queens!

It takes about that long, because these Ladies are quite-expensive, and you have to “rent them” for a minimum of two hours! Once they arrive here, there isn’t any wasted time, and I truly do have Maximum Joy incessantly, while they are within Arm’s Reach or less…

They don’t bitch, they don’t complain, they don’t sigh or anguish!

If “women as a group” could act as these women do, then the world would be a much better place  – I guarantee you!


Escort Queens

Escort Queens

Using the Escort Queens, they “open up” and give you EVERYTHING…  Except for more TIME!

I’ve been using Escort Queens now since the lockdown started. So I’ve had about 20 of the different Ladies, who work there!

I’ve never ordered the same girl twice, and yet never been disgruntled with anything they’ve performed.  The first 4 or 5 that arrived, I had a list of different sexual positions, and maneuvers, that I wanted to try with professionals! I don’t do that anymore… Be careful what you ask for!

They’re just “so open sexually” that it’s such a joy! Instead of having to “couch my words carefully” when asking for some type of sexual favor from them!

They’ve never said no!  But when the time runs up, and they kiss you on the cheek and say “I have to go” there isn’t any argument.


These women are NOT “street-girls” having sex to earn some drug money!

We see those girls every single time we’re out, especially later in the evening. Maybe folks that live in the country, don’t get to view the girls, hanging at the busy street-corners all dolled up.

The problem is, you don’t know how clean they are, what drugs they’re on, and trying to earn money for, or if their pimp is going to follow you, to your house, and Rob you later!

I’m not going to deal with any of that, and I never have. I actually feel sorry for those Ladies – that they’re in that type of position! I could have made a pun out of that last sentence, but I’m just going to let it ride…


It is quite exhilarating being allowed to have Sex with Only Lustful Intentions!

There’s a list, of wonderful things, that I could tell you about, using sex professionals, to get yourself off, on a regular basis.

One of them is that you don’t have to hide your lust. With a wife or with a long-term girlfriend, you really have to almost lie about lust as some kind of love, or long-term passion for the girl.

These Escort Queens Ladies are only around you for 2 or 3 hours! They’re focused on sex, and getting you off…  None of them seem to “resent their job” they really seem to perform it eagerly. Even if it’s fake, I don’t care!

They’re always laughing and giggling, and isn’t that what we like to hang out with…  girls on a sexual basis?


With these Escort Queens beauties, you both reach orgasm together!  Are they “faking it?”

Faking it, is what happens when you watch the Farrah Abraham sex tape, or some tiny pussy, giving someone a nude massage, while your dick is in your hand!

You are the one being FAKE, pretending that they’re having sex with you, while “you strum the head of your cock“!   All thesis porn, mom and son sex, or stepdaughter porn, is totally useless junk.  Just stop being “hooked on fantasy” that you never get to realize.

The wonderful whores at Escort Queens, fulfill all of your fantasies, dreams, urges, and expectations!  You’ll find that after a while, you don’t even wish for those!   You just allow them to do what they can and want to do to you, for the two or three hours,  you’re lucky enough to be with them.

INTERACTIONS are human!  “Lockdowns and Social-Distancing” are not relevant, since it happens in Private.

Every single person I know is so frustrated about these lockdowns and the social distancing rules! It seems like the government, the scientists, and the health hazards, keep changing their minds on a weekly basis…

I don’t get involved in any of that, or watch any of that because none of it matters. Yes, I have my work.  I come home.  I save my money.

I order a beautiful woman from the Catalog at Escort Queens, and “I cum like a fountain” for 180 minutes… The world is perfect – in my book.

Using Escort Queens, I am the one who specifies what the “Sex-Parameters” is…   don’t I?

I used to think that I did. After looking back, at the many different scenarios that unfolded after they arrived, I realized that I’m never in control.

I’m not in control of the hard-on that I incessantly have. I’m not in control of the sperm that keeps spewing from the tip when they touch it, lick it, and fuck or suck it.

Hell if there was anything that I wanted to be in control of, it would be  -to slow the time down-  so I could feel more and experience more!

Nothing slows downtime, however…  These porn women are so fun to be with, you just want time to stop!


For 2 -to 3 hours, I forget the World, the News, the Fears, and concentrate on orgasms & fun!

I don’t think very many people get the opportunity to “bloom sexually” on an insistently consistent basis, with different beautiful women, like Corinna Kopf nude.  I do!  I absolutely don’t care about anything that’s happening anywhere but in my little sphere of influence!

If I have a gorgeous radiant sex being, whose only job is to satisfy my urges and my whims! Oh sure – I’m paying for it.

I pay for everything, bad service, bad food, bad government…  Don’t mind paying when things are perfect.  I haven’t found an Escort Queens sex worker who hasn’t been!


Once you learn “how to use” the Escort Queens sex-princesses, your FUN DOUBLES for you both!

When you stop “trying to control these girls” and think that you’re the Boss, and “allow them to take over” is when you really start to appreciate things sexually!  These women have more sex in a month, than I’m going to have in a year probably, and they’ve been doing it for how many years?

So I just cannot compete with their experience or their know-how.

I didn’t realize that when I first started using Escort Queens. Since I’ve had so many over the last couple of years, I’m sure they’ve got a wonderful clientele sheet on me.  The girls know exactly what I’m going to enjoy…

It seems like things get better and better, each time I order one, maybe I’m just getting better sexually, and losing my inhibitions.


I can wear as many Masks-in-Public that you want.  Escort Queens only requires I wear condoms!

People are tripping-out about wearing these silly little cotton flimsy sheathes!  I can tell they don’t work!  If I sneeze in one, in my hand is on the outside, I can feel the air blowing by!   “Yeah, I’ll wear one of those silly little things”…

That’s what I have to say to the Escort Queens that arrive on time – “yeah I’ll wear one of those things”!

A couple of the Tarts, have really unique ways of putting one on a man.  One sexy thing, pulled it off after I filled the receptacle-tip, and drank my hot-cum…  Oh, that girl was a nasty one…  but that sure was fun!


Picture an Escort Queens sex professional “rotating” and you realize you need more experience!

I know you’ve seen videos of girls that they called “spinners” – all men have!  I used to watch on the internet I think about the male tube or best sex videos…  Can’t remember exactly.  When you see one of these whores do that, as you’re laying on your back, and her leg lifts up and she spins…

The feeling as they tighten those Kegel muscles… it’s incredible!  That must be what one of those Thailand Sex Baskets feels like, that you hear about, but never have seen in real life. It’s that “twisting and tightening” and the sexiness of it all, and then they start their humping…

It’s definitely something for you to put on your bucket list, for when one of these Escort Queens arrives for you!




Lubbock Escort

Lubbock Escort

Lubbock Escort is probably the greatest Secret in Texas!  You always hear the bad things about Texas, but never “something wonderful” like Lubbock Escort.

The women or TS Scort that they hire, are all beautiful, articulate, they have great poise, show you nothing but respect, and they can all have sex, better than a Circus Monkey, on 100-foot-of-line!  It’s so fun to know that “you can actually plan on the hours that you’re going to have intense sexual encounters”!

No surprises, no headaches, no bad attitudes, no all we need to do this please first honey…

When I think of all the different times, I got the runaround, and then the disappointment with women, that I wasn’t paying to have anal sex with, it cost me way – way more, in the long run!


After several sessions with Lubbock Escort sex workers, I have much more confidence.

I don’t get “nervous now” whether it is a nude teen, with hot boobs, or a naked mom, with a titjob, for those mom tits, to stay “perky”…

All of the elite babes, at Lubbock Escort, are wonderful at sucking dick, and hard sex, for hours non-stop!

While all of my friends are freaking out, out, and breaking down emotionally, financially, and sexually!

I’m doing so much better now since I’ve started using Lubbock Escort. I actually have to “hide my happiness” when I’m around my friends!  I’m afraid, they’d be really angry,  especially if they knew  -why-  I’m so happy…



I broadcast sexually now, on a new sex frequency.  Different women have different styles…

I’m actually thinking, that as I continue to go back to Lubbock Escort, I’ll order a different woman each time!

What I’ve learned already, just from the few I’ve experienced, has to change the way I treat women now sexually!

I can really see that after a couple of years, I will be an absolute sex master, and these women would really respect me then.  I kind of think nowadays… they think of themselves as “the cat” and me and “the mouse” in a room with no furniture.

Experience with different sex professionals will give me that confidence to stand up to those “shaved-beautiful pussys”!


I guess I should just ask Lubbock Escort, for  “sex-training”  classes!

Looking at desperate amateurs, trying to have sex, doesn’t cut it with me anymore! If it is high school porn, nude couples, or some blackhairypussy, teenslut, I have grown past all of that Internet-Sex thank-goodness!  It will get you aroused a little bit, but that soon wears off, and then you’re back to “whacking yourself off” again…

That’s no future, and that’s no growth! That’s repetitive, and there’s no intimacy, except with yourself.    Again!    And again!


My urges-for-sex, escalate dramatically, when I make a reservation, with a new woman, from Lubbock Escort.

Ever since my middle sexy teens, I guess I’ve been really horny!  My Dad must have been the same way because he had all these magazines from Years Gone Bye hidden underneath the bed, and in his closet, not that I ever looked…

haha, I have “good visualization” and after looking at the Catalog, and choosing who will be “coming next” I do get a little “surge of blood” running down there, and get myself a little lustfully urgent!  Most of those plans and ideas, I can never actuate, because these “princesses of love” hypnotize you and spellbind you, in a way that they lead, and you follow happily!

I’ve never cum so much, I’m going to keep following, for a few more sex workers from Lubbock Escort, and the experiences provided by each visit!

These Lubbock Escort sex wizards, are “electromagnetic morphologic anchor points”!

I hope you understand the nickname that I’m kind of scientifically giving “to the way you acquiesce” to all your sexual urges, in the manner in which the Lubbock Escort has chosen, and determines it to happen!  There are three or four things you know you’re going to ask for.

One of them would behead.  Another would be missionary style, and then her either doing Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl, and I always liked the one, where I’m naked in the chair, and they’re naked sitting on top of me! What kind of “anchor points sexually” would you want them to start creating, with you?

She said “blame it on my roots” as she showed up in Boots!   They came off with the clothes…

This beautiful woman probably is the type of girl, who even when she’s home alone (if that would be possible) dresses herself to the hilt, even in her nightgown! This Woman’s Boots were absolutely beautiful, and as you kept going up, it got better and better! Actually, after I looked into her eyes…

I kind of forget almost everything, except seeing those boots draped over the chair, in the corner of the bedroom… Smelled good, tasted good, and FUCKED Me real good!

SEX DIAMONDS of flesh!  That is the best way to describe these Lubbock Escort, girls-of-the-night.

Do you like the way I made that up about the “sex diamonds of Flesh”?  Aren’t we always told that a woman’s best friend is a diamond?  Well – after using Lubbock Escort, and then repeating that, and seeing the difference in Me, those visits made, they’re becoming my best friend.

I could see where they could also become “your greatest expense” because these beautiful, wonderful, illustrious sexual nymphs, certainly aren’t cheap!


Lubbock Escort

Lubbock Escort

Knowing about the Lubbock Escort sex princesses, I don’t face the world alone anymore!

When I was younger, I had nude photos of women, hanging on the bedroom walls – did you?  Nowadays it would be women like Katee Sackhoff or  Ava Adams. I had a nude Sophia Loren, a poster of  Sigourney Weaver nude, and Suzanne Somers nude! I guess I should call those “the good old days”!

Nowadays even kids in grade school walk around with cell phones. If there isn’t an Internet Lock on them, I’m sure they’ve got pictures of their own…

besides a Tonka truck!  What’s wonderful for me, is I know, that I have a complete harem of sex princesses, waiting to meet me at my destination point, and we can become “intimately sexually involved” without any love or lies!


Just like Bills, Food, & Rent, the women at Lubbock Escort, are now, just part of my budget!

The free pornmovies, don’t cost you MONEY, but they destroy any real sex life! That is a scientific fact! TRUST THE SCIENCE, remember?  There are still times that I get on the internet and look at some pretty sexual things, I must admit. However, that’s not my fundamental Sexual Channel of Release.

Neither parthenogenesis nor asexual reproduction is what, as a HUMAN Man, we want to practice.  Man into a woman is how I think of sex. PERFECT SEX is when I have reserved a Lubbock Escort, for 2 or 3 hours!


I never get “hurt” emotionally, having wonderful sex with the goddesses at Lubbock Escort.

I wanna be in like all the time, lust-free 90% of the time, and FULFILL my passions and thoughts the rest of the time! Ain’t got no tears left to cry! Right now, I’m in a state of mind to show non-sexual love to all and save those “passions” till my choice of Lubbock Escort arrives…

normally on schedule.  No lies about “I love you” and “I care so much for you and want to take care of you forever”…

It’s I’m in lust, you’re such a professional and so beautiful, and the clock is ticking, and I hope you keep licking! How do you feel bad about a woman like that, when you’re thinking about her later…?



I haven’t told anyone, that my “regular sex” is now with Lubbock Escort sex workers!  Oops!

How do I explain THAT?  Even with “WOKISM” in full thrust, the listeners would surely have “cognitive dissonance from the brainwashing” of the media, and family moral values! I’ve tried to hint at it, with a couple of my friends.

I’m scared to death to bring it up to anyone in my family! I am already considered the black sheep in the family.

But sometimes, I have these Daydreams of my Dad and me, doing a couple of these Lubbock Escort sex-princesses, on the kitchen table at the same time! He has never smoked a joint with me either…   haha


Interactions are Human. That’s part of Life…  So is Sexual Intercourse! I’m thinking Lubbock Escort.

Porno Websites lead to masturbation, NOT to real sex, called intercourse! Spend 5 minutes a day looking at android 18 porn, or some big booty Latina porn, maybe even some girls on girls porn, just to get some ideas! Then take that knowledge, and apply it with a sex professional at Lubbock Escort.  There’s not anything that I can really show one of these high-paid whores, that they haven’t already seen, felt, or have already done! But I have had, some of the most unique sexual experiences, and intense orgasmic tumescence experiences!  These women have changed me permanently, and for that, I thank you, Lubbock Escort!

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage, has Shiatsu massage, Sports massage, Deep tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, and of course Swedish massage too!

I am interested in the Aromatherapy massage, where the masseuse is “sprayed with pheromones” to sexually excite me, as well as concentrating on Trigger Point massage!

The “trigger” would be the tip of my dick, and of course, my balls…  I don’t order one of these Ladies for a typical massage!

I order them, for “the wonderful sex” that they can perform…  with me, to me, and on me!

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage


The Nuru Massage beauty was interested in “specialized functions and hemispheric resonance”!

I’m sure, there are many who call Nuru Massage, and actually get maybe a “true message” or I don’t know…

I’m sure the girls are really happy about that!  I’ve ordered about 7 different beautiful women from Nuru Massage, to date!

I don’t think I got a message from any one of them..  except oh well – I guess you could call it a handjob massage

haha, They do know, the specific pressure points, that absolutely drive a man like me insatiably lustful.  And these girls are so beautiful and so gentle.


“SEXUAL-CONSCIOUSNESS”  is the “tip” of the Iceberg!   pun intended…..

I love having hard sex, with the elite babes, from Nuru Massage, with their hot boobs, and sucking dick, like the Pros that they are!

Watch maid porn, aunt porn, or some teen slut, begging for someone to “lick my pussy“!

That can’t even compare…

it’s not even “the tip of an iceberg” compared to the wondrous Beauties who arrive at your door, on schedule.

They haul in that massage table, I guess some of them give them massages to people…  I chit-chat with them and allow them to warm up to me, and then, I just allow them “to take over” because they know I’m not interested in a massage!


Since the Nuru Massage Catalog, has all of your choices… you already know what she looks like.

I have not ordered the same woman 2 times yet. The catalog is pretty extensive, and these girls are expensive!

It might take me a couple of years to get through all the different ones that are in the sex Catalog, and it seems like some come and some go…

With me they all cum!  That’s what I like is how they’re absolutely so carefree, and happy about their sexuality, and certainly, allow me to perform anything that I’d like to do…

It’s so much safer than dealing with someone that you don’t know somewhere.  I have a good idea of exactly who is going to be showing up, by using the Catalog.



Not only are they masseuses, but they are also total sex pros, who relax you, then fuck your brains out!

As I said, I haven’t really partaken of all the different massage techniques…  There’s one, where they put hot stones on your back.

I would rather be laying on my back, with them flopping and spinning on top of me!

I’ve tried to think of “different positions” and “different types of sex” but nothing that I come up with, surprises these women, because they are sex-pros

It sure is difficult having sex with just regular, non-professionals now, but at least the nonprofessional-girls, get a taste of what a real man knows, who’s been with these types of girls, as often as I now have.


If you’ve been sexually betrayed, or without a woman, to express your lust with, use Nuru Massage.

Naked mom, or other “twisted things” like sister sex, mom and son sex, and all the other desperate amateurs, don’t get me to cum!

It’s fun, but “NOT a release, of my sexual urges & tension” like the Nuru Massage sex-mastresses do!

The best sex videos, that I watch aren’t useless junk, but cameras, I have placed in my house.  I see & REMEMBER all those moments.  I’m sure these women are filmed having sex quite often,  –  don’t you?


I’ve lived in this town a long time, and never had any idea, that you could go to a place like Nuru Massage!

It’s one of those things that’s just never discussed.  The news media and information Outlets are such Liars!

I guess it’s because they’re all owned and controlled by the ultra-wealthy, who are the people who normally use a place like Nuru Massage, to fulfill THEIR’ sexual fantasies.

The place doesn’t hide… but of course, they don’t advertise.  If I told you “Word of Mouth” you would swear I was making a pun…

And I am definitely teasing on the square!  I’ve casually mentioned the place to a couple of my close friends and they had never heard about it.

I haven’t told them that I’m a regular customer now. I’m not sure how to bring that to their attention…


I never really need a massage from one of these sex professionals but if they give you one it’s included.

I have a couple of friends who absolutely love massage, and go to Asia –  Southeast Asia, to get Thai Massages on a daily basis, while they’re there.

The price is pretty reasonable compared to what people have to pay here in the States.

It’s like $20 for a two-hour massage.  That’s about one-tenth of the price of 2 hours for a Nuru Massage sex worker, to cum visit you.  But the message is included in the price so…

Do you have the sex first and then use the rest of the time for a massage? I think, once I would start having the sex, I wouldn’t want to stop, so as to have them message me, would you?



I get a different masseuse each time, trying to inspire myself, to have the best sex possible… Hope it’s working!

I mentioned to you already, that I have never used the same girl twice, even though I’ve never been disappointed.

I start looking at the different pictures in the Catalog and visualizing and fantasizing about two or three hours with one of these Beauties!

The next thing you know, I’m on the phone, making a reservation!  I can tell when I’m having sex with regular ladies now, that my “style of sex” is better, and they seem much more fulfilled, and worn out when we’re done with our little twist…

So in my opinion, I think I’m getting better at sex…


All the cliches about Massage Parlors are actually true, but “slanted by the Media” to make them seem bad.

Every time I’ve ever heard anything about  ” massage parlors ”  it’s never been in any type of good light.

It’s always either associated with Crime Bosses or drunks who show up! It gives you that visualization of an old-whorehouse in a saloon somewhere out west.

Nothing could be farther from actual reality, as far as Nuru Massage is concerned.  You don’t go to the office or brothel, the “massage therapist”  cums-to-You. Maybe I should say cums ON YOU!

If you’re worried about them showing up at your house just rent a hotel room for a day!

I consider myself a regular there now.   I can’t think of one bad thing to say about Nuru Massage!  I’m sure there are bad places out there, but this isn’t one of them.



Headaches and heartaches are past me now!  Just Hard-Ons, and “spewing-sperm”!

Two years of lockdowns and mandates and restrictions haven’t been good for any of my friends’ sex lives! The ones that are married are frustrated because things are different around the world, and at their house. The ones that are single are really frustrated…

because they can’t even meet a chick at a Bar or a Concert anymore…  How can you tell if a chick is horny...

when she’s wearing a mask, you can’t even brush up against them anymore, because of Social Distancing!

I just save my money, until I can afford another beautiful, luscious, perfect sex worker, from Nuru Massage.  I get rid of all my frustrations, anguish, lust, and empty out these balls of mine… all at the same time!  Life is Beautiful.


I am a lover boy playing “high-stakes Pussy” and Nuru Massage has “upped my ante” playing with “my poker”!

One Nuru Massage sex sorceress, looked like Sandra Bullock nude!  I had another cum-over for “a massage” who looked like a Viking Barbie, and another like Rihanna naked, after we had some nude sexual, & hardcore sex!

I’ve noticed, that the girls look pretty close to what their photos are in the Catalog.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by what you choose, I never have been…


I watch these girls haul that Portable Massage Table in, but I’ve never seen it unfolded…

For the last couple of women who have shown up, I actually lifted the portable massage table from their vehicle, into the house.

That way, I can set it next to the door, and they know that that’s probably not what I’m interested in…

They must have a long clientele record of me since I’ve used them more than a half-dozen times!  So they already know, but they have to keep up the show, I guess.

I was thinking of having sex on one massage-table, with one of the girls, but then thought I might break it, and have to buy it.  So we did it on the couch, the kitchen table, in my bed instead…   W I N N E R!



I believe all the women at Nuru Massage, have been to Massage School and have a State License!

Every one of these women is so “polite and polished” and always talks very kindly.

I’m certain that each one of them, has gone to at least one type of School to get a Degree in Massage Therapy.

I’ve never really even asked, but they probably do regular massage somewhere…

when they’re not “gyrating around in someone’s private home” like mine.  It’s so nice dealing with women who are flexible, healthy, and vibrant.  They sure don’t look like the women you see, standing in line at Walmart, that are 50 lbs overweight…  – that’s for sure.

Dallas Scort

Dallas Scort

Dallas Scort is not the normal Escort. Its Call out, Outcall, Escort, CALL GIRL, Working girl, Whore, Strumpet, Streetwalker, Slut, Hooker, MILF common mature women!

They are Sex Escorts, Professional at all times, and work using Outcall, so you NEED an Appointment, to access these Beauties’.

For sure you won’t be “jerking off” to some “bouncing tits” on a computer or cellphone! You will be touching, licking, humping, pumping, and chewing. and CUMMING.  It ain’t FREE, however!


Each Dallas Scort, is a page in my Sex Life History!   NEVER ANY DEMANDS!  Lust is a good thing!

It’s not one girl that I’m “twisted all up on” now, it’s all the women that I’ve had so far from Dallas Scort.

It’s really kind of nice, knowing that I haven’t made any promises to any girl, and she’s not expecting anything more than what we can do with one another, for 3 hours or less, and the money that she gets paid.

I’m not going to talk about how much I pay!  Her boss has to have that time with her alone, but it’s exuberant to most men, and that’s why I laugh! Why – because it’s the best PUSSY you are ever going to find in Texas! Simply best pussy comes fra escort girls in Dallas.


Dallas Scort sex workers, don’t ever say goodbye!  They only say…  “time’s – up !”

I’m sure these girls have regular customers that order them all the time as they can afford to. So it’s probably just good business for them not to say goodbye…

On the other hand, you never see them look at their watch in fact I don’t even think any of them have worn one but they know exactly when the time is up!

That’s why I think it’s like dance professionals, who can do an extremely long and complicated dance but never lose their timing…

These girls are totally amazing they really are!  You owe it to yourself to at least experience 1 Dallas Scort.  Every man deserves at least one chance with a woman like this!



You can’t hide ANYTHING in our “cyber-world”!  Maz’ well get some REAL-Sex!

There’s a record somewhere of all those pornography websites that you and I have visited for the last 15-plus years!  Sites like American dad porn, cheating porn, girl-on-girl porn, family sex, lesbian scissoring, creampie teens, stepsister porn, I have watched all of them.

I think sexy boobs, freesexporn, girls on girls porn, are hot but realize my hand is on the tip of my dick! And there is an Internet Record of those “Visits” too.  Hire a Dallas Scort, and try to expand your “Sexual Consciousness” and ability to please the girl that you are fucking-wildly!


SHOW ME, Show Me, show me –  how You do you do “that-trick”!  Have you ever asked THAT?

I bet you’ve had what you think is “a lot of sex” but you’ve never asked that question of a girl when it was over have you?  I never asked any of the women that I’d had sexual relations with… until I started using these Dallas Scort sex workers!   These Ladies never “act shy”!

Remember that they are Professional & Controlling sex professors! Their tiny pussy, some with tiny tits, and all with experience make them a fuk machine, for some hot sex!


A  “DRESSED UP” whore”,  might be a COP…   Call  Dallas Scort, and get excited for real!

She gets in your car!  You start fumbling around, and she knows just what questions to ask…

Boom – now you need a Lawyer, how much did that cost!?  Plus you’re detained and have paperwork, and a paper trail already,  how much is that costing?  And then you didn’t even get a piece ass!   You could have sat at home, with your cellphone in your hand, looking at  Sigourney Weaver nude, and Suzanne Somers nude!

But that is fantasy UNFULFILLED, whereas Dallas Scort is LUST, Joy, and a memory to remember!


I hope all of you, can go to  “that type of Place”!    It’s Professional Sex, not a religion…

I don’t know how to try and “wake a man up” to the fact that we don’t know what we’re missing until we use Professionals!

That’s why as far back in history as you want to read in the newspapers. These ultra-wealthy people were always hanging out with this kind of sex-providing woman!  I had no idea.

I just thought, well until you’ve had one in bed, for two or three hours, how could I even explain it?


“Augmented Extended Reality” is Audio Visual VR + vIRTUAL sEXUAL “reality”!  I’m paying!

Yeah, you go ahead and buy those goggles at the mall.  You start dialing whatever “kind of profile,” you think you’d enjoy.

Buy The Apparatuses that strap on two different places in your body!  You download all your personal information and think that you’re doing all of that alone, and nobody knows, and no one has a record…  Save all that virtual reality augmented technology sex equipment and get yourself a real professional-whore!

Not one you’re ashamed of, but some beautiful, luscious, smart, smells-good, can’t get enough of her…

oops, time! I’ve been saving my money for my next one I think maybe in a few more weeks…


I get to “set my body free”  –  when I  “fuck-for-hours”  with a Dallas Scort!

How many times, have you had sex for more than 15 or 20 minutes, and then rolled over?

When you’re paying the kind of money that you do, to reserve one of these goddesses for two or three or four hours, you don’t waste time!

Also, you’re certainly not looking for just one nut!  You’re trying to figure out every kind of thing to eat for a day or two ahead of time, to build up your plasma, your stamina, and your creativity!

All that goes out the window though, within about 5 minutes of one of these luscious sex-orientated sensual ladies of the night, that you have personally reserved, from Dallas Scort.


Dallas Scort

Dallas Scort sex professionals will arrive on time, and will end things when your time is up! Have fun while they are with you…


“Hit & Run”  is my Sex-Life, with these Dallas Scort sex-queens!

No one ever asked me for my telephone number!  I know better than to ask for theirs either!  What happens every time, is I have a fabulous time with every woman I’ve ever ordered, and I’ve never ordered one a second time…  When I go into a really good Ice Cream Store, I kind of do the same thing though…

Each time I go back, I still get it on the Sugar Cone, but I always get different flavors!  What would you do?

A really perfect lushish, terrific, sensual, lustful-woman from Dallas Court, would you order her again the second time or a different sex Queen?


Take Your Time!  Don’t FUCK too fast!  And REMEMBER to  “lick her ass”!

I can’t impress upon you enough..  you take your time, and go slow!  The woman I guarantee you will control the speed, the Rhythm, and the orgasms!

You might not realize that until after she’s left, and you are not “Spellbound” anymore…

NOT absolutely fine-tune my mind to such a fevered, sexual, lustful, frantic, passion!   I can’t think of anything until about 2 hours after they’re gone…   Bliss – I guess that’s the word I’m trying to describe…  It’s a drug!  I want some more!


These Dallas Scort ‘fountains of tumescence”  – change your entire thinking, about Sex!

I’ve had three girls from Dallas Scort now, who were true squirters of tumescence!

If you’ve never had a real squirter, when it just gushes out, then you “hear this click sound” about a second before…

Be prepared for!  Just let it Splash your face and chest, and you wipe yourself off with it…  in front of her right there in bed!  Things will go well for you, I guarantee.  I’ve been tempted to order one of those three back, but I’m still working my way through the Sex Catalog, it’s quite extensive!


Dallas Scort

Dallas Scort hires women who can actually provide sexual training if you’re not sure, exactly what it is to do, with a professional sex worker!


Now… I’m not so young!  Dallas Scort makes only One Promise!   “Getting – YOU – Off”!

If you’re lonely, and you’re looking for a pen pal or something. Go to Dallas Scort and Reserve yourself a Sex Vixen!

These girls are educated, and I’m sure they’ve been to way more fancy places, a lot more times than I’ll ever even get to!  On the other hand, I don’t forget the fact, that “I’ve paid absolute top dollar” and they perform absolute top dollar! So you do get what you pay for!

Every woman that I’ve had, is an absolute Beauty in her clothes, and in my bed naked.

Try one! Just don’t tell anybody, check out a hotel room, make it just for a couple of hours, and I’ll look for your comment… sometime in the future…



Dayton Eacorts

Dayton Eacorts – First class hookers.

Dayton Eacorts are not some naked mom, with her mom tits, those hot boobs, swinging and flopping, screaming lick my pussy!

They also aren’t some titjob, black hairy pussy, sucking-dick, desperate amateurs, either.  These sex workers are elite babes, hard sex is their’ specialty! Or you can whack-off alone at home again. Watching creampie teens, or watching  Noel Easton, give a nude sexual, nude massage, is great for any Man!

However, just to remind yourself of real FUCKING, rent a Dayton Eacorts sex professor for 3 hours! Her ass fucking, boobs naked, girl twerks, will have you stiff&throbbing, I promise…

Dayton Eacorts

Dayton Eacorts


My “Prime Sexual Resonance Frequency” is tuned now to Dayton Eacorts!

I used to hear the old saying that “you can’t soar with eagles when you hang out with a bunch of turkeys”!

That’s kind of like how the difference is between Dayton Eacorts.

and the regular girls around town you can date.  There are the Bar Whores, there are the chicks that go to the gym, my favorite is the ones that are at the Driving Range for golf courses…  But they’re all they’re just trying to get your attention so that you’ll take them home!

I don’t know “however long that would last” but they’re thinking forever…

Nowadays  – I’m thinking 180 minutes or less, and I’m absolutely “tuned to the sexual frequency” that these professional sex Nymphs provide.


“Know Who You Are” so stop trying to convince others that “what they think that you are” is wrong!

What you’re really trying to say is, that you have got a poor self-image, and need to justify your position to others!

Or am I wrong about that?  You know my mother used to say that it isn’t any of My Business what someone else is thinking, –  and then she finished with,  “and it certainly isn’t any of their business what you’re thinking”!

Maybe that helped me along a little bit, but why are you going to let the 95% of the population, who are sexually miserable, dictate to you, how to get your sexual fantasies fulfilled and released?  I’m trying to tell you how…  Dayton Eacorts!


You can’t look for happiness, in the same place where you lost it…Dayton Eacorts

My uncle was a Preacher, and he used to talk about how the scriptures say, that a dog returns to its vomit!  I always thought about that, when I was considering going back to one of the girls, who had hurt me, betrayed me, or abandoned me…

I’m always the good-guy right?  Anyway, I’m certainly not going to be looking for “those type of girls” that are hoping that I come home every night, and then I give them my complete paycheck and my 401k if we split up…

and the boat, and the trailer to the boat…  I’m just kidding!  I don’t have a boat.  I know how much it’s going to cost me to use Dayton Eacorts.


Our sexual image of ourselves, changes using Dayton Eacorts, regularly.

The first few that showed up on time, I wasn’t cowering in the corner, naked, and hiding my genitals…  However, I certainly don’t act anything as I did then!  I’ve ordered maybe fifteen of these wonderful sexual goddesses in the last three or four years!

I can’t think of anything more than their constant imagination and sexual passion and release.  That alone I feel allowed me to get through all this covid-virus mess, for the last 2 years.

I’ve also gotten my dick sucked about 15 different ways, my ass licked, my prostate massaged, and well there are a few things, that “I just can’t discuss” even to Strangers Like You…   haha


Things that you can guess, and the things that you know, are wrong! Dayton Eacorts proves that.

If someone would have even hinted at the fact, that I would be “captivated almost exclusively in my sexual inclinations” toward professional sex workers at Dayton Eacorts…

I would have told you, they were insane.  Now – I would have to say that they’re spreading information about someone other than themselves…  Maybe you can read between the lines, and see the difference between those two!  I’ve never been happier!

I’ve never been able to be composed around beautiful women, and my sexual proclivities have increased dramatically!  I’m also no more in debt, and no poorer than any of my friends or family…     so I’m a winner!


Are you deciphering my message here?  Get your dick SUCKED

I have two or three of my sexual fantasies which are updated & fulfilled every couple of months now.  Be honest with yourself, because I don’t know even if you’re reading this…  but how many sexual fantasies have you fulfilled, in the last couple of years?

Thanks to these Dayton Eacorts, I’ve had probably 30, maybe even more, of my own sex fantasies…  not counting what they “bring to the table” pun intended!


I’m not lonely. I listen, or follow now, when with the pros like at Dayton Eacorts.

Don’t think that you’re going to get bored, or that your dicks going to go down when you’re anywhere around one of these Dayton Escorts!   Your dick will actually be throbbing for the two or three hours that they’re around…  that’s their job remember?

They’re going to make you feel differently about doing sex acts that you’ve done, since well  – we won’t talk about that…

Having sex with a professional is not like your girlfriend of five years or your wife of 20…  20 years married,  is what I meant!


I use my orgasms now as “an organ of perception”…    It all cums from my fourth eye!  haha

YouTube channels call it Kundalini or Tantric or Sex Magic, but all it is…  – is your balls are pumping as fast as they can, and you’re enjoying every single moment of it!  They seem to know when they’ve hit that moment – where they’ve made you cross the sex barrier you had before!

Then, they light up like a Christmas tree!  That must be their enjoyment, to move our sexual enjoyment bar, higher and higher…


Me, and my sperm, have the same wish…  Dayton Eacorts!

I sat back one day, and was thinking about all the different girls!  I’ve never ordered the same one twice!  I started realizing, that almost every one of them, gave me ahead of one kind or another, and every one of them was a swallower and not a spitter or a quitter!

That’s really important, but more importantly, I didn’t even think about it, until after I had many girls, and could see that was the theme of there’s…  And I guess it’s a staple…       HAHA

The “urge to connect” becomes different just like the women, since I order a different one each time!

I want you not to misunderstand, why I order a different one, each time.  I’d be happy with every one of them for the next 20 years I’m sure!  It’s just that each girl seems to have her own history of likes and styles and motion and emotion…

That’s one of the things I like most about a woman… are their tumescence and their emotion.  Sometimes you get both of them “at a Zenith” at the same time, and that’s called great-sex!  Every one of the women I have ordered through the sex catalog has shown up on time, and showed me a great time!

I actually specify what type of fun now, and then I leave it up to the girl, to show me “her style”…

You realize that they’ve got a lot to teach you!  It’s more like a Martial Arts Sex Class, than an 8th-grade Sex Education Class.

There are a couple of different positions that I really like, some of them I don’t even want to say here…  But these girls will show you things that you haven’t thought of before!

Your mom would not approve!   The ironic thing is, their professional escorts, besides being sex worker whores, are ESCORTS,  so your mom would never know!

She would swear that that’s “the perfect girl for you”…  If only you could afford her for more than a few hours, every couple of months,  – right?


Once you learn how to use a Dayton Eacorts professional,  your fun doubles!

Like I keep trying to say,  “let these women lead you” in the direction of the most amount of sperm ejaculation in the shortest amount of time, with the shortest amount of breaks in between!  That’s the ultimate, in getting  “your money’s worth”  plus your Sex Education plus your rocks-off.

One thing I don’t want you to do is even think about “falling in love” with one of these girls or making them a girlfriend.

Keep renting the same one all the time, and pretend she’s Your Wife!  She sure won’t cost as much as a wife would, and she’ll do anything you want, for the two or three or four hours you’re with her.  No real wife would do that very long!



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