TS Scort

TS Scort

TS Scort, is the place I go to when I’m ready to swap bodily fluids, my emotional disposition, and a lot of lust.  These women,  Professional as they are, can handle any “emotional or sexual thing” that I present within the two or three hours I’m allotted.

I’ve used them now for several years, and I couldn’t say enough wonderful things, about each different girl, I’ve had and the service the Organization as a whole,  – provides!


If I am really using TS Scort who really cares who knows?        Prove it!

Do you let people know, that you’re looking at Websites like lickmypussy, sis porn, or a naked mom, who is sucking dick, or mom and son sex?  Maybe teenslut, hard sex, or sister sex, with hot boobs!  So don’t become so “self-righteous on me” because I’m using TS Scort, for my sexual release!

I’d rather be touching, tasting, feeling, and FUCKING, instead of “just fantasizing” like those people on the internet with their dick in their hand.  It’s a lot easier and cheaper staying home and “whacking yourself off” while looking at your cellphone or computer, I guess!  Myself, I’d rather save-my-money, and be a real man, every 4 to 6 weeks! That seems to increase “my sexual knowledge” every time!

The choice is yours! Pretty soon, you can just drop your VR Glasses on your Head, and live in “your little fantasy world”!    I LIKE EATING PUSSY.


TS Scort

TS Scort, we have girls that will  “clean your house naked” or “clean your pipes dry” – but they work by the hour, and you pay in advance!


Desire emotion and knowledge!  Oh yeah – teach me more TS Scort.

I get the desire, when I’ve looked at too much sis porn, video game porn, cowgirl porn, high school porn, or SuperHero Sex with marvel porn! A naked mom, sucking-dick, even if she has a titjob, who looks like elite babes!

“Cuz I lust for what I’m looking at”  doesn’t mean I get to touch it, or really enjoy it!  That’s not the case when I use TS Scort.   I don’t even really have to initiate anything! They’re going to definitely do “an around the world” and all kinds of different choreographed sexual positions!

I guess it depends on the amount of time I paid for, as to how many times  “that monkey can do those tricks on the 100-foot rope…”    I have not only tried to learn sexual techniques but  “the experience coupled to the emotion”  with that position!  Sex professionals like these ladies at TS Scort, show me those positions and allow me to feel those emotions!



In my opinion, the tip of the sexual pyramid is ladies like TS Scort, plain and simple.

At the very bottom of that “sexual pyramid” would be my-Paradigm of looking on the internet for Sites like –   android 18 porn,  xxnx porn, big booty Latina porn, bleach porn, story porn, daughter porn, nasty-porn.

Frozen porn, Margot Robbie porn, dirty talk porn, porn hub asia, Harley Quinn porn, free mobile porn, sister porn, goodporn, jaiden animations porn, girls on girls porn, Addison Rae porn, one piece porn, teacher porn, pornos xxx Peliculas, horror porn, or any of the “other Sites”!

These Sex Queens, taste smell, and Lick & Fuck good.    What more can a man ask for!   I called them up originally for my SEX because I was horny and lonely!  Now I call them up because I’m horny and happy!


My “lustful releases” inside of a TS Scort, are what is holding me together for these 2 years, of crisis.


I look around at my really good friends, and some of my brothers, and they’re really collapsing!  I can’t say that to them…   Their finances are in ruins because they lived off credit cards and never thought their Job was in jeopardy…

Oops!    Now they don’t know, how they’re ever going to get back to where they were!   They weren’t happy where they were at!   But now they wish they were back there now!   I wish I could tell them, how happy I’ve been, with my nose inside some of the most beautiful women that a man could even imagine!

TS Scort call-girls, all can absolutely have Sex, better than a horny-rattlesnake!   They don’t have any guilt, or give you any shame!  All they have…  – is eagerness & joy, and the ability to satisfy any whim!   H E L L O…!


TS Scort

TS Scort believes in “conserving natural resources” and we’d be happy to take a shower with you, to help conserve the water!


If I start talking about “Current News” kick me in the head.  If I talk about TS Scort, you listen!

I don’t care if it’s National News, International News, or County News,  –  it’s all “bought and paid for”!  Don’t tell me something that you saw two weeks ago, or two hours ago, on the News.   Tell me something, that they told you about on the News a year ago!

That you know is true now…  I believe things that can take “the test of time” like these TS Scort, fantasy erotica feminal!   I don’t even want you to believe me!   Just try them out, or try out another professional-escort-service, and find out for yourself!  What you have been fed, all this time is a bunch of “lies and social control”.


Now I understand the quips about sailors. I’m sure they hire professionals like TS Scort beauties.

I more than understand the stereotype about Sailors now!  It’s not that they only had a short amount of time.  What they found out “during Shore Leave” was that you can get a woman, for two or three hours, to do anything you want.

That’s probably why most women don’t like sailors!  But the sailor has all that “sexual experience from places all over the world”! So the woman that he does wind up with, gets to reap all that knowledge!

I’m doing pretty much the same thing, by using TS Scort.  I make sure, I have a different girl each time!   It’s like going to a new town or a New Port.   I never realized, the experience that Sailors had, when it came to women and sex,  – but they all know!


TS Scort

TS Scort Street Smart Professional Sex Workers, bring a bag of toys, to help empty your bags of sperm!


When I hire a Ladyboy, my sexual buildup gets so intense, that my Cock’s “helmet” starts hurting and pulsing!

It wasn’t like that in the beginning!   I was just wondering what I’d be doing, for 2 or 3 hours, paying so much!   Now the money’s already gone!  I understand, and it’s how can I help myself experience something else, with a professional sex worker!

They must have a Record of all the different times that I’ve used them!

The women that they send, I can see a difference in their eyes, at our first moments of meeting!  They don’t look at me like  “they’re the Wolf and I’m the Sheep” anymore!   I’m at least better than a beginner, but I’m certainly not a pro yet!   Give me time though…


I truly do enjoy being manhandled, by the sex professional goddesses at TS Scort.   Expensive though


Have you ever had a girl, that was so good at sex, acted so cool, and controlled everything?  That’s how these Nymphs at TS Scort are when they meet you, and then subtly hypnotize you!  I don’t know how but they just take over…

That’s what you really want.  You don’t want to deal with the  “blah blah blah”  talk-story, & try to get some way, to get in her pants, kind of girl,  – right?  I hired one girl, and she probably didn’t say 10 words!

However, she was probably one of the three-best-FUCKS I have ever had in my life!  How many wonderful experiences can you count on your hands, and your toes, of sexual women and you  – coupling sexually?


TS Scort

TS Scort has Ladies that specialize in different kinds of sexual positions, habits, maneuvers, and fetishes!


These TS Scort professional sex workers. are symbolic of the sexual Elite,  and I improve each time!

Think about the people who normally “hire these Women!  It’s not somebody like you or me!  It’s some ultra-wealthy businessman or some Bloodline Royal from some Country!  These types of men, don’t want to spend one minute without touching beautiful girls, and that’s what they’re used to…

Maybe things are better than they tell us in Hell.  It doesn’t seem like the nice people are the ones that are the “ultra-wealthy” but then again, these women…  they’re having sex with every one of them! Sure seems like Angels to me!

Better education is what we always think the wealthy have!  It’s also better education when it comes to sexual feelings, positions, and tantric experiences!


I seem to almost collapse, when I CUM, but these TS Scort Ladies, don’t show any fatigue.

These girls at TS Scort, drain every ounce of fluid out of your balls!  If you’re not a little bit woozy when you’re two or three hours or up, then you’re a better man than me “Gunga Din”!  I watch them walk out, and they’re “dancing-almost prancing” in a more exciting way than they did when they walked in.

You can see why “normal girls” hate them, I see it, anyway!   I’m not trying to cause any trouble!   I’m just trying to help some lonely man or two men…  who want to get better at sex!    That’s all…



“We the People” can now partake in the fun and the last that wealthy folks do!  Buy yourself some ass.

Instead of just looking at a beautiful woman’s ass, save the money!  Hire a TS Scort, and lick that ass!  These girls absolutely smell like a flower, wherever your nose happens to be.  I let one “ride on top of my face” and she started grinding me so hard my nostrils were deep-inside of her!

I had a hard time breathing!    Her pussy and the “ambrosia” it was making, tasted so good.  I didn’t even care if I couldn’t breathe!  Just like a professional, she knew just how much I could handle!  Then she lift herself up for me, so I could get “a big whiff of air” and go back to munching!

They’ve probably done that position 20 more times in a year than I do, maybe 20 more times in a month!   That’s what’s fun about playing with professionals, on a sexual intercourse basis!


These TS Scort pros, keep me in a state of being “perpetually hard” while I’m within their’ presence!

Gotten hard before…   looking at violet-Myers,   Suzanne Somers nude,  Isla Fisher nude, Anastasiya Kvitko, Sigourney Weaver nude,  Leah Remini nude, Noel Easton,   Whitney Cummings nude,   Rose Byrne nude, Margot Robbie porn,  Nicole Scherzinger,  tiny Leon,  Corinna Kopf nude, Rihanna naked, Farrah Abraham sex tape,   Jeri Ryan nude, Katee Sackhoff,   Suzanne Somers nude,   Isla Fisher nude,  Anastasiya Kvitko, Sigourney Weaver nude,  but hard-for-a-few-minutes ONLY!

When a TS Scort arrives, you “spring to attention”! THAT’S THEIR’  job  –  REMEMBER?



With added techniques and moves, I know to decide what positions We Try!

It gives you “such sexual confidence” to be able to see the look in her eye!   Since I order a different one each time from TS Scort.  I’m sure they know – before they arrive, how many other girls I’ve had from there!  The story they’ll get from “the first ones that I’ve had”  sure is different than what “the last one” would tell her!

There is no sex in positions when you hire shemale.  It really comes down to how much time is left.



They walk into wherever you’re meeting them, with such a smile of Radiance and Cheer!  They get paid better than Plumbers, they know exactly how much they’re making for the two or the three hours that I hired them…

They also know, that I’ve never experienced a girl like them they think, unless someone at TS Scort,  shows them all the different ladies that I’ve hired these past few years!  Maybe they’re getting “a little excited” nowadays when they show up since I’ve got the experience I have now.


Since everything is a lie how do you believe anything?  Call TS Scort and find out for yourself!

I’m not asking you to believe me!  We’re never going to meet, so I don’t care what you think of me!  I’m just trying to help any and everyone, overcome the propaganda-BS that everyone’s been fed!  All I want you to do is try them out one time!

I don’t own any “Stock in the Company” so I don’t care, if you go, or you don’t go.    I wouldn’t recommend a Restaurant to you, that I had not eaten at many times…   TS Scort,   “I’ve eaten them many times”   in fact, every time!   haha



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